Worms in humans – symptoms and treatment

In modern society, the worms still have a wide distribution. Especially times worm infestation is common in children, hunters, fishermen and their families, as well as rural residents.

Worms is a numerous squadron of parasitic worms that live at the expense of animals and plants, feeding and creating within the body of the donor. The man is no exception. Only on the territory of our country, there are more than 70 types of parasites. According to statistics, every third tellurian infected with worms-parasites. Assumes that there is a adult human, to the life from which she has not had less in the body, nor is it an end-to-end.

Worms in humans

As it would be carefully the parents do not observe the purity of the hands of their children, to protect them against intestinal worms (worms) is virtually impossible. Children learn the outside world, to nature arouses special interest. They want to play, prove it. People who are accustomed to eat the fish, the meat of wild animals and birds, homemade, milk, the risk of trichinosis, and diphyllobothriasis.

Modern medical, the data show that many diseases arise due to worm invasion. For example, clinically proven the relationship of oncology, with the duration of contamination by parasites. Signs of the presence of intestinal worms in humans is often misinterpreted by doctors and patients. They begin to treat the absence of disease of the gastrointestinal tract. Patients can very time to go to the doctor, complaining of malaise. They spend time, money, and even more damaging to health, taking medicines unnecessary. Eventually, the recovery happens only when the elimination of the cause of the symptoms. After a suitable treatment-related symptoms stop worrying patients.

How you can be infected by worms?

To protect yourself, you need to know about 4 ways of transmission and contamination of eggs of worms:

  • Through the soil and water geohelminthiasis. They grow in sand, soil, and water, and then enter the body of a person and from there begin to lay eggs. Forth, eggs end-to-end down with the faeces in the external environment and wait hours to infect a new man. The consumption of food, badly washed vegetables and fruit, dirty hands, dust, and food can result in the infection of human geohelminthiasis. Some eggs of the parasites enter in the body through the skin of the feet and ankles
  • Through the direct contact. Worms in domestic animals and man are transmitted via the contact of the hands, games, activities.
  • Through the use of infected products of animal origin – Bioelements. Use of raw and weak from processed meat (kebab, fat, meats, canned food, venison, homemade) and fish (sushi, cod, canned fish) is potentially dangerous. There is a chance of contracting intestinal infections, and Bioelements.
  • When insect bites. This type of infection is quite rare. Here include intestinal miases, kantarias and scoleciasis. Should not be mistaken for eggs of parasites and insect larvae, which also are deposited under the skin of animals and the skin of the people.

The main mechanisms of propagation of worms

  • The soil, sand and other types of soil more full of grace is the environment in which the eggs of intestinal worms. Fruit plants continuously the contact with the earth. Vegetables, fruits, and vegetables, when the mounting of the harvest are in contact with the hands of the workers, with dusty shelves, vegetable storage, transport trucks. In such circumstances, the infection of egg products of parasites have a high probability. Therefore, it should be carefully washed, products of vegetable origin in water, and then rinse in boiling water. Especially vigilant should be in the rural area, where the animals walk through the yard, and then go home. It is not difficult to imagine any kind of sewage can cause in the house of a cat or a dog after a night ride. Flies and cockroaches are also carriers of eggs of helminths. Sit on the food, the insects may infect your food. Any contact with the soil and sand can cause you will enter in the human body parasites. Therefore, it is necessary to wash your hands thoroughly, especially under the nails. This is especially the case in children.
  • From person to person. This mechanism of infection presents a high efficiency. For example, pinworms commit the masonry of the eggs during the night in an area around the anus. The child, in a state of sleep card the place where you hatched the eggs, as well as there begins to itch. Thousands of eggs fall in to the clothing, in bed, in the morning on the door handle, and in all that morning, touching the small fidget, even before washing your hands and washing your face. As a result, the whole family is exposed to the threat of infection.
  • Through contact with the water. Reservoirs of open water contain a huge amount of species of intestinal worms. Swimming and accidental ingestion of water very seriously the threat of infection
The girl accepts pets

The kids are a lot more adults exposed worm invasion. This is due to the fact that the child's body weak protected (defense mechanisms just forming), and the child actively in contact with the external environment. The parents are incredible, well worth the effort to train him to elementary rules of personal hygiene. Child up to 6 years of age are at high risk of infection. According to statistics, about 95% of children up to 4-5 years of age, infected by the worms. Therefore, it is necessary to pay special attention to prevention.

Most species of worms are within the body, only that there, they lay their eggs, and after a certain period of time die. For example, pinworms live 6 to 8 weeks, the roundworm – up to 1 year of age. The number of parasites in the body increases with just a blow of the new eggs out. The treatment allows much faster to get rid of worms and stop masonry with eggs in the intestine. Children with worm invasion and healing without drugs is almost impossible. New eggs are always to fall in the cavity of the mouth, restoring the ranks of adults in the childhood the body.

What signs to recognize invasion?

Signs of the appearance of intestinal worms in humans are apparent and hidden. The obvious can be assigned "free of charge" weight reduction, and pale looking (anemia, cutaneous), chronic fatigue, night itching in the anal region of the passage. These manifestations are well known, and reveal an infection.

Not rare are the cases of worm invasion, when the which are enlarged disease of the internal organs, diseases, previously not manifested. It is considered to be secret signals. The person is taken for the treatment of many diseases, but the cause remains without attention. If the therapy does not bring results. The following are some examples of such cases:

  • Infectious diseases as a consequence of the reduction of immunity. Parasites, being in the human body, consume plenty of nutrients, and release toxic substances. Such circumstances reduce the immunity of the patient. You can get the aggravation of chronic diseases, various inflammatory processes in the nasopharynx. The treatment of sinusitis or stomatitis the standard manner made no sense. It is important to eliminate the cause. Girls and women, many times, they can begin the inflammatory process appendages of the uterus, vulvovaginitis, vaginosis bacterial other than genesis.The popular superstitions say: if a man snores or gnashing of the teeth during sleep – which means that he needs a cure of parasites. But this is not confirmed, the medical information science.
  • General ill-being as a result of the intoxication of the body. The more severe worm infestation of the patient, the greater the harmful substances include parasites. It is harmful to affects the well-being and the nervous system in adults and children. Example migraine, dizziness, pain in the joints. Overcoming of nausea, a person takes to relieve the pain, but the pain returns after a short period of time: reason from a disease and was left without attention. In children with disorders of the nervous system, accompanied by irritability, apathy, aggression. If your son became poor sleep, talking in dream, to see nightmares, starting school, now is the time to make the prevention of helminthiasis.
  • Allergic reactions, pathology of the skin. Waste products, worms are perceived as triggers of allergens. Skin reactions (rash, itching, skin rash, peeling of the skin) - this is the minimum of symptoms, which can manifest itself when he started the allergy. There is the possibility of common reactions: exacerbation of asthma, rhinitis, cough. Sometimes worm infestation accompanied by fragility and loss of hair, cracked heels, lamination nails.
  • Disorders of the digestive tract. Depending on the massiveness of infection, the symptoms may vary from mild to severe forms of disorders. Of mild nausea and diarrhea, chronic flatulence, constipation, vomiting, pain in the navel and the hypochondrium. Worms in the tissues does not affect the TRACT as badly as intestinal worms.

What organs can live parasites?

Worm parasites are divided into two categories, which correspond to the point of activity in the body of the donor.

  • Abdominal worms, microbes in different departments, the digestive tract. There are about 100 species of intestinal parasites, and for each department of the intestine, there are a couple of dozens of species. The small intestine is willing to accept the Ascaris, hookworm, large tapeworms, and other less common "companions". The small intestine "to share a room with the dwarf tapeworm and others. In the medical literature describes cases, when a man was infected with several types of parasites.
  • Fabric – worms, found in organs, tissues and even in blood. Modern medicine deals with the paragonimiasis (light), cysticercosis (brain), echinococcosis (liver) and filariasis (lymphatic vessels). Some larvae of the worms are moved by the body through the circulatory system and in random order, attach themselves to any organ. Infiltrated a set of eggs, which can be infected throughout the body.

How to pass the test for the presence of worms in the body?

There are several ways to obtain information about the availability of infection. In a clinic you will be offered tests saliva, feces and blood. Issues of parasites involved in the infectious diseases and Parasitology. Get references to them that you may have of medical. To the child the same there will be generated a pediatrician. At home, you should look for your well-being. The list of factors of infection, below, is made so that when a game is 7 points, there is a high likelihood of worm invasion. Do the accounts corresponding to your situation items:

  • Often, the appearance of itching in the region of the anus;
  • The appearance of eruptions on the skin Russian;
  • The cases of headaches, dizziness;
  • Snapshots frequent bouts of nausea. Vomiting without poisoning;
  • The gut is not in order (gas, pain, diarrhea, constipation);
  • Sleep disturbances, insomnia;
  • Sudden swelling of the feet;
  • Allergy in the form of cough, bronchitis, seizures with asthma, skin reactions;
  • Lymph inflamed or increased;
  • Pain, sudden, hasten;
  • Bitter taste in mouth between meals;
  • Weakness, tiredness, without a special reason
  • If you have contacts with children of pre-school age, are in day-care centers;
  • Sudden onset of fever and no co-morbidities;
  • The skin and tissue of the mucosa and appear yellow than normal;
  • You have pets, you if contacts;
  • Joint and muscle pain, in the absence of overvoltage;
  • Night snoring and closing of teeth during sleep;
  • You ate in the last few months, and the fish the fish, fat and other meat products of a weak treatment;
  • You lose weight without any change in diet and lifestyle;
  • Sometimes you eat fruits and vegetables directly with a vegetable garden or a store, do not wash your and no watering with boiling water.

If the probability of infection by a worm is present, then, the urgent need to make prevention and treatment. Read more about it below.

How to recover from parasites?

It is not recommended to develop self-medication. In our country, widely distributed to over 60 species of worms, and for each one choose the corresponding drugs. Usually, the doctors apply 10 types of drugs and their analogues, according to the type of helminths. These medicines have easy detoxifying action on the body of the patient.

Therefore, the administration of drugs should be, with certainty, when all the analyses were placed, and the identification of parasites past. Some medications, acting on the eggs of worms, and do not affect the adults. And vice-versa. Therefore, when the chronic self-medication will need to carefully read the instructions for the drug.

Normally, when worm invasions prescribed immediately 2-3 repetition of the course. This is due to the high probability of reinfection.


Interesting facts about parasites person

  • According to the WHO, by the worms, each year infected about 3 billion. people;
  • In european countries, every third inhabitant carries intestinal parasites in your body;
  • Russia is sick with the flu, and parasites in relation to equal amounts;
  • When serious invasions person loses 500 ml of blood per day;
  • Some parasites are located in the brain, the eyeball, the bone marrow and can live there for up to 30 years;
  • Waste products, parasites, poisons and toxins, undermine the health of a person 24 hours per day;
  • Some types of tape worms reached a length of up to 12 metres. Sometimes, he runs the risk of duodenal bowels of a man;
  • Pumpkin seeds contain substances that help to treat worm infestations without resorting to drugs. Children often give pumpkin seeds for prevention;
  • The optimal way to treat pets every 3 months. So you save it from the parasites and the children;
  • Eggs of the worm can expect your time on the doorknobs to 6 months;
  • Infected dog spread it with the help of breathing eggs of parasites in a radius of 5 meters;
  • To not to digest in the stomach and in the intestine, worms and their eggs include protection anti-enzymes;.
  • Trichinella does not lay eggs, but it generates ready-worms. Therefore, under laboratory conditions it is not possible to identify the presence of this parasite;

In short, it must be said that prevention of worm infections, even inexpensive medicines (they are also considered to be, and the more gentle, helps protect the whole family. To deal responsibly with the hygiene of the hands and body, carefully ready the food for consumption. Children and pets require constant supervision in search of parasites.