The most effective tips on how to clean the gut of parasites, unlike the media

Infection with different parasites can be several times a day. Development of the parasites of the disease is dependent on the strength of a threat. How to cleanse your body in unlike ways you to. Even for those who do not believe in the power of the drugs are similar. Over the course of the last 20 years, pharmaceuticals have launched a huge number of anti-poverty funds, and in all of them there is a "dark side" – the side-effects.

The grass of the not-for

The power of the folk

The more you progress, the faster the mankind back to its origins. There are a lot of parasites, they cleaned the body with herbs, vegetables, and fruits. If you observe animals, you can see how they are, with an appetite and they chew all the grass, and this is not knowledge, and gut instinct. In addition to the effect of the herb on the human body and watched calvary, the healers. In the case of the plagues, they noted that the most effective tools for the cleaning of the organism, are plants with a bitter zest to taste. These plants are able to increase the temperature of the inside of the body, which does not suffer from parasitic worms.

Pronounced bitter flavor they have:

  • tansy;
  • chili pepper red
  • wormwood;
  • ginger;
  • the stud;
  • thereof;
  • radishes;
  • garlic.

These components are a part of many people's income. In another study on the "natural remedies" has shown that it is possible to clean the intestines at home, vegetables and fruit, porridge, milk, seeds. The Folk of the medication in the raw form to prepare a decoction, tincture. Since the majority of the parasite is concentrated in the gut for his cleansing using enema with a particular drug composition. To help you get rid of the worms inside of the body to a laxative. For this reason, it is optional to run to the local pharmacy. You can use either sour milk, carrot juice, apple cider, cooking oil. Folk remedies, the extract of the parasites emit toxins, heal the gut microbiota, strengthens the immune system, normalize the digestive system.


Animals and methods for the cleansing of the body

The purification of a fine, for the colon at home, you can take the techniques of active, passive. In the past few give you the not-so-fast, but tough to the end. The active methods for clean-up refers to the enema.

As an alternative method to apply for a laxative in a natural way. The purification of the body, in the house of the pests, provides a full course of treatment, which consists of several steps.

  1. The reception is active, a tool for the oppression of the parasites;
  2. The use of a laxative for excretion of wastes in conjunction with the barrel to the body;and
  3. The work of restoration of the internal organs, the elimination of toxins.

With the enema you can quickly clear the colon, but using this method of treatment is extremely rare. Because you could be in violation of peristalsis of the body, as a result of the constipation. By the enthusiasm for the procedure, will cause the bowel is unable to defecate in a natural way.

How to clean out the bowel, vegetables and fruits

The output of the parasites in the body can be the same as always, plant your fruit of choice.

The clean, thin, colon, pine nuts

This method of bowel cleansing has been used for a long time in the north-east. The course of therapy, you will need 5 kg of walnuts, shelled. The equipment has a duration of 2 months. Every day, on an empty stomach, you should eat 100 grams of nuts. Special attention should be paid to the quality of the chew. In the body, they must come from small businesses. If it's on your head, grind it up, initially, with the help of kitchen appliances, this is not an option. Because, while chewing, stands in a special cedar oil, which is very helpful in this situation. During the period of cleaning, the body needs to follow a special diet – do not eat meat, fats and vegetables. If this condition is not met, the purification of the nuts, it will be useless to you. For the prevention of clean up of the region in the home two times a year.

The purification of the body, with pumpkin seeds

The seeds of the pumpkin

The most convenient way for the cleansing of the intestines from the gastrointestinal tract of the body. For the prevention of helminthiasis have to take it for a rule, click the seeds. A pronounced therapeutic effect, they have the seed in any way – raw, fried, stewed, shredded, and powder. The composition of the seed, a substance that acts on the as a poison. For humans, the venom is not harmful, on the contrary, the pumpkin seeds are considered to be the most secure way to cleanse your body at home. Recommended that you perform for adults, children, pregnancy, breast-feeding.

The more you the option of clearing the digestive system of the body to eat in the morning, a handful of seeds, and gently chew on it. With the addition of other components to enhance the efficiency of the people, of the tools. The seeds will need to crush in a mortar and pestle, add 50 ml of water, 1 in Ot. tablespoon of honey. This confusion needs to be taken in the breakfast room. After 3 hours of taking a laxative a pint of carrot juice, apples, sour milk 30 ml vegetable oil. When expressed symptoms of helminthiasis to clean up the gut three times a year. For the prevention of enough time.

The cleansing of the body, in the house of onion

On the plus it operates not only in the bitter taste of the vegetable, but the smell is strong. To begin with, you need to get started is regularly consumed by feathers from the green onions. The treatment is carried out with the help of the ripky. You can force yourself to breakfast, to eat one medium onion. Drink a full glass of water. Or, even prepare it in a special color. It is necessary to grind up the onion, and place in 200 ml of boiling water. Cover with a lid and put it in a thermos. OnStto hepatica a tool that has the 12 o'clock position. For the convenience of the procedure, you should do it at night, in the morning, drink a whole glass. To carry out the treatment you need for up to 10 days. When it is expressed in the symptoms, course and repeat it after 2 weeks.

How to cleanse your bowel at home with garlic

The plant has a strong bactericidal action. Methods for clean-up of the intestine with the help of the garlic and the pasta.

  • To get rid of helminthes in the different stages of the disease, including its location in the blood, then you will need to do more and more often to the heel, fix the patch, so walking for a whole day. Of the active components to arrive at the start through the skin, into the blood, it spread all over the body. You can start the preparation process. To carry out the therapy on a daily basis for 2 weeks.
  • The Chime will need to eat a clove of garlic. After a half an hour to drink a glass of warm milk.
  • The onion
  • Pour in a cup of cold water to the head of the garlic, to support the 12 o'clock position. The best course of action to do in the evening. In the morning, to enjoy all of the medicine.
  • Garlic-dairy-based enema it is able to get rid of the helminths, for 1 turn. The milk soothes the mucosa, the thin, the colon, and therefore, this arrangement is considered to be on the safe side. The procedure is to be carried out in the evening. For the children, Enough for 1 cup of ready-for-the tool, the adult needs of (700 ml). The milk is hot, add the chopped garlic. Insist on the full 30 minutes. Carry out the procedure.

You can mix the onion with the garlic. The tool then will pass it in two times. For the enema you can go 1 time a week with a severe illness, in the course of a month. For prevention, you can make a tincture.

The cleansing of the body, and delicious pears.

Each and every day to eat a pear, along with a bone in it. The seeds of the fruit they contain are dangerous to the worms, for the matter. On top of that, pears, and eliminates the toxins, cleanses the country.

Cleaning sour milk

With it, you can then begin your treatment. Sour milk is an excellent laxative. We drink in the mass-to-night, in the morning, everything is ready to go. The milk is heated to boiling, then let it stand in a warm place. For a rapid oxidation, you can add a few drops of vinegar. Coagulated, the curd is not suitable for your family. It is used in the acid mass. Regular intake of laxatives can get rid of the toxins and build-up of toxins.

During the post – cleaning waste products, toxins,

In the process, the service life of the micro-organisms builds up a huge number of toxins, that have interrupted the work of the internal organs. To correct the situation and to help others.

The clutter of shoes

You will need to:

Saline solution
  • Figure a-0.5 cup;
  • Water (600 ml);
  • It is – and 0.5-cup;
  • Salt to taste.

The boiling point of a normal pulp with no oil. The salt is added for flavor. A must have breakfast and dinner during the week. A can't just get rid of the toxins, and to restore the mucous membrane of the intestine, which contributes to the wouldStrasamu the recovery of the digestive system of the body.

The salt water solution to cleanse your body of all ailments immediately

The options for purification of the sodium salt and more. One of them, every morning you drink a salt water solution, which includes a 0.5% change of tablespoons of salt and sodium. Pour 200 ml of water. The second method of cleansing via enemas. Salt solution a prepared in the same manner. The only charge for the salt and the soda in a 1% change tsp, and water (500 ml). Caustic Soda removes all of the pathogenic microbiota, which has been formed in the bowels of the digestive system of the body, and the salt relieves inflammation. In order to regulate the use of the method of purification is not adequate. The caustic soda is capable of cause damage to the mucous membrane of the intestines, and the salt to cause constipation. The cleansing should be to a maximum of 3 treatments with an interval of 2-3 days. Contra-indications to the use of soda ash is in the gastritis, peptic ulcer disease. If the soda causes you discomfort, it is best to choose a tool for your family.

Regular intake of onion, garlic and fennel – an excellent prevention of helminthiasis. Colon cleansing all sorts of parasites, we recommend that you pass 2 times in a year, the enema is used only in special cases.