The tool of the parasites in the human body

In the body of every 3 people on earth live on the parasites of varying degrees of risk. In this context, the pharmaceutical companies each year to develop and test new and more effective tools of war. It is also well-known for a lot of people of proven techniques.

the parasites in the human body

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The market of the medication about steps that quite a large. They have a different point of efficiency. The effective substance in medicinal products in a way that is different from acting in one or the other type of the parasite, causing the death of a natural excretion from the body.

The tool of the parasite in the body of a person leads to a stop in the neuromuscular system, thus interrupting the process of life. Unable to move, worms are in the course of the day to eliminated from the body in a natural way by means of a system of allocation. The drug is prescribed as a function of age and body weight of the patient.

Home remedies against pests

Parasites in the human body, it helps to get rid of a tool that is based on the planet. They are used mainly in the leaves and stems.

Due to the content of the volatile alkaloids, occurs with the destruction and expulsion of these worms, such as:

  • in the roundworm, pinworms genus meloidogyne;
  • Cryptosporidium, fluke;
  • the tape worms.

Agree artemisia, in the form of a powder. For this reason, the dried leaves and stems of the rag, manually, or in a coffee grinder. Eat the powder and it should be out during the week, at least once a day. 1) and (2) a day – half a tablespoon of tea for 3-5 day out – of-the-two-thirds of a teaspoon, 6 or 7 a day – about one teaspoon.

For the destruction of pests, you will need to repeat this course for up to 7 days. It is worth mentioning that the wormwood has anthelmintic action, just in-born parasites, and may not have any effect on the larvae.

Flowers of tansy, thanks to the contained misery, a chilling work on the mechanisms of metabolism in the musculature of parasites. To promote your fast to cleanse the waste products of helminths.

The manufacture and use of the compounds as medicinal, must be carried out strictly in accordance with the instructions. In case of overdose it is possible to a second from a heart attack, pathology of the central nervous system. To get rid of giardiasis can, by using a tansy. For others, the worm intrusions, the need for further medical treatment.

Use of the powder of the seeds of tansy. For this reason, mature seeds, process in a coffee grinder, powder the resulting amount of 1. h. l., to two times a day before meals. The kids are given a half of a teaspoon, can be mixed with honey.

folk remedies wormwood

They also use the infusion. A 20-oz. flowers on the dried primed in 1 l of boiling water. After one hour, the beverage is ready for consumption. Apply 120 ml before meals three times a day. The children are given in quantities of from 1 to ff.l l l l twice a day.

The writing desk in birch wood, the tar is composed of more than 800 substances. As a whole has a strong anti-septic, anti-microbial action on the human body. You take the substance inside of the worms, and the doctors don't recommend it, however, it is possible to.

Due to the contained phenol, toluene, Le Creusotland – there is an increased risk of toxicity. You have the commitment to follow the instructions in the preparation and dispensing of drinking water. On the other hand, this does not guarantee a positive outcome.

Scientifically proven, that which is contained in alicina on the garlic kills the bacteria and pathogens. Antigalmintee action that will take you to the entrance on the composition of the liquid.

It is used, then the garlic and cooked for medicine: 2 cloves finely chopped garlic, pour in 50 ml of warm water. This can be done in the morning. In the evening, we used to in the rendering (not the liquid), and with a floor-a litre of water. In the course of the last 3 days. After a week of treatment for the same.

The spiciness of the cloves is helpful for the body your cleansing properties. Have a positive impact on the digestive system, speeds up the process of recovery. It destroys the larvae and eggs of worms, and excluding the rate of re-infection.

Use of cloves in powder, of months, of course, a 5-oz. on the day (broken up into three stages. Consumed before a meal, every time, in order to prepare a fresh portion.

The preventive courses of the parasites

Prevention GElMintusov held twice a year: at the beginning of the fall and with the arrival of spring. The dosage of the drug is minimal, and in most of the case of receiving a time, which is calculated as a function of age and body weight of a person.

So preventive measures should be taken medication is made in the basis of the substance:

  • lевandмизоland;
  • scott;
  • пирandнтеl;
  • mebendazole.

In the case of a long absence of prevention, can re-infect the human body by flukes. It is characterized by symptoms that are similar to, and how and when the master of the game.

Drugs to children for the treatment and prevention of

the symptoms of intestinal worms in children

GElMinnie infestation in the childhood, the body is identified, then a research lab, as well as the symptoms may be different to that of the disease.

To carry out a survey of the needs of the child may occur.

  • a dry, non-justified, with cough;
  • conjunctivitis, an inflammation of the mucous membrane of the eye;
  • swelling of the extremities;
  • loss of appetite;
  • pain in the upper part of the abdomen
  • skin rash, itching, worsening of allergies.

In the chronic GElmentosa on the child's body will affect the negative factors.

They they they appear.

  • the weakness and constant fatigue;
  • a significant loss of body weight;
  • restless sleep;
  • the tightening of the chain-of-lung-disease (goiter, SARS);
  • the onset or aggravation of diseases of the stomach, is a violation of the integrity of the mucous membrane;
  • the decrease of the immunity.

For the treatment of worms in children it is important to determine the type of parasite and the potential for co-morbidities, and the digestive tract.

As well as for each of the helminths, there is an effective medicine.


Vegetarian food biological active additive to food with antiparasitic action. Composed by: tansy (flowers), cloves, extracts of the dried tansy and artemisia leaves of artemisia. It is suitable for the treatment and prevention of GElMintusov.

Restrictions on the use of Bada is to:

the triad
  • an ulcer of the stomach;
  • the gastritis;
  • pregnancy, breast-feeding of breast milk;
  • an unusual or allergic reaction to components, and additives.

The course use to destroy Ascaris, lyambliy of worms. That is allowed for both adults and children as young as 3 years old (which is available in the form of a powder).

Similar to the composition of the parasite in the body of a person who can prepare that at home. For this reason, ground, powdered, are mixed together grass, tansy (200 gr.), there (50 gr.) and cloves (100 gr.). Store the powder in a storage tank.