Helminths human: symptoms, treatment

Helminths person has the symptoms and treatment are different. Sometimes in a person's body fall to the parasitic worms, refer to worms. They live virtually anywhere: in soil, in plants, they live and in the human body. In all there are about 400 different species of helminths. Many of them are parasites in the human body. They come in with dirty hands, some of them are in animal wool, fish.

worms in the human body

More often than in the human body fall into 6 types of worms that cause the following diseases:

  1. Pinworms cause enterobiasis.
  2. Roundworms cause hookworm infection.
  3. The genus meloidogyne calls trihozefalez. This type of parasites is the most dangerous.

As the body fall worms

There are two paths that contribute to the human infection by worms. The majority of insects, like flies, need to be transferred on its legs eggs of helminths. In some cases, the worms enter the human body with the water. Sometimes they are found in vegetables and fruits or products. Most of the time they penetrate in the organism by direct contact.

The symptoms hit worms in the body

For each type of plague the microorganisms there are the emissions of manifestations. But there are symptoms of an infestation of adult worms, which apply to the share of the spotlight.

  • the man dramatically begins to lose weight;
  • can occur pallor of the skin covering;
  • observed anal itching;
  • enlarged lymph nodes;
  • interrupted the working of the digestive organs. You can receive the stool or constipation, nausea, sometimes have vomiting, pain and swelling;
  • occurs a violation of the nervous sphere.

The products of life and activity of worms, poisoning the entire body. As a result of a adult pain, frequent headaches, joints, gets you dizzy. If the number of worms, it has become very large, so you can climb high temperature, as the reaction of the immune system of the body to the foreign bodies.

such as helminthes, act on the body
  • for the life of parasites need very many nutrients. As a result, the individual does not receive vitamins and minerals, or receive them in insufficient quantity. Feel constant fatigue, drowsiness. Develop anemia;
  • allergic cough, skin rash, itching on the body, bronchial asthma;
  • worms lead to a decline in immunity. The person often starts to ache. The strength to fight the infection do not arise out of complications. The foci of the inflammatory process can be in any place, for example, the nasopharynx or the sexual organs.

It is a dangerous disease, such as intestinal worms in adults, the symptoms of which you can see in the early stages of development, requires the timely and correct treatment.

The main cause of the development helminthiasis is a violation of hygiene. To not get sick helminthiasis, wash your hands.

The symptoms of helminthiasis

Clinical picture the defeat by the worms includes the following:

  1. In some cases, problems with the work of the intestine.
  2. The drastic weight reduction.
  3. Itching in the anus.
  4. The development of dermatitis of varying degrees of severity.
  5. The development of asthma.
  6. The gnashing of teeth.
  7. Chronic constipation or diarrhea.
  8. The malfunction of the nervous system.

Most people do not realize the presence of worms in the body, until a certain time that the disease occurs in a hidden manner. Slowly begin to worsen chronic diseases.

The causes of helminthiasis

The disease develops due to the body fall worms. Throughout life, we are confronted with worms. They are in the hand, meat products, because the animals are often carriers of intestinal worms. Therefore, the preparation of food should expose the meat products careful treatment. In some cases, they even enter in the body, but not always the disease begins to develop. As only occur favourable conditions for their subsistence, they begin to multiply.

In some cases, the body and the own deal with the eggs and they are displayed. But there are those that begin to develop. When the defeat by worms medicines that are used in the treatment of diseases, turn out to be useless, as the defeat by the worms of the body become more and more.

How is diagnosed the defeat helminthiasis

the diagnosis of helminths

To determine the defeat by worms, is carried out the analysis of a sample of stool and blood. In the first phase is made up of three days of scraping. These methods allow us to identify the defeat for worms. However, this method will not reveal the immunoglobulin. This will help you determine the helminthiasis, if there is the defeat of the internal organs. It is also carried out the sowing of the field.

There are some symptoms that can reveal the basis of the patient's complaints, as well as based on the clinical picture. Living are a symptom of malfunction of the nervous system. Then you need to visit the therapist and doctor specializing in the treatment of diseases caused by parasites. The symptoms of helminthiasis are very diverse and, in some cases they resemble signs of other diseases.

When there is suspicion of a defeat by vermin need to visit the doctor. The specialist will undertake the required studies. Very often brought the countries of the south, even unbeknownst to each other.

How is performed the treatment of worms

You must carry out the research, which will enable you to determine what is the remedy the more sensitive worms.

In this case, the treatment will be effective. Not worth the wait that the therapy will be fast. Taking into consideration that there is a life cycle of intestinal worms. Different worms have different degrees of prevalence in the body. In addition, there is the risk of re-infection.

After each visit, you should wash your hands. It is necessary to observe hygiene and the fact that they reside in the same house with an infected person, because there is the risk of being infected. It is very important to consider the technology of thermal treatment of products, especially meat.

When storing food in the refrigerator needs to respect all the rules. Before eating of the eggs of them must be washed. Fruits and vegetables that are consumed should be washed with boiled water. This will prevent re-infection by worms.

The drug therapy must be selected on the basis of types of worms. It has been proven that the ascaris, toxoplasmosis and other diseases are successfully treated with drugs, which are present substances mebendazole and levamisole.

These drugs interrupt the life cycle of helminths. But do not forget that each person has a single body. This requires that the individual selection of medicines. But get rid of worms, only with tablets will not work. To treat the patients should complex.

Popular therapy in the treatment of worms

recipes folk against worms

The ancient people of a treatment method that is effective when no-purposes, is the use of garlic and onion. In most cases, to get rid of worms, you can, with the help of remedies. And this needs to drastically. All you need to do, is just have patience. The natural remedies allow you to remove the worms from the body. Normal grapefruit is able to expel them. To do this, you need to eat grapefruit every morning before breakfast. And there is them need, along with the bones.

Two hours after ingestion of grapefruit should abstain from food. Very helpful to drink during lunch fresh juice. Well, there's pumpkin seeds. Preferably, to the end that they were raw and not dry. The pumpkin seeds will kill the worms, but the ones that remain, are excreted with the faeces.

As well the manufacture of herbal extracts. In the composition of a collection should include tansy, field horsetail, calamus. You can add mint, fatally acts on helminths and gall. To prepare the collection, your fermentation in boiling water and drink. You can cut the grass with the coffee grinder, and then take them every morning, a half diluted water. Manufacture of beer in this case, you do not need.

A good way of helminthiasis is onion jam. Cooking can be at home. For this, it is necessary to take 1 kg of onions, 1 liter of water, a glass of honey and sugar.

The ingredients are mixed and, then, quenched on a low heat. After some time, the congestion begins to thicken. After that, you should keep it in the fire still 25 minutes after boiling.

In treating worms, you should use parts fresh nettle. The roots and leaves need to boil the boiling water, and fly over 5 hours. After that, the composition of the paper filter and drink. This can be done 3 times a day, in the intervals between the meals. The solution should be stored in the refrigerator.

When the integrated treatment of helminthiasis under the supervision of a doctor, the combination of medicines with the resources of folk medicine, the success is guaranteed.