Worms: symptoms and treatment in adults

With the by without-for I had a sure, each person is an unpleasant matter, but you need to know as much information as possible. Worms refer to the category of parasites, their location in the human body leads to developing very serious diseases.

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Parasites are divided into three main types:

  • roundworms;
  • worms;
  • the worms.

There is still the classification of the purposes of biological characteristics and penetration/distribution in the human body. And in this degree include:

  1. Bio-helminths – pork and optimistic apni, trematodes/ancilostomídeos and Echinococcus. During its growth, this type of intestinal worms varies from its owners-media: insects, molluscs, crustaceans, fish, and only after you fall in the human body.
  2. Geo-helminth dolls, ancelotti, trichuris, roundworm. Its development occurs without the middleware "stay", they immediately come to the man.
  3. Contact – pinworms dwarf apni.

Ways of infection by worms

Worms can install in the human body, from the ingestion of meat, that it was not due to a heat treatment. Ox meat "richly" in high tapeworm, and the use of pork can lead to infection pork tapeworm. But this does not mean that urgently need to become a full vegetarian, the heat treatment causes the meat dishes are safe against infection by a worm.

The salt and raw fish can be infected opisthorchiida and/or wide intecom, as well as the water natural waters are infected with larvae of intestinal worms. People often wash the dishes and drink the water of the lakes and rivers, rinse in the same fruits and vegetables is also one of the options of infection by worms.

Worms belonging to the category of geo-helminth, in the form of larvae are in feces of animals and humans located on the ground. In the human body, they fall through dirty hands, during a holiday in the nature, work in the garden.

In addition, the man can be infected by worms from the sick person – through dishwasher, clothes dryer, toiletries, shower.

Where are the worms in the man

Many believe that the no-purposes, certainly, live in the intestine and for some types of helminth this is the truth. In general, worms may be in different organs and systems of the human body:

  • all types of tapeworms, trichuris and ancilostomídeos to "settle" in the large intestine;
  • trematodes affect the liver and the gallbladder;
  • the larvae of pork tapeworm can spread bleeding to all organs – struck can and subcutaneous adipose tissue, and eye the room, and the vessels of the muscles.

What are the worms most frequently found in the human body of an adult

More often that an adult infected with ascariasis, enterobiasis (the guilt will be pinworms) and diphyllobothriasis(in the body dwells a vast tapeworm). Worms in man are beginning to absorb the food, and the result is that a person develops a violation of exchange processes, neurohumoral regulation, the intestinal mucosa can not be fully able to suck the remains of nutrients. All of this leads to anemia, obesity or exhaustion, hypovitaminosis and other health problems.

Some facts about the helminth in adult life the human body:

  1. Ascariasis a person is infected, eating dirty vegetables, fruits, berries.
  2. Diphyllobothriasis can catch if you eat raw or poorly salted fish, properly prepared caviar.
  3. Pinworms (they call enterobiasis) established-whether in the body or after contact with the already contaminated by man (through handshakes, kisses), or in the case of contact – for example, when using the dish towels.
  4. Worms have clearly defined periods of time for development and the acute phase lasts from 15 to 60 days, after which comes the chronic stage worm invasion.
  5. Us local not-for compressed and deform organs and tissues, they are constantly under mechanical pressure.

As the only helminthiasis enters the chronic phase, the person drastically weakens the immunity. In this context, are increased in the inflammatory processes that occur prior to this, in chronic form, are often diagnosed infections and/or infectious diseases. According to some sources, the presence of intestinal worms leads to the development of malignant tumors in addition to the organ, where "live" parasites.

The symptoms of intestinal worms in adults

The symptoms of intestinal worms vary a lot and depend, in the first place, from time to time and, specifically, vista helminth infected by a man. One can highlight the following classification of symptoms of worms:

  1. Ascariasis. This type of infection in its initial stages, may manifest itself in recurrent abdominal pain in the middle easy of nausea, skin eruptions the skin (its etiology can not identify), the decreased appetite. If this time not taking any medicinal action, which the patient interrupted the integrity of the bowel, may develop peritonitis, in case of contact with the roundworm in the appendix – develop the acute inflammation of the department of the intestine, there have been cases of liver injury and intestinal obstruction.
  2. Cough
  3. Diphyllobothriasis. The symptoms are also characteristic: abdominal pain different in character permanent nausea, regular dizziness, general weakness, a significant reduction in weight (the appetite when you do, you may persist), alternating constipation/diarrhea. In calais, the person can see strobila are fragments of the parasite. Development worm infestation causes anemia (it flows always in the severe), as well as the body receives less vitamin b complex, iron and protein.
  4. Enterobiasis. Here is your not only diagnose/suspect the easier, because there is a marked and very characteristic symptoms, a strong, constant itch in back pass. As well as an infected person constantly scratching this place (this happens more often involuntary during sleep), you may receive the irritation and inflammation of the skin around the anal opening. The young women can develop inflammatory processes of the vagina and on the outside and the genitals, because in most cases, pinworms fall out of the anus, in the internal/external sexual organs.

If to speak about the common symptoms helminth infection, then it is worth to highlight the following symptoms:

  • permanent blindness or general swelling;
  • increase of lymph nodes, regional (when they are without pain);
  • cough, short and rare bouts of choking;
  • localized eruptions on the skin;
  • intense itching of individual sections of the body;
  • pallor of the skin covering;
  • general weakness and fatigue;
  • pain in the joints, in the muscles and in the stomach;
  • the distension of the intestine;
  • stains of blood in the urine.

Note: the infection by some types of helminth can develop pleural effusion, peritonitis and pathological lesion of the central nervous system. There are worms that "eat" the blood vessels and the blood, and in the case of internal bleeding, as well as the nasal/fallopian tubes will be permanent "companion" a person who is sick.

Analysis of adult worms

During the investigation of a man on the infestation is taken for stool examinations. To detect worms and Ascaris perform a series of additional studies:

  • do the scraping anus;
  • the girls take the matter with the vagina and the folds inguinal (swab);
  • when ascariasis perform immunological tests.

Additional studies in case of suspicion of a worm infestation are:

  • blood tests/urine;
  • the research of the bile and mucus in the airways;
  • the research rectal and perianal mucus;
  • the analysis of content duodenal.

To discover the location of worms in the human body, attach the ultra-sonography, computed tomography, endoscopic procedures.

The treatment of intestinal worms in adults

There is not a single pill that can get rid of the worm infestation of all and of each. You need to choose medications, considering the type of worms that has been diagnosed in a sick man. Only a specialist can prescribe the right drug.

Folk remedies worms

In the case of worsening helminthiasis treatment is carried out with the application of the following procedures:

  • infusion are introduced glucose, gemodez, and/or saline solution;
  • are placed injection of ascorbic acid, vitamin A, calcium chloride, chlorhexidine;
  • if you have a high temperature of the body the patient is prescribed diphenhydramine, antihistamines, analgin;

Folk remedies worms

Of the people of war-fighting techniques by worms a lot, but the most popular continues to be the use of pumpkin seeds. They may be eating and the "home" edition, but this will be more of a preventative measure.

But, to get rid of already available the worms in the body, it is necessary to prepare the following tool:

  • 100 grams of pumpkin seeds peeled grind in the porridge;
  • add to obtained a mass of 100 grams of water and 2 tablespoons of honey;
  • everything thoroughly.

Take this folk remedy should be fasting, soon after the night's sleep. Within 3 hours of eating 3 tablespoons of tools (each time of harvest). Then, you must take a laxative, and through 1-2 hours to put the enema.

The prevention of worm infestation

So how much do the doctors say about the most simple measures of prevention of infestation of worms! Only that most people forget about guidelines and come to ask for help when the worms in your body if you feel full of "masters". And to say that everything is easy:

  • use only objects of personal hygiene (towel, washcloth, and so on);
  • meat and fish need care to deal with high temperatures;
  • not to eat dishes with raw fish or raw meat;
  • all the vegetables, fruits and berries need washing in running water and, preferably, with a brush;
  • pets periodically, prevention, and to give them the remedies of worms;
  • not to eat salted fish, and eggs.

Only need to adhere to basic rules of prevention of no-purpose, to avoid contamination and the development of severe pathologies.