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  • The parasites in the bodies of people is often present in the intestines, the stomach, the intestines, the liver, the kidney, the blood and the brain. The purification of the parasites of popular methods to help you apply correctly for the recipes.
    24 July 2019
  • Helminthiasis – a disease that is more common in young children. Children up to 3 years of age are infected more often because of the immaturity of barriers in the intestinal tract, and also due to the fact that young people to actively get to know the world, and often to experiment with the taste.
    3 July 2019
  • Worms of the child – very urgent topic for parents, it is necessary to know not only about the symptoms of helminthiasis, but the rules of prevention that can help to avoid the development of nasty diseases.
    31 May 2019
  • The main measures of prevention of worm diseases are familiar to all. Despite the simplicity and simple, these activities are considered to be effective and play the role of a kind of barrier against infection worm invasion.
    30 May 2019
  • The symptoms of the presence of parasites in humans can be quite varied, but leave similar manifestations, without focus it is not possible to, t. to. helminths can cause severe disease. To get rid of the worms it's important to give medicines that do not have maximum sensitivity.
    7 April 2019