How are worms in humans — photo

A little bit of who attracts the word "parasite". It is very durable resolved in everyday use. This word is usually applied to people, which is not particularly tense, in order to achieve something in life and prefer to live at the expense of others. In Portuguese, they are called "freeloaders". In the biology of parasites are those living beings that feed at the expense of other organisms that live in them and bring big, sometimes irreparable.

Helminths in humans So who is parasite? It is the microorganisms to be alive, leading the struggle for existence. Human worms enter the body, remove the food, energy, vitamins and nutrients. In addition, the parasites in your life process, include toxic substances that poison people from the inside to the outside. Worms in the body of a person to feel freely and comfortable. The human body is exactly what they need for a stay of development and existence. There are about 250 species of parasitic worms that attack the people and causing various diseases with their symptoms.

How are infected by the worms?

There are four options for setting of eggs of helminths in the human body:

  • Geo-helminthiasis to fall in love with a person from the soil and water. The process of making is quite simple. The mature eggs of many species of flukes penetrate the soil, along with the excreta human patient or animal, are Also sent to these animals and flies.
  • Contact enter the body of a person, directly touch with the other person, suffer from this problem. Often, therefore, you can be infected pinworm.
  • Biohelminthiasis if they infect the people who are accustomed to eat raw, semi-raw or poorly treated pork, beef and fish. More at-risk group are those who like sushi, bbq, and fish fish.
  • There are helminths, which appears in people as a result of the bite of the insect.

They feed by your account. Not kill him, and, slowly, poisoning his life. This is exactly what they are different from predators. Parasites is not cost-effective to directly kill its victim. They are configured the continuing of the human body. There is a covenant on a voluntary basis. In this violent union please remove just parasites. They slowly poisoning and harm the human life. From a photo non-commercial shows how they are varied and vicious. They are unpleasant even to look at, and to imagine the monsters in your interior only with fear. The scary and the not all of them, it is possible to diagnose and disarm. Some of their types cleverly hidden in a person, interfering even understand the doctors, what happens with it. Often people try to cure the disease, without even realizing that the main culprit for his throat is that a worm is a parasite. Photo intestinal worms in humans are a direct proof of this. For them, it is evident, as some of the parasites discreetly placed on the bodies, matching the total of live painting mechanism, parasitic, develop, and poisoning the life. About how seem worms in humans filmed a lot of documentaries. All images, photos, movies, articles created to bring people more information about these terrible creatures trying to protect them, as well as to find them and neutralize.

The symptoms of intestinal worms in humans

In addition to the photo of helminths, which give the opportunity to recognize parasites, yet there are many symptoms that help identify what in the human body has reached the heart guest. Each worm is a parasite different affects the person, respectively, the emergence of one form or another of helminths is accompanied by different symptoms.

Photo non-commercial

Ascariasis manifests itself:

  • The skin eruptions;
  • Painful struggles of unknown origin in the region of the stomach, accompanied by nausea;
  • Decreased appetite;
  • The increase in the composition of the blood eosinophil.

If you do not pay attention to these symptoms and not getting rid of Ascaris, can disrupt the integrity of the small intestine, develop peritonitis or appendicitis, when the ingestion of the parasite in the appendix. In addition, it is possible to liver injury and intestinal obstruction.

When diphyllobothriasis occur:

  • Dizziness, weakness, nausea;
  • Constipation, diarrhea;
  • When the defecation include fragments of worms;
  • Abdominal pain of unknown origin;
  • The drastic reduction in mass.

Enterobiasis manifests itself:

  • Terrible itching in the anal area and inflammation of the skin resulting from the comb;
  • Abdominal pain;
  • Inflammatory processes and wolverina women.

The manifestations million with ascaris begin in 2-4 days after infection, parasitosis through 14-21 days, filariasis through 6-18 months.

In general helminth invasion is manifested by symptoms such as:

  1. Constant itching of the skin, with recurring her rashes;
  2. Edema on the skin;
  3. Not colds, lion of cough, with fever;
  4. Parasites human
  5. Enlarged lymph nodes;
  6. General weakness, with chronic fatigue syndrome and pale;
  7. Unpleasant I felt pain in the joints, muscles and stomach;
  8. The appearances of diseases such as myocarditis, allergic, menigoencephalitis, pneumonia, hepatitis.
  9. Frequent impulses of urination, with the presence of blood in the urine;
  10. Swelling of the belly, with pain and violation of the chair.

If the man noticed-if one or more of these symptoms it is best not to pull, and to visit a doctor, the examination and if it is necessary to take urgent measures. Life is not worth living according to the principle of "the problem is not mine." The parasite can penetrate in the body and the more does a man need. Then you need to read the informative article, looking at the photo, following all the advice of doctors to avoid infestation of worms. The problem is always much easier to prevent than get rid of it.