How to cleanse your body of parasites, unlike the media

Infection, parasites, micro-organisms can take place with any person. Unfortunately, in its current state, it is difficult to achieve complete sterility throughout the day and, therefore, meet the worms can be as an adult and a child. Today, the chain of stores is it possible to find a large number of interactions with medications able to deal with this problem. However, the composition that is most often very aggressive and may lead to the occurrence of side-effects. For this reason, many are faced with a serious problem, they begin to look for alternative, safer ways of dealing with the worm. In this regard, many of you will be useful information, for cleaning the body of parasites with popular tools in a familiar environment.

In poor physical condition and is a piece of cake

When it is worth the clean-up of the worm

The purification of the organism against the parasites, you need to get started immediately, because there is a suspicion of its presence. Recognize the helminthiasis in the initial phase, it can be through the following:

  • a man racked a result of pain in the head, of the times, will experience dizziness;
  • he feels physical weakness, and lethargy;
  • there is a rapid exhaustion;
  • it increases the appetite;
  • body weight can vary so much in the direction of a large joint, and a reduced sense;
  • it occurs with nausea;
  • the skin will appear a rash of incomprehensible nature, and similar to allergic contact dermatitis;
  • in a dream, and you can hear the gnashing of the teeth;
  • a man is brought to the diagnosis of anemia;
  • troubled by the chair, and in the digestion;
  • often concerned about abdominal cramping;
  • at times it can be disturbing-the-counter cough.

When a person observes these symptoms, and nothing to say about the beginning of the disease, then it's worth it to suspect the presence of intestinal worms, and to apply against them, and the folk remedies that will not only destroy the parasites, but it is building up immunity.

For the purification of caustic soda

The soda is a great, and affordable, you can take full advantage of each and every person. This chemical raises the body's alkaline environment, in which helminths are not able to survive, and they begin to slowly die. By agreeing to an in-house system, producing the well, neutralization of the acids formed.

The most effectively, and sodium that promotes the cleaning of the body against these types of parasites, such as Giardia and roundworm. It is important when cleansing use a regular enema. This procedure is going to take a whole-of-dead-pests-and your outstanding, larvae.

The whole process of this therapy is divided into three stages:

  • Enema of salt. For your kitchen, you need to take two large teaspoons of salt, carefully dissolve in 2 gallons of pre-boiled water. On the net you should be comfortable with the temperature of the room. When the enema is done, the saline solution in the composition, you need to try to delay the in your body for at least ten minutes. For this reason, it is necessary to lie down on your back and breathing deeply.
  • Enema to soda pop. A tablespoonful of soda to a divorce, in 800 ml of warm water. Second, the enema is necessary to delay the body in just 30 minutes.
  • Enema of salt. This is the final step of this purification, it is again salt enema, is cooked in a rotation of the first recipe, but on the net already added a bit of freshly squeezed lemon juice. To do this you should be in a day. The duration of therapy is 9-purifying-day. This will completely clear the body of a man-of-the parasites and their eggs.

A Soda pop enema, at all, has no contraindications and does not cause harm. However, it does have an impact on just about all the parasites that live in the large intestine. The small intestine is in such a moment, it is not clean. So, in addition, when the processing of caustic soda solution to take by mouth. For this reason, a can of soda, pre-dissolved in warm water, boil the water. Drink, first of all, it is in need of a small part of it, gradually increasing the dose to the seventh day of their purification, the number has reached up to half a teaspoon. The intake of soft drinks more than one a week, which is not allowed.

Most of the doctors in this sodium hydroxide solution is recommended to add a drop of iodine. It has disinfectant and anti-bacterial properties. As a result, the affected area parasites inside of your system it will be quicker to recover from. And the body will be disposed of in a holistic way.

Purification of garlic

The cleansing of the body, when you helmintíasee by garlic and it also gives you the tangible result. To forget about the existence of malware-worms, and about the painful symptoms, or the appearance of them is the cause, you may be able to use any of the following recipes:

  • Garlic and gently rub it on a grater, and a spoon in the tea, obtained from the pulp must be diluted to the floor, and a pint of milk, little-fat. Then, the solution needs to boil for a few minutes, let it cool, and drink it in the morning on an empty stomach. When you do so, during the day, it is permitted to eat only mashed potatoes, a soldier just out on the water.
  • The garlic is you need to squeeze out all the juice. The result should be 15 drops. They are created in 120 ml of warm milk. Drinking it is so helpful when you are troubleshooting you should only be on an empty stomach three times a day. Do away with the parasites, you will begin to gradually sink into the body.
  • You need to take in 250g of cloves of garlic, peeled and cut into thin slices. To give you a little bit for it to dry. After that, you should squeeze the juice out of the pears (one and a half liters). Then, you have to slowly eat all of the garlic, for a time, washed down with the pre-packaged juices. The next day, in the morning, it's done the enema, it will help you to get your body to a man without a purpose, the heads of garlic.

In spite of the impressive effectiveness of garlic in the purification, this method is not suitable for people who suffer from ulcers or ulcerative colitis. Also, if the patient is in agony gastritis or problems with the heart and vascular systems, be it the garlic solution is not possible. Therefore, for such are the indications and contra-indications you will need to be familiar with in advance, but, in some cases, it is the ideal equipment for the human body.

The pumpkin against the parasites

The purification of the body in children's parasites with the same name must be in the most secure and safe ways. This is the method of cleaning it from the seeds of the pumpkin. They are a disastrous way of dealing with the worms that live inside a person.


Take out the seeds, has it in its raw form. They just need time to chew it and then swallow it. The green skin, has anti-parasitic properties.

This form of treatment has been the most enjoyable, the crushed seeds of pumpkin can be mixed with a tablespoon of honey, diluted to such a pulp with a little water. Single vitamin, the composition was eaten in the morning on an empty stomach. After that, over the next three hours, nothing to eat, there is no need, and in the end you will need to take laxatives and herbal extracts. To wait more than three hours, and to do a cleansing enema prior to a meal. The length of treatment is ten days, and after that about the parasites, you can forget about it.

Fight efficiently against parasites

To help with the clean up of the organism against parasites that might be, and the other, not less effective ways:

The clay food

This is an ingredient that is only appropriate for people who have increased the acidity of the stomach. To prepare for the good and the cure of the mortar, the clay must be dispersed in a glass of water and stir thoroughly. A cup seat, a precipitate is formed, the contents may be drunk. Taking this composition as you have in the morning or in the evening for half an hour before the main meal. When you do this, you are drunk, only the fluid but the sediment remains at the bottom of the cup. For the duration of the course, during which the helminths are going to die and leave the body, you will be in a month's time. Then, in order to secure this result, the solution of the clay can be taken up to two times per week.


This spice, like cinnamon does not only have a useful impact on the internal system of a person, but it is one of the most powerful means against the parasite. The rate of daily consumption of cinnamon should be one-half of a teaspoon in his mouth. The coil should be washed out with water. Who is difficult if you use the seasoning in this manner, you can simply add them to a wide variety of dishes.

Cedar nuts

It is a powerful, natural about the tool that can help you deal with helmintíaseom, and give your body with all the necessary equipment, acids, alkalis, acids, and minerals, you will start to recover more quickly from dead parasites in the internal organs. A day should be eaten about 100 grams of pine nuts. For the duration of the course will be a 60-day period. It is recommended in your daily diet to become a vegetarian. If it's a tough job, so you may want to simply reduce your consumption of meat, meat products, fish and meat to choose from. When the treatment is, and that person is going to get rid of present in your body to the worms, so as not to get infected, every two years or so, it is necessary to carry out the treatment.

The seeds of the pumpkin

The seeds of the pumpkin

This is the most secure method to combat the worms, which can be used for the purification of the body of a child. For the greatest effect, from the seeds of the pumpkin, it's time to prepare the dressing for the mix. For this reason, you need to take in 300 grams of seeds, chop them in a blender and add about a tablespoon of the flowers, or buckwheat honey, and 50 ml. of water. All of the mixture is eaten immediately on an empty stomach, and after three hours, take a drink, sulphur, or any other plant medicine as a laxative in nature. After about an hour, you will need to do a cleansing enema. The body is completely clean, without a purpose and eggs, this is a must go through three stages within a month. So, in order to avoid the pumpkin mixture, making a once every two years.

The collection of herbs:

Many herbal remedies have properties that are unique, and they are able to destroy parasites that live in the human body. It is very effective in the sense that works in the herbal collection, which includes the oak bark, st. john's wort, Hawthorn, Wormwood, Immortelle, Tansy, and Chamomile. All of the grass, you you you you you can take a spoonful of the tea, the ingredients are mixed together, and poured out two cups of boiling water. The manufacture of a therapeutic juice you need in a thermos flask. Obtained from the infusion must be taken over the course of four days, more than 100 ml. this should only be done on an empty stomach. This will clean out all of the body against the intestinal worms.

Purification by brandy

Clean from the parasites as possible, with the help of the brandy. In such a way to get rid of the run-helmintíasea it is only appropriate for adults. There are two proven method:

  • You will need to make a litre of ethanol, beverages, and 400 grams of garlic, which is pre-cut. The two components are connected among themselves and to insist on a bottle in a dark place within a period of twenty days. A drink obtained from the roots start to grow it should be each and every day with a little spoonful on an empty stomach. The duration of treatment is two months. In spite of the amazing effectiveness of such a method, it and its effects in the moment. It may occur as insomnia, torment in the heart burn. And when that happens, you just have to reduce the dose of the drug.
  • The other way for the purification of a not-for it is the spirit and the oil of the castor bean. Your advantage is that you don't need anything special to cook it. It is only needed for an empty stomach to drink 50 ml of brandy and castor oil. To get rid of the bad taste in the mouth, this is a type of medicine that you may drink of my sweet tea. The result comes almost immediately. For several hours, the worms begin to die, and, of course, to leave the body. During this treatment, enemas in place is not recommended at this time. Agree on the tool, until the feces are not visible to the heads of the helminths.

The clearing of the parasite with the help of the herb, sweet

A very effective and completely safe, you will be able to defeat the plague of micro-organisms over the fennel. Such a methodology is not cleansed, not only from the adults, and mature individuals, but also for their larvae, and that they had to postpone it to the inside of a man. To this end, there are the following recipes:

  • A useful composition, a soft laxative effect, you can keep it, if, in addition to the same mixture of the oil from the castor bean and seeds of the fennel at the disposal of the waste. Taking the medicine is only to be obtained on an empty stomach, at any moment in time. However, it should be understood that the action of the tool makes the man, and after a half an hour or an hour, you start to feel the urges in the shower. So, take the medicine just a couple of hours, the man appears to be able to be at home. The uniqueness of the drug in the mixture, that is, for a time, the human body, leaving not just the worms, but the larvae.
  • The seeds of the fennel
  • You can try to use the the raw seeds. For this reason, you need to take in 120 grams of the seeds of the fennel, split the amount into two equal parts, one of which you will need to grind them in a coffee grinder. In the evening, after the ingestion of the foods you need to eat a large spoonful of the powder, which is obtained from the ground seeds. After that, before going to sleep-eaten already, the soup, the whole kernels. To continue, you'll need over the course of three days. This is a way to help you clean up, and in the large intestine and the small intestine. Eventually, the entire body is free of parasites.
  • Following the infusion, also it's made from the seeds of the fennel in the flower of Camomile and Tansy. Take two teaspoons of the specified medicinal plant, then the plant composition, pour in two cups of boiling water and insist in a thermos for about ten hours a day. After that, the mixture should strain it and drink three times a day. For the duration of the treatment course of a week. If this is the treatment that is done to children, the length of the intake is reduced to four days.


To combat the pests, you need to right away when a person is learning about your market presence. If not, they will reproduce very quickly, hitting all the internal organs of a person, and the disruption of the normal functioning of the body. And, before you swallow a strong pill, you can try to deal with them for non-commercial, through the stories of the recipes, which are very safe and do not harm the human health.