How to investigate and treat the eggs of the helminths in children and adults

There is a bunch of parasites, and that the chosen habitat: small intestine of man. It detects the infection, it may be a characteristic pattern of symptoms, such as long chronic constipation or diarrhea, and itching of the anus. The very eggs of the worms to detect without medical equipment, it is very difficult for you. Witness the postponement of his worms, it can only serve as a redness around the anus, because this process leads to an irritation of the skin.

The eggs of helminths

That is just the eggs of helminths

The eggs of helminths, hide just about anywhere, whether it be land, food, water, public transportation, or pets. Worms – no worms, to see if at least the Ascaris, which put up 240 billion. eggs every single day. All of the helminths, and put them up for replay at a later time. In the process of rescheduling that occurs less than 1 time per day, and some types of worms are up to 6 times. In the future the larvae reserved for multi-layered solid with a shell: the interior of the lipid, the weighted average of the polymer and the outside of the protein.

Even an egg that could be the cause of the development of the body and of the many thousands of adults. It holds a life of about 1 or 2 months of farming, and the land, sewer, or fresh water, is much greater. The maximum period of viability of the eggs of helminths – a few years ago, the habitat work the feces, fertilizers, or sludge. Such a stunning time-limits are provided, the resistance of the shell of the egg to outside influences.

How are the eggs of the worms are in the feces of human

In the eyes of a person, it can only detect adult worms, such as, for example, in Ascaris, or worms in the stool. It has occurred to the individual, which is available at the exit to the outside from the intestine. Our own eggs from helminths that are so small, even microscopic in size, to see what is possible with the use of the equipment in the lab. In this case, there are no outward signs, which state this, or any kind of intestinal worms.


The characteristic difference of the worms is that they do not lay their eggs in the feces, and do it in the ass. The very worms that have a white colour and a pointed tip. Further, the length is 3-4 mm, but can reach and 12 mm in diameter. the Life cycle of a worm can be divided into several stages:

  1. The cross-fertilization, where pinworms are a parasite, the t. e. in the large intestine. For men, an individual for when this one dies, and the female goes down to the back side of a pass-through to the nest.
  2. The retention of the eggs in it. A female that's in the anus and in the skin creases of the buttocks. In this process, and it makes the person feel the itch. If you consider that the eggs of the worms in the picture, you can see the little specks of white. The shape of her little stretched out.
  3. DosreVanie larvae. The normal temperature of a person, the larvae inside of the eggs to reach maturity. It will take about 4 to 6 hours.
  4. Of Re-infestation. The man is compelled to scratch the area covered by clusters, which leads to the proliferation of the parasite in the bed-clothes, under your nails, and then the vegetables. Thus, there is a re-infestation of worms.
The infection


Eggs of Ascaris have also very small dimensions, for as much as 50 to 70 µm. They are able to experience heavy frosts and persist for many years to come. Man is infected by ingestion of the eggs are filthy food, or water, using contaminated-to-day basis. Shell eggs of these worms have layers of up to 5. They are circular in shape, with a notable separation of the shells and the inner part, where it is due.

The proper Ascaris, you can find it in the stool – they look like worms, round, sharp at the edges. The tone of a non-commercial, when it changes from yellow to pink, and the length can reach 40 cm in height. Unlike Ascaris – they are developed without any middleware, master-of-some-of-16 to 17 days. It was not until they become dangerous to their fellow human beings. If swallowed, the shell of an egg is dissolved, and the worm that comes out in an environment focused on her surroundings. The disease is when these helminth-called ascariasis.

At that temperature, they die the eggs

So as not to be infected by the worm, a person must carry out the heat treatment of foods, such as meat and fish, wash vegetables, and fruits, and also remove the particular temperature of the bed. This will help you to destroy the eggs of helminths, which were filled with food and clothing. The temperatures are different, the time taken for the eggs of Ascaris and the flukes die, it looks like this:

  • to + 70°C – 10 to c;
  • up to + 60°C – 300;
  • when to 50-55°C, and 600 com.

As discussed in an egg-end-to-end

The passing of the faeces, the eggs of helminths is given to children in pre-school education, because of the risk of infection is higher. Done a search, and when you suspect the symptoms, it is pointing to the emergence of worms in the body. In addition to that, there are also the planned survey to receive medical care, the laptop or the swimming pool. For the analysis of the faeces, the eggs of helminths has been effective, it is recommended that you follow a few simple rules.

The examination of the feces, the eggs end-to-end

Collect the stool (feces) in the eggs of the worm have the respect of the following items:

  1. Do not use prior to collection of the stool for laxatives or enemas.
  2. Prior to the time of the evacuation, prepare a tray or in a bag.
  3. Be on the lookout for the cal doesn't leak urine, waste water, or other body fluids.
  4. Place the collected material in the container prepared for that. The ability, necessarily, to cover it with a lid. The best so cal has occupied 1/3 of the amount of the tare weight.
  5. Store, calories in eggs, and an end-to-end is not allowed to have more than a day when the temperature should be above 8°.

Scraping on enterobiasis

This type of analysis is that it is able to detect the presence of a person in an end-to-end, such as a worm. The children spend a prophylactic, at least 1 of each year, and it is recommended to do every six months. There are 2 options – either scraping by in the for it is taken at home or in the lab. Your actions when you take the test at worms in the house:

  1. Is free procedure before a decision is made on the spot. To collect the material after passing stool.
  2. Moisturize with a glycerin cotton-padded wand.
  3. Put it in the folds of the skin in the area of the anus.
  4. Place the wand in a pre-prepared vial or a test tube.
  5. Firmly closed, to bring it to the lab.
  6. During the campaign in the laboratory, and later, save the set up for the analysis of the material in the refrigerator, but not longer than 8 hours at a temperature of not higher than 8°C

How much of it is done by the examination of the feces, the eggs end-to-end

The analysis of the eggs of helminths, many times, ready for the next day, and when low, the charge from the laboratory, through in a couple of hours. On the scraper you need to learn how, more precisely, in the very heart of health care, because sometimes the search requires a long time to come, so you should plan your time delivering you with all the upcoming events, for example, for the device to work or for a trip than a vacation.

The methods of treatment

Treating worms, are implemented meдикаmentonзnыmи the drug as the means of folk medicine. Effective home remedies:

  1. The onion juice. Drink half a cup, finely chopped onions, soaked it with boiling water and leave for 12 hours.
  2. The wormwood. Prepare a decoction of 1, comt. l of a gram and a half cup of boiling water. Leave it for 6 hours, and then oncomtывшиm a half to do an enema before going to sleep for about a week or so.
  3. The seeds of the pumpkin. Fast to eat about 100 grams of the seeds from the pumpkin, and take a laxative.