How to cleanse your body of parasites: 4 the ways of

The man experiences the shock of the thoughts that virtually each and every one of us to live in any of the parasites, it weakens the body and can contribute to the onset of the disease. Even if you are sure that your body has been cleansed, you may still have to spend a preventative, to keep it from unwanted clients, you can create a lot of problems.


For the purification of the body is complete, it is necessary to clean it up to live inside the parasite. Over the centuries of co-existence with the harmful foreign, the human body has developed mechanisms of protection against them. So it doesn't become a breeding ground for these pests on in the first place, it is necessary to increase immunity. In a healthy state of the body as well, duking it out with all of the "invaders", and don't give them a position in the body, and to eat of its fruit juices. The walls of the body, a little low, it may drive out parasites from the body with the help of natural herbs, and changes in the structure of the power supply. As a last resort, apply to the chemical substances and even a surgical procedure. After cleansing the body of parasites, and people pass on the disease, which for many years could not cure him.

To expel parasites from the body's natural

But it's always easier to not run the disease, and to warn you about it. Periodically, you should include in your diet, the products you use to cleanse your organism from parasites, such as, for example:

  • the seeds of the pumpkin or squash;
  • grapefruit (especially in the form of fresh juice);
  • the carrot juice and carrots;
  • the bark of the poplar (I have to chew each and every spring to clean out your skin);
  • the tea from the bark of the poplar;
  • cloves (like the spice);
  • the tea from the leaves of the banana, this tea should not drink, gastritis and gastric acidity);
  • the tea of artemisia, bitter (in a spoon of tea of artemisia, bitter brew two cups of boiling water and filtered it through about 20 minutes, and drink it with a spoonful of the soup half an hour before a meal);
  • the tea from there is common.

The elimination of parasites with pumpkin seeds

The products are listed to help you to get rid of the pests, and, personally, I prefer the pumpkin seeds are a good vermifuge in half. For use at the end of raw, pumpkin seeds, purified from the hard shell, making it thin and green, and burn the skin.

Next, give a number of methods for the application of pumpkin seeds.

The first way

  1. Within an hour of eating a small amount of fast, hundred grams of fresh cup of the seeds in a mixture of honey, with a three-part seed and one part of honey).
  2. After three hours of taking the laxative (you can use castor oil for children, it is better to choose a different tool).
  3. After 30 minutes, put it in the enema.
  • The children of the seed of giving-from the estimate to fifteen grams for every year of his life, from the age of three years.
  • The four-year-olds to sixty grams of the seeds of the pumpkin at the front desk.
  • The five-year-olds? - seventy-five grams.
  • The children, aged six or seven - hundred grams.
  • Ten-year-old of age, you may be able to provide you with a hundred and fifty grams of the seeds of the pumpkin at the front desk.

This method is suitable for the removal of the worms that are round, children, pregnant women and the elderly.

In the second case

Grind the seeds from the pumpkin is stripped, and taken in the morning on an empty stomach, washed down with warm milk, a couple spoonfuls of the soup, within a period of three days to expel intestinal worms.

The third form of the

For the grown-ups. One hundred grams of the seed of the pumpkin or squash into the blender and mix it with the sugar that you take in the morning empty stomach for three tablespoons, and immediately drink the castor oil to the north of the tapeworm.

The fourth form of

The juice of the melon

For the grown-ups. Mix in one hundred grams of the cleaned, dried, and finely pounded seed of a pumpkin or squash, and a half-gram of cocoa and a natural, with a little sugar and a few drops of water to prepare a mixture of homogeneous mass, it, do, and twenty balls, pour in your sugar, so they don't stick together.

One day prior to the day of a treatment, nothing to eat or drink. In the morning, eat the tortillas, one after the other, with an interval of 10 minutes. The worms start to come out.

To prevent all of us from time to time, not necessarily, you need to be eating the seeds from the squash — it is delicious and useful to you. Pumpkin seeds you can sprinkle on cereals or legumes.

And to expel intestinal worms, can you drink empty stomach with a glass of fresh juice of the melon.

With the same purpose, you can eat two pounds of berries in the forest, like strawberries, in equal parts during the day.

The result of the expulsion of the parasites, it will be better for a week or so before the procedure of changing to a plant-based diet, with a predominance of fruit and vegetables in the last three days at the most-to-drink fruit juices, and herbs for soups and stews.