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  • Христо

    And the son appeared to roundworm. The doctor advised Intoxicso as to not cause damage and thus a weakened body. Worth a drug-cheap, but already after 5 days, the child became much better. After 2 weeks we finished taking the medicine. After more than 2 weeks have passed analysis and eggs Ascaris not found. Problems with the ingestion of capsules, was not the son of easy took capsules.

  • Пенка

    To be honest, I did not expect a positive result. The last 3 years I have periodically attempted to treat parasites, used a variety of chemical drugs. During a pause, it seemed that the disease had returned. But after a month or two helminths again appeared, and everything started again: the problem with jeludkom, the loss of strength of high temperature. intoxic recommended a colleague, who gave these capsules to their six year old son. And I decided to try. The capsule does not disappoint, since after 3 months I have not been observed for any symptoms of the disease.

  • Мария

    From the beginning attracted me in the preparation of the total absence of side effects. Consulted with the doctor about the Intoxic. The doctor said that the medicine is good and you can take. I asked Intoxic through the internet. The medicine did not disappoint: analysis good yes, and the well-being wonderful. And it's all thanks to a drug!

  • Марийка

    I want to tell my story. My grandson since childhood, was the weakest, with low appetite, sedentary. Already tried a lot of different tools, that traveled to the doctors, drank vitamins, but a remarkable change was not. On the advice of a friend, decided to drink Intoxic. And behold, after a full course of the child is only in the eyes, began to come to life. Appeared energy, good mood, appetite, began to gain weight. I recommend it to everyone Intoxic!

  • Росица

    You daughters were parasites. On the recommendation of the doctor booked on the internet and bought the drug Intoxiceven more so , that this type of medicine is my girlfriend gave his son and the results have been excellent. What can I say? Capsules the child drank easy, through a month of analysis showed that the parasites disappeared completely from the body.

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