How to remove the parasites from the human body

An end-to-end – an unexpected danger that lurks in a person's at each and every turn. Get infected easily, it may be in your backyard, in a public place, even if the communication is with the carrier of the disease.

Especially in the age group, in the majority of cases, the dangerous proximity of the body of the child. Research has shown that children who have been attending the garden for up to 90% are infected with the parasite.

helminths in the body

The child carries in her hands or clothes, the eggs in the house, and, therefore, helminths come as a surprise to the whole family. The fight with the detected worms right away without waiting for a settlement to reach a monstrous size. How to remove the parasite from the body of a human being? The forms for a long time, the use of traditional medicine or the folk of the drug to effectively get rid of the worms, but only in the case when the treatment is carried out to each and every member of the family, and if not, there is a high risk of relapse.

The symptoms that may indicate the presence of worms in the body

The most appropriate option for the development of the events, and at the slightest suspicion of an infestation of worms – to go to the doctor and a thorough examination, and a triple, with an interval of a week and a half to pass the test. Some of the worms can be detected, then and only then, as they are exposed to the outside, if not, to the laboratory analysis, will be powerless, and it shows in the complete absence of the parasite.

On a visit to the doctor and don't have the time or the resources to make it possible to determine a parasitic infection, but, in any case, no the doctor is not you can do this, because they determine the type of worm, take the drug more effective, and to calculate the appropriate dose for age and weight class, it will only be by a qualified person.

The remedy against the worm, regardless of the composition, and contains no toxic substances, causing substantial harm to the human body. You can use a vegetable, a popular drug, but in this case, it is necessary to consult with your doctor.

The most common symptoms, precisely indicating the presence of the creatures on the undesirable on the body:

  • the diarrhoea is frequent (in some of the most simple types of worms that include special substances that are toxic, contribute to the watery stools);
  • constipation (large number of not-for-clog some of the organs in a human);
  • a permanent pain in the region of the stomach (parasites, they violate the work of the intestines and are difficult to digest);
  • the unpleasant swelling, (comes from the fact that the helminths were made in the small intestine, to diagnose them, in this case, it is very difficult)
  • pain in the joints (the worms can live not only in the gut, but it takes up the whole of the body, preferring instead the blow to the muscle or bone tissue);
  • one problem is the frequent problem of the skin's mantle (severe acne, skin rashes, acne, and a small, red rash, seborrhea, in the first lines, and extensive patches of skin pigmentation);
  • obesity, wasting (low weight-only a person who uses the product, and the parasite will select the most delicious items and the excess weight is the result of a constant feeling of hunger, which is not the fault of the internet;
  • problems with the central nervous system (the mixture of the waste and toxins that are allocated by the worms, leading to a constant irritation);
  • a poor night of sleep (out-of-helminthes, via the anus, which is particularly noticeable in the evening, accompanied by a strong irritation, and pruritus (itching), which results in trouble sleeping);
  • in children, the presence of worms is accompanied by the gnashing of the teeth during sleep, and a plentiful allocation of a saliva.

To see some of the common symptoms that indicate a distinctive of the life of the human body, it is necessary to seek help from a doctor, and go to the effective rate of the treatment.

medicines against intestinal worms

Medicine – best drugs of dangerous worms

In spite of the danger to the human body, which is hidden in the de-worming medicines, with the majority of those who are infected by the parasites, the people that use the interactions of the tools. When the proper dose, and the optimal one selected course of treatment, for people without a lot of difficulty, you may want to remove parasites.

It shall appoint such a physician will, in most cases? Normally, this is the pill for at least a chance.

The drug is only possible after the setting of a variety of helminths. Generally, it is recommended to take the drug, which is named the doctor, in the morning, not necessarily for an hour and a half before the breakfast in the morning.

The Tablet with a drink of water, you do not should replace it with juice or any other beverage. The excretion of the end-to-end some of the drugs that requires the mandatory use of a laxative as it alone will not be able to make it to the body.

If the worm has died, he will, sooner or later, is going to leave you in the gut, but if they operate elements of the poisonous medication against worms that just led him to a long-standing paralysis of the end-to-end, you'll have to do the enema (better for dinner). In the first stage of the treatment has been completed, the need for a break once every two weeks.

Most of the interactions, the funds did not have a very broad spectrum of action and can cause damage to the adult-only, and the user id. The larvae and the eggs, and quietly remain in the body, and after some time, they are still the poor for the human body to work. The need for re-treatment and you'll be able to use other tools, such as the worms will quickly get a feel for some of the elements.

In the second phase of the treatment, you can use the half-coated with a dose of the tools, once again, for a short period of time, a colony of the worms are not able to get a reasonably big one. During the period of rehabilitation, then you should visit a doctor and take a test, complete with a double take – is this going to help you to make sure that the dangerous worm, it was possible to remove it completely.

Folk medicine: the proven methods to deal with the vermin

More and more people are beginning to get into a fight with the unwanted roman in the body and effective in a popular drug. Usually, it's just a simple broth, or herbal infusions, but a lot of times, there are more complex recipes for the tools, which include a variety of ingredients. With the juice you can remove the parasites, even in young children – formulations of medicinal plants is not a bad, weak one's body.

The most popular amongst the home remedies for the treatment of worms, you bought the seeds from a pumpkin. It should be kept in mind that, to a great extent affects the worm's thin skin, it's within the seeds from the pumpkin. In order to remove the non-commercial, the need to take out the seeds with a hull, if you have a garden, you can grow a delicious vegetable and a delight to stock up on the medicines to be effective. The seeds should be dried in the sun, and to keep to the simple to transport. Its properties are useful in a pumpkin seed is not lost, many years ago.

To prepare a miracle cure-it's easy – after that, a heat treatment (stir-fry with a little bit of the seeds in a frying pan, dry pan to lose the seeds through a small grating mill the plug with a little bit of the natural liquid honey, and 15 oz. soda. To insist on the drug for a week and a half, not necessarily on the ability of the glass to dark at all. Now you can start your treatment, eat a 17-20 oz. the mixture in the morning.

Enjoy a buffet breakfast a couple of hours, trying to eat the plant food, a lightweight. The treatment is very time-consuming and-a-half to two weeks. The curing of the mixture can be used as a preventative measure, at several times during the week and eating a delicious medicine.

unlike the methods used in the fight

Many people know that garlic is not only delicious, acute spice, but an effective product to fight against the parasite in the body of a person.

For prevention, it can be used for multiple classification, and eat them with a little bit of a loaf of bread. If the worms were there late, and they are able to turn into a large colony, you need to take a comprehensive approach – a medicinal beverage, and a special enema. This cooking is easy, you just need to have a small amount of the milk to a boil, some sort of garlic and wait for the liquid to cool down a little bit. Drink one in the morning, before you eat it.

In the evening, you will need to complete the treatment on garlic enema. To her, it can also be used with garlic for the teeth, but it's already infused in the water. In a one-liter-of-water – 4-to-6 classification. To rest for half an hour. In the morning, you may be able to cook with the garlic in a drink, in order to fix the result. Usually, it is sufficient for a course of garlic in the treatment, but if necessary, can be repeated in a couple of weeks.

An excellent folk remedy, is able to quickly display a parasite – a blend of the root of horseradish with the garlic cloves. To do this, prepare one of them, even the porridge (vegetable, take it in equal shares) pour a 55 gr. acutely the mass of solid quality and strong vodka (the best is still at home, moonshine). Insist on it for up to 2 weeks, and drink it every morning and alcohol to the infusion is a spooned, drizzled with a little bit of water.

To use this type of treatment can only a man is an adult, so children should wear to the carving of the pumpkin to the mash, with honey, or a decoction of the plant.

For your kids, you can cook it in the broth of a tansy. In one short month of the drug from the raw materials of a glass of water. Boil the mixture for 3 to 5 minutes, then wait for it to cool down, and a little bit of herbal tea and take the child with you to the tool and to drink in the morning. Because the fluid is very bitter and can be a little bit of sweetness with the honey.

Walnut – must-have, if you have to deal with the various types of pests. No need for a kernel, and a jumper (it can dry the materials and to use as need be. 100-120 g. the product to drink alcohol in quantities of half a pint, and insist on it for 10-12 days. Drink it three times a day, necessarily, be washed down with water. The dose for a reception from 15 to 18 ml). For more than a week is a folk remedy for the drink, it should not, it is enough to effectively remove all the variants of the end-to-end.

Good for the users to talk on the herbs of the set, which includes the following:

  • the rhizome calamus;
  • wormwood;
  • Rhamnaceae bark;
  • centaury.

The 80 gr. blend of of medicines, raw materials, pour into a glass container, pour in boiling water (700-750 ml) and put under a tight lid during the night. The reception at the start of the next day, 50 ml, two times a day. Long-term treatment for up to 10 days. The following is a break – up, growing the intake of the juice of the herb in the collection should not be repeated more than one time. The battle with the trustees of the fluid is recommended, even during pregnancy or breast-feeding – extraction, more gentle, than a tablet against worms.

the prevention of worms

Measures of prevention to avoid a recurrence

The deletion of the parasite – not the main thing in the treatment of the disease. The important thing now is not to allow the re-infestation of worms. Pre – requisites - a number of times per year to take the course of prevention, using the vernacular, and drugs. This can be a broth, tansy, or there according to the infusion of the jumpers at the walnut, or garlic.

You can consult your doctor, if the person has more trust in traditional forms of treatment. An experienced doctor will adjust the meals the drug, which can be used as a measure of prevention.

Also, one should not neglect the basic rules of hygiene, frequent hand-washing (it's better to use liquid soap or shower gel against the bacteria), the day-to-day change and wash clothes, to observe the well being condition of your body.

Of particular importance is the processing of the products for the kitchen, and in many cases vegetables and fruit, meat, or fish carcasses that are present, the eggs of parasitic worms. The fruit should be carefully cleaned, and will often be cleaned under running water, spoiled or suspicious web sites, and to immediately delete it. The meat and fish is not necessarily to expose the heat-treatment of all the culinary rules.

The raw water – a source that is a threat to the human infection by the worms. Better than it's pre-boil, and if there is one, you can buy the special filters, they are only able to clean up the liquid of the larvae and the eggs of the worms.

The presence in the house pets are almost always fraught with the danger of getting unpleasant bonus of worm infestation. How to prevent unwanted intrusions into the body. The animals are also regularly you should be subjected to a treatment against the worms. At the veterinary hospital, not necessarily to give advice on drugs to protect the cat or dog from pests. As a result, the man will also avoid the danger of getting worms.

The house, to ensure every week, you should be careful cleansing, with the use of special tools. Special care should be clean on the surface, with which it has recently approached with an infected person. The toilet and shower parties, you will need to expose the damp cleaning every day.

No man will be able to reduce the risk of infection in the worms, if you do not comply with the basis of care. Needs to pay more attention to the babies, and transplanting the useful habit of always washing your hands.

Sometimes it's the simple rules of hygiene is enough to protect your little one's body against the intestinal worms. Preventive measures can go a long time, you forget about all the bad experiences that you give to the parasites, but, on the slightest suspicion of that which, again, you have in your life, and you need to immediately, and without a fight with a dangerous invasion!