The stud of the parasite - how to make

The body is a herculean system of the world in which they live as a useful, fine-grained, and the parasite by a person's guinea-worm, trematodes, pinworms Giardia, and other parasites. To get rid of the pests, you need a good bowel cleansing, and that's going to help out with the nail,-and the parasite - how to take a look at it below.


Didgeridoo – the healing properties of the parasites

In almost any kind of food, you may notice a small bowl of the spicy, year-round mid-teeth, but there aren't many stay-at-home, you know that it is a part of anti-poverty Bada and herbal Pharmacopoeia (ep). Maybe asking them about the locations of the useful properties of this spice is very different than looking at it and we're going to use it not only as a fragrant seasoning for your dishes.

It is used in the stud of the parasites, and in addition to that, it also has many other useful properties:

  • germicidal;
  • anti-fungal;
  • about;
  • antispasmodic;
  • anticarcinogenic;
  • healing cold sores;
  • carminative, with flatulence.

Many of the organisms, the parasites are not restricted to spices, and the composition of the essential oil of cloves, and with fire: warm white, white, staphylococcus aureus, and a wand of diphtheria, even in the product yet but it is on the development of anthrax. Don't give it to her, the surge of a stick, of tuberculosis, in addition to this, it is recommended by experts for the prevention of influenza. Tested with a success in the stud, in animals, against a million with ascaris.

How to make an adult

The recipe for the easy-to-use, you just need to mix the spices up with the state of the powder, and then use in doses of 10 days in a row. The stud, for adults, is to be taken at a dose of 1 / 5th or 1 / 3 of a teaspoon (depends on the weight of the person). Eat one serving takes about 20 minutes before the evening meal. After 10 days of therapy for the prevention of the tool will assume a once-per-week. So, you can win it junk in the body, in order to avoid poisoning.

Treatment of a teeth of the child

For children, it is recommended that the treatment of the powder, not extraction. The decoction is prepared on the fire, and the loss of useful properties. In addition to this, he is completely absorbed in the small intestine and does not pass around the digestive tract, and the majority of the parasites that affect the liver and the large intestine. The powder is even with the drop in the bowel, thereby increasing the effectiveness of the treatment. The treatment of the teeth of the children are set in the same backdrop as well as adults. The difference is in the dosage for the child, it should be no less than two-fold higher than the dose for an adult. About the tool, it is usually taken once a day.

The stud of the parasites

How to take off blackheads from the parasite

It is a tool for removal of the internal organs if applied to the millions of with ascariasis, in a given scenario. To begin with, it is necessary to understand the type of worm infestation of the infected, and the patient, the stage of the infection. After that, it is chosen as the treatment dose. In the majority of cases, the duration of the reception, it's exactly a week after going to the weeks break and repeat the course. The side effects that are possible due to the high content of the component eugenol.

Of the stud against the parasite, when the giardiasis shall be applicable, with the air, and wormwood. In addition to the herbs, the patient must meet the vegetables, or the sour-milk from the diet, drinking more water and give the sweet, starchy foods. When opisthorchiasis the reception of the nails, without the supervision of a physician, is strictly forbidden – it may lead to serious complications. In the treatment of millions with ascariasis and enterobiasis medicine teeth effectively. The parasites that successfully disposed of the body, including the liver, the gallbladder, but can be quickly re-appear.

Clove powder

In preparing it, it is enough to inflorescence dry thoroughly macerated in a blender, with a mortar and pestle or a coffee grinder. Cloves for parasites, the powder should be taken in not less than one month intervals. The ground cloves for parasites, it is more efficient to work together, with wormwood, help, and pancreatitis). Both of these plants are pounded into a powder, but you don't need to blend in. Each day, prior to lunch, take a half a teaspoon of the first of the dust of the stud, then from there, with a full glass of water. The treatment lasts for three weeks, and then, in order to consolidate the results, you can continue to drink the drug 1 time (s) every three (3) days.

It can be applied as a powder at once, from the wormwood, cloves and tansy. All three of these types of herbs are especially useful in the case of the dominican republic. You'll need 1.5 grams of cloves, 3 grams of tansy, 1 g of the planet. I like the plants are distasteful, thus, the powder can be put on the inside of a loaf of bread. Take the tool you need it: on the first day and a half of h. l. prior to eating 1 time (s). The next 2 times, then three, and so on until the ninth day. When is the proper dose of parasites come out all the way to the period of the nine days of the treatment.

A tincture of cloves

The alcohol tincture of clove is useful, in that it is stored for a long time. She is currently a contribution to the non-commercial, it can be used to treat the digestive system, nervous disorders, fungal and bacterial infections. In order to prepare a tincture of the clove you need to take in 30 grams of buds, pour ½ liter of vodka and leave it in for a couple of weeks ago. Before you can apply it to the strained liquid. The stud of the not-for-applied at a dose of one teaspoon before each meal. It is stored on the tool in the refrigerator.

Clove powder

The grass-nail

If the dye is getting ready for a vodka, so an infusion of cloves on the water, through the brewing plant, herb of the stud (due to grinding), while in the best suited for this purpose, a pre-cooked powder form. A single dose of 0.5 g. For the day, you can take half a gram of the powder. For a correct measurement of the dose, it is better to use scale of high-frequency measurements. The cooking recipe is a simple one: to 1.5 g of powder dissolved in 200 ml. and leave it for an hour, and then flow out through the gauze. The tool is split into three parts.

Cloves in capsules

Medical officer, it is not recognized at all antigelmintim way, but in the drugstore it is offered in a clove of garlic in capsules, as a part of the Bada. As a drink, carnation pests? Take the tool to the needs of the three-times-a-day, two capsules for up to 8 weeks. Children up to the age of 12 years, the drug is contra-indicated, it is considered to be very aggressive. For the children there is the easiest of the triad. It includes the following in its composition: rosemary, an extract from the seeds of the cumin and kaleндhavelhave.

The juice from the clove

The juice that you are preparing for a treatment of a million with ascaris, and of the enemas for this composition, it is not recommended. To prepare the drug, you should be taking in 1.5 g of powder of cloves stir in 200 ml of boiling water, and keep it in the water bath for one minute and then rest for half an hour, and drain in a colander. The juice of the clove should be allowed to drink, by the h. of l. in the intake of food. Advantages of juice is not being picked, because it loses its healing quality.

A tincture of cloves

Indications and Contra-indications

In spite of the fact that the use of the harpsichord and, of course, the experts warn, and its malicious properties. Of worms, it gets rid of quickly, but in order to apply to the nail, it should be treated as such. It is an allergen, inflammatory skin rash and skin redness. Before you can use any of the means, which is in a stud, you should be familiar with the indications and contra-indications, and does not allow for a break.

Contra-indications for the harpsichord:

  • The treatment of the teeth of the parasites that are prohibited for pregnant women because it is able to cut down all the horns of the body. Even a small dose can lead to premature birth.
  • The stud increases in the HELL, therefore, it is recommended gипeртониkaм.
  • It is not recommended that seasoning for the patients with diseases of the pancreas, such as chronic gastritis and ulcers, and other diseases of the digestive tract, and the acidity is not the same, it is possible for the worsening of the disease.
  • It is not possible to use it as a remedy for children under the age of two years. For the older children, the dose is reduced by one-half.
  • It is not recommended that the tool prior to the start of the period.