Worms in children: symptoms and treatment, prevention

By worms called worms from a group of worms that are parasites in the human body and cause disorders in the functions of organs and systems. More frequent in children that are found to have pinworms, and roundworm.

By worms called worms from a group of worms that are parasites in the human body and cause disorders in the functions of organs and systems. More frequent in children that are found to have pinworms, and roundworm. Also there may be different types of tapeworms, which refer to the system of worms. In any case, when the symptoms of helminthiasis need to immediately contact your doctor, who will prescribe an effective treatment.

Worms in children

The causes of infection in children worms

There are several sources of infection of the organism worms:

  • Geo-helminthiasis – in this case, the worms enter the human body through soil and water. This behavior can also occur by contact with animals and, during the transfer of eggs of flies on the food. Therefore, for the child was infected by worms him enough for eating poorly washed fruits or vegetables, or even for a drink of water from a natural source, that was not boiling.
  • Pins path – helminths transmitted from person to person. Typically, this form pinworms are spread, and the risk of infection is very high, especially in children's art, for example, in kindergarten or a summer camp.
  • Bio-helminthiasis – worms enter the body after the consumption of raw and half-baked meat or fish.
  • Insect bites. Often carriers of intestinal worms are mosquitoes.

The primary form of infection by worms is considered to be by the fecal-oral route. In this case, eggs of helminths enter the human body with food or water.

Worms in children: symptoms

The symptoms depend directly on location without the end-in the body. The largest colonies of parasites, Ascaris, worms, tapeworms – are in the intestine, however, some worms are able to move through the body. For example, the roundworm can begin to enter the stomach, and from there a stream of blood enters in the lungs or liver. There, they develop over the course of three weeks, after which they return in the intestine or stomach.

Pinworms are often the ticket back, causing intense itching. Girls, they may also be located on the genitals and call vulvovaginitis. Such parasites, such as feline flounder or iecoris Dens, often live in the liver and the pancreas. Echinococcus are able to injure muscles and bones, and apni – penetrate even into the brain. Also some types of worms can be in the organs of respiration, causing persistent cough.

Depending on the location of parasites in children the following symptoms may occur helminthiasis:

  1. Constipation. The no-purposes, of large dimensions may close the lumen of the intestine, which causes a violation of a chair. The constipation can last more than two days.
  2. Diarrhea. Some parasites produce particular substance, stimulating the body to excrete undigested remains of food, along with a large amount of water.
  3. Flatulence. The species of worms cause distension of the small intestine, causing excess formation of gas. If you do not get the time to get rid of intestinal worms, flatulence can last up to several months.
  4. The irritable bowel syndrome. Helminths can cause inflammatory processes in the intestine, which leads to disruption of absorption of nutrients and is not a regular chair.
  5. Painful sensations in the muscles and joints. This behavior occurs when the parasites enter in the joint or in the muscle tissue and begin to destroy your.
  6. The allergy. Allocation of the worms can cause the production of a body of special cells, which are responsible for the development of allergic reactions.
  7. Allergy
  8. Worms can cause dermatological diseases. The result is that the child appear acne, urticaria, acne, papilloma and manifestations of diathesis. Sometimes, the infestation of worms leads to increased fragility of nails and hair.
  9. The anaemia. Individual variety of intestinal worms are able to adhere to the walls of the intestine, getting not only nutrients, but also blood. In the end, the child develops anemia, which can make the clinical diagnosis of the blood analysis.
  10. The weight change. More often than an infestation of worms leads to a marked loss of weight. The fact is that the parasites absorb a considerable amount of nutrients that enter the human body with the food. In addition, the presence of worm infestation often leads to a loss of appetite due to enter the blood of toxins. However, in rare cases, the child may be an increase of the mass of the body – this process is a defensive reaction of the body, in the attribution of intestinal worms.
  11. Disturbances in the functions of the nervous system. The child becomes capricious, tearful, and angry. Students and adolescents in the midst worm infestations can develop depression.
  12. Sleep disorders. If the child wakes up each night, this may indicate a worm invasion. At night, the parasites may get out of the body through the anal opening, this process is accompanied by a strong itch, which does not give the baby to sleep. If even after you comb a child chews their nails or simply pulls the fingers into his mouth, occurs a re-auto-infection. For this reason, bring worms in children is more difficult than that of an adult.
  13. The chronic fatigue syndrome. This state manifests itself in the form of a rapid fatigue, apathy, weakness. The reason these states are in lack of nutrients in the body. The child can lead to deterioration of memory, emotional tension and drowsiness.
  14. Malfunction of the immune system. Due to worm infestations child significantly more sick viral diseases. He can receive an allergic reaction to one of the usual products. In the intestine, often develop goiters, or colitis, and in the face appear a rash of acne, cold sores and the diathesis.
  15. The inflammatory process of the airways. In this case, the child occurs cough and increases the body temperature. Dangerous enough complication helminthiasis is the development of asthma.

The diversity of symptoms caused by worms, hinders the diagnosis. Therefore, it is recommended that parents do not neglect planned preventive physical, which, necessarily, includes the testing for the detection of worms and Ascaris.

The methods of diagnosis of helminthiasis

To identify the worms in the body of the child, often used ovoscopy. This study is the analysis of the faeces, the eggs of worms, which are parasites in the organs of the digestive system. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to obtain absolute results, because not all the worms systematically the eggs.

A more accurate result, you can achieve with the histological coprogram, which is microscopy thin slices of faeces. Thanks to this study, it is possible to identify clearly the parts of the body in worms, as well as their eggs. As a result, you can not only diagnose helminthiasis, but also to determine the type of parasites.

If there is a suspicion about the location of worms in the lungs, it shows the realization of an x-ray. In addition, the research of sputum. To identify parasites in the liver, brain or kidneys, it is carried out a ct scan or ultrasound. For the diagnosis of worms in the blood make the general examination of blood, which also allows you to determine anemia or inflammatory processes in the body.


Worms in children: treatment

For an efficient therapy, it is necessary to use a specialist and clearly to adhere to their recommendations. Self-medication anti-protozoan drugs is unacceptable, because they are quite toxic. In addition, it is worth considering that, when the infestations by different species of parasites require circuit individual treatment, which line up in the function of the life cycle of helminths. In the calculation of the dose from the doctor, necessarily, takes into consideration the age of the child and its weight.

When it detects worms or Ascaris for the treatment to apply such medicines.

Many medicines are ineffective against larvae and eggs of intestinal worms. In addition, there is a great threat of re-self-infection of pinworm in infants and children. So, after a 2-to 3-week course of therapy need to repeat.

In parallel with the attributions of medicines, the doctor may recommend choleretic means, if there is a suspicion that the parasites that inhabit the gallbladder. Are often assigned a laxative for rapid elimination of parasites and sorbents for the absorption of toxins. Antihistamines help reduce the manifestation of allergy, and significantly improve the well-being of the little patient.

One of the remedies to combat worms apply pumpkin seeds and grass tansy. Seeds it is advisable to clean the parents independently, so that the child can eat thin-film, located between the seed and the bark.

For the release of the worms 300 g of the product, you should grind, mix with honey and give the child 1 tablespoon. Do is best in the morning, and then you need within 3-4 hours not feed the child. The treatment can be repeated 2 to 3 weeks depending on the development cycle of a particular parasite.

One of the most popular tools of non-commercial is tansy. To prepare the broth, 3 tablespoons of herbs should pour a glass of boiling water and leave for 1 hour, after which you can strain it. The tool, you should drink 3 to 4 times a day a tablespoon.

Deal with the toxins, and destroy the worms help the products, which have a bitter taste. For these purposes, it is recommended to apply artemisia and clove. In addition, virtually all helminths do not move acid environment. Therefore, to deal with the by the worms can be by inclusion in the diet of pickled cabbage, apple cider vinegar, natural juices of acid fruits and vegetables.

If there is a suspicion of the existence of worms in the child, you must include in your diet a large number of fresh carrot. It is also very helpful to drink natural carrot juice and infusion of birch kidney. For its preparation, a teaspoon of the raw materials need to pour a glass of water and heat on steam bath for half an hour. After two hours of infusion ready for consumption. It is recommended to take half a cup of tools, two times per day. The therapy course – 1 week.


Prevention of intestinal worms in children

To not have to fight with the unpleasant consequences, infestation of worms, it is recommended to perform prevention activities. For this, it's not worth to give a child of rain, the water of springs or wells. Before you drink the water, you must filter and boil.

After the contact with the earth, the hands thoroughly washed with soap and water. Not less carefully it is worth washing the vegetables, fruits and berries, which will be consumed for the child and other family members. It is very important to expose the careful heat treatment of meat, fish and poultry. It is not recommended to offer the child dry, salty, or raw foods, that have not undergone heat treatment.

After a dip in the water, it is necessary to take a shower. It's not worth to allow pet animals to lick the hands or face of the baby, because the language of them, may be present, eggs of helminths. After contact with the animals must be good for washing hands. In addition, you should carry out antiparasitic cleaning of the animal and the entire family to pass preventive medical examinations.