For the treatment of parasites in the human body, unlike the media

A disease caused by parasites that are known to the invaders (the word of the invasion), or parasites. This is a way of living for the man is harmful to health, and sometimes leads to death. For the treatment of diseases that are applied in medical therapy, and folk remedies for parasites in the human body.

For the treatment of parasites

Parasitic diseases

The major groups of parasites:

  • the simplest (Giardia, amoeba, Plasmodium) — causing protozoan cysts from the disease;
  • helminths (from the pinworm, ascaris, high, cosmopolitan, and others) — causing helminthiasis;
  • arthropods (mites, flies, lice) cause a transmissible disease. Ticks transmit tick-borne encephalitis, the mosquito can pass on malaria.

Depending on the location of the parasite in the body of a person, and they are divided into endoparasites (helminths, amoeba, Giardia), and ectoparasites (lice, ticks, mosquitoes).

It is the most simple, they are often parasitic in the human body:

  • amoebic dysentery-causes of the disease amoebiasis. Amazing fat in the intestine, and rarely in the internal organs;
  • Giardia (disease, giardiasis) may also cause damage to the higher departments of the small intestine;
  • toxoplasma gondii (toxoplasmosis), strike any organ, often the brain, of the lymphatic glands, the eyes;
  • Trichomonas vaginal trichomoniasis urogenital), place of location, disorders of the metabolism, form of the infection is sexual activity.

What are the authorities ' surprise, the helminthes:

  • ascaris (ascaris), the larva reaches the small intestine through the circulatory system, the lungs, etc. — once in the intestine, where it is transformed in the age of the individual;
  • habitat and whipworm (trihozefalez) –large intestine (blind gut);
  • the pinworm (enterobiasis) damage to the large intestine;
  • trichinella (trichinosis), and the place of the helminths the in skeletal muscle. The infection from the flesh of an animal patient;
  • opisthorchis (opisthorchiasis), it affects the pancreas, the bile ducts of the liver, and the gall bladder. The infection takes place through the sea food, fish and raw;
  • the tapeworm of the pig (taeniasis), it hits the body in the use of the half-baked meat. Habitat — small intestine, muscle, subcutaneous tissue and the pulp, brain, and eyes.

Parasites with a greater range from small pinworms to worms, to the size of a 7-to 10-meter-high tapeworm).

Routes of infection of the parasite

As it happens, the infestation of the body.

  • The food and water in the transmission mode.

Important! Infection by worms is related to the violation of the rules of personal hygiene, violation of technology of preparation of meat, fish and meat.

The tick

Swimming in the rivers, the reservoirs, it is not suitable for the beach. The use of water for drinking, washing of hands with water is not known. They are also more vulnerable to parasites, diseases of children. The chance of being infected by a worm, it can occur on the playground, with games and pets.

  • When they come into contact with an infected person, objects of personal hygiene;
  • Transmissible transmission path through the insects, hematófagos.

The symptoms of invasion of the parasites

What are the characteristic signs of the disease of poverty? The parasites in the human body, it is sent to the blood in the different organs. The key points of the location: the bowels, the lungs, the liver, and the kidneys, the ducts of bile pathways. The worms will consume from for the food, the poisons in the human body and the products of its life (toxins), causing a person to have symptoms such as the following:

  • loss of appetite;
  • the reduction of body weight;
  • headache, nausea, dizziness;
  • the lingering malaise of migraine headaches;
  • patients of this phenomenon on the part of the digestive system (diarrhea, constipation, bloating, heart burn);
  • itching perianal sector.
  • the constant craving for sweets, bakery
  • the gnashing of the teeth during sleep;
  • pain in the abdominal area;
  • a cough, a bronchitis;
  • yellowing of the whites of the eyes;
  • allergic lesions of the skin-covering: contact dermatitis, urticaria; acne;
  • bad breath;
  • decrease in immunity;
  • beriberi, anemia.

The laboratory diagnostic procedures, and the establishment of a parasite

To determine the presence of intestinal worms in humans, it is possible, through the creation of a research laboratory:

  • the research, in the blood of ELISA, the enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay, which enables us to determine the presence of worms in the first days of the infection);
  • and continues to be written, the examination of the feces, with an interval of 2-3 days, this method is effective when there exists in the digestive tract, sexually mature worms;
  • the method of peeling, is applicable to the enterobiasis (infection pinworm);
  • complete blood cell count, when there is an eosinophilia (increased number of eosinophils), indirectly pointing to the invasion from the worms.
The fish

The methods of treatment

The ways of traditional medicine to offer to treat parasites in the application of the de-worming therapy. The data on pharmacological tools that are capable of driving out the vermin, causing damage to smooth muscle. On the one hand, a chemist, has the indications and contra-indications:

  • pregnancy and breast-feeding;
  • diseases of the organs, hematopoietic;
  • kidney failure, and liver failure;
  • leukemia.

For the treatment of parasites, and the popular media — an alternative to the drug approach. How to deal with the parasites in diverse methods:

  1. For the destruction of vermin;
  2. The purification of the body and of the deaths of non-commercial, by-products of their employment;
  3. The recovery of normal gut microflora, anti-dysbiosis;
  4. The rehabilitation of the immune system is the body's warning of invasion.

Recommendations for the management

The elimination of the parasite in the body of the popular ways to be filled with a variety of diseases. If the disease is at an early stage, and their immune system is not weakened, it is the ingestion of drugs may cause a bit of fatigue and being unwell. If not, the patient will experience headaches, weakness, muscle, joint pain. This confirms that the action of the drugs used for helminths. To facilitate the state to drink plenty of clean water for the excretion of toxins.

Stick to the principles of a healthy diet, you should eat lots of fresh vegetables, fruits, and vegetables. An important factor is to adjust the chair to the heads of the parasites in a timely manner, came out from the body of the patient. For the treatment of children with worms, you can try to delete the contacts with the people, the children, in order to avoid the spread of the infection. The patient is infected with worms, you must use a personal towel, eating utensils, regular, wearable clothing to the bed. After washing the patient will need to boil it, and caress it. The more air in the room.

Important! During the course of treatments must be dealt with at the time of all of the members of the family. Combine that with the treatment of persons with a de-worming procedures for your pets.

The treatment is by the means of folk medicine

What foods contain substances that can be harmful to your worms:

  • onion;
  • garlic cloves, plum;
  • radish, white or black;
  • prepared horseradish;
  • the seeds of the pumpkin or squash;
  • the apple cider vinegar;
  • shells and coconuts.
The diagnosis

The elimination of the parasite occurs when you use raw beets, carrots, kale, collard greens, juice, kale, coconut, and pineapple, infused with rosehip, peppermint. In folk medicine uses herbs to certain kinds of worms infest within the human body.

The removal of protozoan parasites

The treatment of folk ways protozoal diseases is a broad range of applications. The cooking, the dishes, the plants containing essential oils are highly volatile, biologically active substances will let you get rid of the junk "people." It is a well-known food products, the onion, the garlic and horseradish. To expel parasites as possible, with the use of filters-the enema is prepared from the following recipe: the main ingredient is the cranberry juice in the amount of 2 tablespoons in 2 quarts of water, boil the water, right here, by adding 30 g of salt, and the solution is ready to go. To expel the worms, and protozoa, poses for the enema to two times a day.

Recipes garlic enema in the milk, allow it to cure children with the disease. Steamed milk with 7 or 8 slices of garlic, cool, and put it in the enema.

How to deal with giardiasis

Against the parasite in the human body that are used in food products, such as strawberry, juice, red cabbage, green cabbage, salt, fennel and cumin seed.

The use of traditional medicine offers the recipes for the treatment of giardiasis:

  • We have prepared a tool with 300 g of seeds of pumpkin, 100 grams of honey and a droplet of water, boil the water. The above recipe is for 1 serving. Out of the box, you need to drink a laxative the tool;
  • A tincture of lavender for the adults. Pour in the alcohol, the color purple, can live for up to 10 days. Consume it 3 times a tablespoon before each meal.

The expulsion of the Ascaris

Cure as many patients as adults, in the millions, with ascaris and help the revenue in the application of the alcohol. Composition: 50 grams of the quality of a cognac, a glass of fruit juice with 50 grams of castor oil. Accept: brandy, the juice, and after 15 minutes laxative. Eat and drink for 3 days. Expelled Ascaris means cooked with onions. Members: to insist in the head, according to luke, the 12-hour water-boil the water. Consume about 100 grams a day of the week. For a long time, people have used the dried mushrooms in a vodka. Mushrooms, freshly ground, focused on the container in the dark for up to 12 hours. They took 15 grams on a daily basis.

The treatment with the application of enemas

Folk medicine uses it extensively the treatment of rectal manner with the application of enemas. How to deal with the invasive disease garlic enema? In addition to eliminating all the worms and protozoa, it contributes to the recovery of the intestinal microbiota. The infusion of the procedure, serves in the evening. A clove of garlic, pour in about 250 ml of water, boil the water, warm. Infused with the solution for the whole night. After straining the solution, put it in the enema. For an adult person shall be of 250 ml capacity, for the child is one. When the first procedure, there may be a burning sensation, discomfort. Later on, they are so small. Helminths die off in the first infusion.

Flax seed oil — 30 g, mixed with half a cup of water and run in a straight line. The procedure is carried out during the night. The liquid may be retained in the gut for the entire evening.

Incomparable effect it has on micro-enema of oil of a tree of tea. The essential oils of tea tree to prevent the growth of atypical cells, that have antiviral properties. In the preparation of the mortar for the enema, you have a half of a cup of the water to drain no more than 8 drops of the oil. Excess dosage can cause burns to the mucous membrane of the bowel. Recommend alternate enema from flax seed oil. It was also performed during the evening.

The cleaning of the body

To get rid of parasites, and the popular media to apply for the wormwood, cloves, bark, green walnut, tansy seed, calamus.

It is best to take common, a triad consists of 3 components. Cooking recipe: diced, 100 g of the herb tansy, 30 g of artemisia, and 50 g of the planet. The ingredients are milled, mixed together. Initial admission — 1 tablespoon to 2 teaspoons the next day, and 3 teaspoons in the third, and in the next few days. The purification of the worms takes place over several months.

At the same time as the cleansing of the body, it is necessary to carry out the cleansing of the bowel. You apply the diet with the consumption of sour milk, or yogurt and crackers, bread, black. For the duration of the cleansing of the bowel and lasts for 2 days.

Remedies for worms in humans, include the recipes of the food:

  • They help to expel worms, dye the more and more serious, and garlic. It is prescribed in order to 30 grams. The raw material is taken up in an equal share of the cooking time to 10 days;
  • The also do not move, the stock has performed done. The shell should be to pour in boiling water. They drink a spoonful of tea;
  • Helps to remove parasites from the body is shredded into powder and sautéed in coriander seeds. At the reception, it is impossible for a gram in 5 days.
The cleaning of the body

The treatment of the diseases, which have been transmitted ectoparasites

In the combating of arthropods (ectoparasites), has as its goal the prevention of the disease. Getting one can break the rules of personal hygiene, or the use of extraneous personal items (comb, knife, pin, handle, a computer mouse, via a handshake with an infected person).

What are the diseases that are related to arthropods:

  • Head lice: the source of the infection is the head lice (head and pubic, wardrobe);
  • Scabies: the origin of the itch-tick, intradermal parasite, causes severe itching of the skin;
  • Demodicosis — defeat dust mites, Demodex. Demodex lives in the sebaceous glands of the hair follicles of the transport on his face. Seborrhea, acne, and inflammation is the result of free-riding-of-Demodex;
  • Bed bugs — blood-sucking arthropods. Habitat – the homes of the people.

For the treatment of parasites in the human body, unlike the media about the use of the following tools:

  • When they grease up the dead space in the composition, which is prepared from a solid, fat, soap, and economic, of the sulfur;
  • To get rid of head lice by using the following composition: mint, mixed with pomegranate juice. This mixture of rubbed the fibrous part of the head. Actually you are struggling with lice, the broth of a burdock of the lower leg, the salt, the vinegar and kerosene.

Treat for parasites when the demodicosis. it can be through the skin to the cortex in a thorn bush. The infusion is prepared from the 3 o'clock and the following recipe: 3 tablespoons of the bark of the buckthorn poured on 300 g of water, and boiled for 3 minutes, to insist. Impose a lotion 2 times a day. In the dead of the first oil-birch tar. Wash only with the application of the economic soap.