As for the human eye to the worms, and how to get rid of them

The symptoms of intestinal worms in humans, it is not always possible to see the time. Worm infestations often have no symptoms are similar to other diseases, such as, for example, an allergy or a diet. Helminths parasitic in various parts of the human body. An infected person may treat the failure of the liver, and chronic the common cold, or skin conditions, without even knowing the real reason of ill-being.


What is helminths

The purpose of the people, it is the parasitic worms, which may be of a different size. In the human body, they enter through the mouth, the nose, the movements of the eyes, the urethra, or opening of the anal. More often than not, the parasites that live in the gut. The parasite can live in the tissues of the lungs and of the brain, in the mucous membrane of the respiratory tract, the muscles, the liver, and the gall bladder.

Classification of helminths: the types of intestinal worms in humans

The human body can be a parasite on different types of worms. Of medical helminthology and shares them in groups, taking into account the special nature of the shape of the body.

  • Round ancilostomídeos) — must complete a form in the shape of a lemon, and the filament on the drum or on the shaft. The head and the tail of the nematodes slightly from the arrows, are sharp. The mouthparts are characterized as three-tier. The parasites that roam freely in the soil, the water, the water of the sea. In human beings, to live in pinworms (cause enterobiasis), the roundworm, the hookworm, Trichinella, are considered to be parasites in the intestines. The Guinea-worm: these worms are round scattered in the tissue beneath the skin.
  • The tape (cestodes). This includes the following types of parasites: in cattle, pigs, a dwarf tapeworm, broad tapeworm. Your body is like a finely segmented strip length, which can reach up to 10 feet or more. The front part parasitic worms with suction cups, and hooks, to which they are attached to the walls of the small intestine. The sophisticated fastening system are the lonely — the 4 suction cups), which is surrounded by a double row of hooks.
  • Trematodes (flukes), for a wide variety of worms that are unique to the specific habitat in the body, the gallbladder, the bile ducts. A representative of a class of worms that is the siberian fluke (4-13 mm), and Fasciola (the length of 3 cm to 7 cm).
The blood

How to get infected with a worm

Each of you should know, which appear to be worms in humans, and they live in the body:

  • The ancilostomídeos, and flat worm, the dwarf tapeworm enters the body through dirty hands, the consumption of unwashed vegetables, drinking contaminated water. Habitat: intestine.
  • Trichinella, beef-pork tapeworm — infection-in occurs when the use of heat-treated ill-treated-meat (beef, pork). Place of location: located in the intestines.
  • Opisthorchis, tapeworm wide, class trematodes, or flukes). A man can also be infected, by eating raw, poorly salted, or underdone fish. In fish, the larvae of parasites that live in the fat, moisture and protein. There are people that live in the liver and the gall bladder.
  • Solitary confinement, the siberian ulcer, so fluke, Fasciola are transmitted when the contact was infected a a dog, at least, that is the source of the infection is in the back. Helminths can be the parasite in the liver, lungs, kidneys, and the heart of a man. They develop into hydatid cysts.

How are the worms in human stool

Dead dolls in calais the person can be 3-4 days after you have taken the anti-worm tablets. The length of these parasites, which live within the body of the people, and can reach up to 40 cm, the edge sharp, and the body color is white.

Pinworms from the body is often out-living through for several hours after the ingestion of the milk with the garlic, too much salt or spicy foods. Small, white worms (length up to 12 mm) with sharp edges is clearly visible in the feces and around the anus.

Close-up, or the worms all see, it is almost impossible for a length of 3 m to 10 m). After the bullying and the worms come out of the body of the thread.

The signs of the presence of intestinal worms in humans

When the worm infestation of the symptoms in both adults and children is generally similar to the onset of other diseases as well. This has got to be the place to find out how the respiratory tract, liver, gall bladder, and the process of life is a non-commercial.

In the acute period of the

It is believed that the acute stage passes by in an asymptomatic form. But, in the majority of cases, the first sign of a non-commercial, are light-weight, and the man is no longer a disease, just out of shot. Very rarely, some of the infected with the signs of helminthiasis in the body to occur with the increase of temperature, nausea, and vomiting. The man feels his weakness, he had lost his appetite.

The chronic phase of the

The symptoms of chronic helminthiasis depends on the type of non-commercial quantities, and the environment.

Diseases of the digestive system

Intestinal helminthiasis

The symptoms of intestinal worms in adults in the gut:

  • the deterioration of the digestion;
  • pressing pain in the region of the navel;
  • violation of the chair;
  • loss of appetite;
  • the loss of mass of the body;and
  • the paleness of the skin;
  • dark circles under your eyes
  • for the itching the anal.

Extraintestinal helminthiasis

The main signs of an infestation of worms to liver, gall bladder, lung and:

  • constant fatigue;
  • the a division.
  • paroxysmal pain in the region of the epigastrium;
  • a reduction in integrity;
  • fetid stool fat (steatorrhea);
  • skin rashes, itching of the skin;
  • retrosternal pain.
  • a chronic dry cough;
  • the change of the color of their skin.

Extraintestinal parasites (Giardia, Opisthorchis, Fasciola) may not only lead to a headache, or diseases of the skin, and depression. Normally, pathologically, with the state it comes from, if the symptoms of allergic conditions of the skin, most of the time they pass the itchy, dry skin, skin rash, or occurs again after you have done the treatment.

How to catch worms: in the diagnosis of the worm invasion

For the diagnosis of helminths and charge lime in the eggs, end-to-end. But it is not always in the presence of the parasites, the analysis shows a positive result. First of all, not all types of worms are set up that way. In the second place, it is the time of the delivery of the stool, the analysis may not coincide with the time of reproduction of the parasite. The test is then repeated in the eggs of the worm can be seen after 2 to 3 days. The result, if there are no symptoms in the negative, then you can assign the following research methods:

  • The analysis of the blood — an increase in the level of eosinophilic white blood cells, and hemoglobin-a low point for the worm infestation.
  • Duodenal-of-remote-sensing — can help to identify the person, opisthorchiasis, giardiasis, and other out-of-worms-intestinal-through research-the secret of the 12-duodenal gut.
  • Ultrasound of the abdomen and other parts of the human body — is explored in the digestive tract, liver, gall-bladder and its ducts, pancreas, muscles, brain, lungs, and the presence of pathological changes that are characteristic of the life of a non-commercial (seals, cysts, site of occlusion).
  • X-ray of the chest — they are suspected of a parasite of the lungs (identifying dolls, the lonely, and the larvae of the worm).
  • A computed tomography scan for the detection of a worm in the brain, eyes, and lungs of human.
  • In the endoscope of the capsule, to identify the tape worms.
  • An ELISA specific for in the blood of antibodies to the majority of the parasites are well known.

To assess the severity of the injury and of the body by worms, and prescribed cromogénea of the study. It will help you to identify the weaknesses of the human immune system. After that, it's attributed to the therapy and pathology of the condition.

The diet

For a quick and effective way to get rid of the worms

How to show the worms of the human body, it is best to learn the front desk have the Seizures. For the treatment of worms in the guidance of your doctor, it can cause intoxication, stopping of the liver.

The insurance companies and the features of the free

For the treatment of helminthiasis in adults and children, and must be accompanied by compliance with a diet that helps you to quickly remove the worms, and purge the body of toxins. From the menu, you need to delete the product, and contributing to the life of a parasite, or a poison to the body:

  • the flesh of the fat;
  • all kinds of sweets,
  • whole milk;
  • butter the cakes;
  • wheat, porridge, or noodles;
  • coffee, and alcohol.

Free from the procedure of worm infestations, provide frequent and thorough hand-washing with soap and water. In the procedure, it is not necessarily pass, prior to the consumption of food, and after using the bathroom, or to get back on the road. Bedding varies from 2 to 3 times a week. Not necessarily, after a wash and iron. The towel, after the bath, take it each and every time to clean. Vermifuge medicines are toxic. It is not prescribed to people with impaired liver function, non-specific ulcerative colitis, Crohn's disease.

The traditional Folk methods of

How to deal with non-domestic purposes, means:

  • Fine grinding grits (1 St,. l). Pour the powder to 0.5 liter of cold water. The composition is boiling, cook over a low heat with the lid on for about 20 minutes. Drink for 10 straight days in the morning and in the evening on an empty stomach with 100 ml. Prescription assistance for almost any parasites that might be living in a human body, the worms, of tape-worms, lyambliy.
  • In a blender 300 g of the dried, but not fried in a pumpkin seed. To the powder, add as many boiled warm water to make a mush. They put a lot of tablespoon of honey. The mixture is to eat it on an empty stomach. After 4 hours of taking a laxative. The sale is effective when the intestinal worms to humans.

Any of the parasites you can remove it with surgery

Immediate treatment helminthiasis require that these terms and conditions:

  • Bowel obstruction — this pathological state is the result of the guinea-worm, grubs, maggots, and other vermin.
  • The perforation of the walls of the small intestine — a high-tapeworm open a hole, and out into the abdominal cavity of a man.
  • Parasites retrieved, followed by pancreatic necrosis — obstruction of the bile duct-tape a parasite.

In the majority of cases, surgery is resorted to echinococcosis. Parasitic cysts with an hiv-infected person to the lungs, kidneys, liver, and spleen, remove by laparotomy or laparoscopy.

It is dangerous to glandStNaya infection to the body

In the absence of treatment, the disease takes a chronic form. The most dangerous thing that can happen to the body in the severe form of the disease is the destruction of the tissues, to internal organs, suffocation, the onslaught of blindness.

How you can protect yourself from infection

Preventing worm invasion of the body requires of every human being:

  • Caution to comply with the rules of personal hygiene.
  • In a timely manner to treat parasites in your pets.
  • To carry out the heat treatment of the fish for 60 minutes, then the meat for 2 to 3 hours.

People with a stronger immunity-eggs-without-end, they are neutralized, therefore, the immune system is in need of continual reinforcement. To do this, I lead a healthy lifestyle and regularly take vitamins and minerals as well.