Worms, in children: the danger from within

Worms (helminths) – parasites that can get into the body of a child or an adult. On the other hand, a child is recorded with a much more frequent basis. This accounts for the fact that the particles in the process of developing the asset are familiar with the natural environment. Some of them lead on the mouth of the sand during the games and rides on the street, in order to try to prove their toys, and different objects, do not leave without attention and rough on the fingers. The way in which the parasites fall on to the young man's body.

Worms in children

Not all parents will know what to do when you detect intestinal worms in children. The parasites that seem to have absolutely no impact. Because they are living the same in every person, a variety of micro-organisms, and that nothing bad ever happens.

However, it is not to be confused with the useful bacteria with the worms. The worms will bring the body to a serious injury. One reason why is that you turn the appetite and increasing your state of health, and disrupted the functioning of the organs of the individual. All parents need to know about the signs of the appearance of the pests, in time for the start of the treatment for the child.

The path of penetration of the worms in the body

The infection of the child may occur when the ingested larvae, worms, or their eggs. The path of penetration, it may be a little different:

  • when you play with a pet;
  • while walking in the street or play games in the sand;
  • when you visit public restrooms;
  • through the washing of the hands;
  • by washing fruits and vegetables;
  • when they come into contact with dirty objects (for example toys).

The larvae and eggs of worms are very small. It is not possible to observe with the naked eye. The parasites that are in the human body and in the environment for a long period of time can maintain your vitality. They are turned on, they begin to grow and multiply, if it comes into contact with the organs of the digestive system of the baby. The most favorable conditions in the gut. It is in this body, living on the worms. In the stomach, they can not live in it because it acidic environment.

A wide variety of pests

All of those parasites, the professional are divided into the following groups:

  1. The ancilostomídeos, or the worm-rounded (pinworms, the guinea-worm, of the genus meloidogyne, Trichinella).
  2. Cestodes or flukes of the cassette (the tapeworm, broad, high-tapeworm, the pork tapeworm).
  3. Worms-the worms or trematodes (liver fluke).
The child

The most frequent types of intestinal worms in the children are related to pinworms, are small worms, from the color to white. The size usually does not exceed 2 cm. Pinworms lay their eggs in the anal opening. It is for this reason that the children come with feelings of itching and a burning sensation in the area. For about 1 month, the infant will experience any of the symptoms of the infection. After you have all the symptoms to go away, as well as the pinworms will die. The life expectancy is very short. However, the infection may happen again if the baby continues to be placed in the mouth, dirty hands or objects.

Many of the times the answer of parasites in children are the guinea-worm. The size of your little one. It practically does not occur in a single individual, the length of which is greater than 0.5 cm. When ascariasis symptoms are rarely apparent. The collapse of the child-that can occur with diarrhea, with blood or a fall in a straight line. The life expectancy of Ascaris in the absence of treatment is about 1 year.

At times, children found with trichuris. The length of these parasites is approximately equal to 5 cm. The symptoms appear, the child is not right. The incubation period is from 1-1,5 months. The adults live in the intestines, deeply penetrating to the mucous membrane. In the genus meloidogyne may have to live for a very long time in the body of a human is about 6 years old.

The parasites also are Cryptosporidium – worms are microscopic in size, they can be established not only in the gut of the child, but also the gall bladder. To identify the existence of Giardia in a young body, it is not so simple. A visit to a doctor and ask for the biochemical analysis of blood – that's what you want to do when you for a child. To identify Giardia in france it is very difficult, as well as the study material should be placed within 1 to 2 hours after a bowel movements. More often than not, that's an infestation of parasites, do not give yourself to find out. Only in a few cases, the symptoms of which are similar to the symptoms of the common cold, the flu, or allergies.

Toxocara – the worms, which are most commonly found in children aged 1 to 4 years of age. These parasites are very large. Adults can reach up to 18 inches in length. When the toxocariasis occur in itching, skin rash, itching, tormenting-the-counter cough and asthma, fever.

The signals from the decision of the worms in the body of a child

The symptoms and treatment of intestinal worms in children – the basic information that you need to know all the parents, without exception. On the signs, if you notice, the infection manifests itself in a different way. The symptoms depend on the type of worms, they come in with a child, their stages of development. For example, when the pinworm a child complains of a burning sensation in the area of the body, and you constantly dual sim card dual standby here. When ingested, Ascaris signals are visible to a given point in time. When the torque of the parasites in the balls for the young child occurs in small bowel obstruction, clearly is on the decline.


Common signs of infection by worms, also noting the possible. The child may exhibit the following symptoms:

  • the reduction of the weight;
  • the move to pull the food out (it will be reinforced, and then it disappears);
  • nausea, and sometimes vomiting;
  • pain in the abdominal area;
  • itching at the area of the anus;
  • inflammation of the external genital organs;
  • the headaches and dizzy spells;
  • the presence of malarial parasites in children in france;
  • tearfulness, anxiety, irritability, depression are the principal symptoms of worms, intestinal, in children up to one year).

The worms, being in the body of the child to absorb the many nutrients and vitamins are in the organs of the digestive system. The boy is the least of them. Because of this, the child will lose weight, and it could lead to a delay in growth and development.

Parasites, getting into the internal organs, and causing mechanical damage to the tissue. The Motor function of the intestine, it is broken. Because of this, the child is experiencing diarrhea and then constipation. Also, due to the not-for-disturbed balance of microbiota. This leads to the development of dysbiosis and the emergence of the symptoms of the disease.

The manifestations of the infection are related, and urinary incontinence, and the increase of allergic diseases, an increase in the frequency of colds, diseases of the gnashing of the teeth during sleep. All of the above symptoms may not occur at the same time. Many times, the children will manifest after a certain signal.

Of the medication and the treatment of popular

The pain

What and how do I treat worms in children, is a pressing issue for today's parents. The treatment of helminths in no event can take place without the doctor's recommendation, because it depends on the causative agent. The parents in the treatment of their children, they should understand that:

  • assigned to them by experts, media, insurance, and if you are honored with the right dosage, the drug has a negative effect on the young person as a whole;
  • prescribed dose may be different from those set out in the instruction manual provided with the product;
  • a good effect is to give a broad antihelminthic courses of treatment is a combination of several drugs that do not accept interrupts).

Treatment for child's drug use can also be made up of the following stages:

  1. The front desk antihelminthic tools.
  2. The use of within 5 working days of enterosorbents – means, leading to the excretion of drugs and toxins.
  3. The reception of the enzyme for the drug within two (2) weeks and organic, within a period of 3 weeks.
  4. The use of a supplemental dose of the vitamins and minerals are in complex.

At the beginning of the treatment, the condition of a child, it often makes it worse. After taking the drug, is diarrhea goes up with the temperature of the body, pain in the region of the stomach, they will appear unpleasant feeling in the oral cavity. Similar reactions in the body are not a sign that the child is not suitable for the prescribed by a doctor of medicine. Symptoms show in most of the cases, and the fact that the expert, reasonable price, courteous and really to a great extent, affects the parasites.

About the symptoms, treatment and the popular tools of intestinal worms in children, they think a lot of parents. Very good, the action is squeezed out the juice from the carrots. It is recommended to give the child daily, before breakfast, for 2 to 3 weeks. If the child is in the story, there has been a violation of the work of the organs of the digestive system, while the intake of fresh juices you have to give it up.

A very common method to combat worms is to use pumpkin seeds. It is recommended to give the child the journal of 100-300 g. it should be emphasized that the seeds act, all of the parasites. It is a folk remedy can be effective only when there is in the body of the child, the representatives of the flat worms.

The child

The parents, who do not know how to do that is to treat worms in children, it is worthwhile to try the soup-of-production. To do this, it is necessary for you to take a small amount of the dried flower of medicinal plants, pour in the boiling water, and a little insist on it. After that, it can be diluted with water so that he was almost translucent. On the day it is recommended to drink about 1 liter of broth of a camomile.

The number of well-known remedies for worms, including the oil from the hemp plant. The experts recommend that you take 2 times a day, for a 1% change in l. there is no need to drink, the tool. You could just eat a piece of bread and dabbed the oil from the hemp plant.

Additional measures for the control of pests

In the treatment of intestinal worms in the children's backgrounds and the drug can be infinite, as, in some cases, after ingestion of the drug, and the recovery will not happen to the self-an infection. The reason for this is the compliance with the hygienic requirements. So to take for the parents to, first of all, briefly, to cut the child fingernails.

Before going to bed, the child will need to wear thick cock. This makes it possible to prevent the contamination of bed of the eggs of helminths. After waking up to my need to be replaced immediately, along with your linens, wash them thoroughly, and aboutglto edit, iron and ironing board. Also, at the end of the day, you will need to replace the thick clothes.

In the living room, where you are constantly on itsy's, the need for regular wet cleaning to remove the dust from it with different items. The treatment for the child in the home with the parent every day, it's worth it to take care of the cleanliness of the toys.

The prevention of infestation by vermin

The parasites are in the environment, it is everywhere: on the earth, and the unclean fruits, vegetables, and fruits with unclean objects. However, in spite of the prevalence of the worms, their penetration in the body and can be avoided at all costs. The parents should necessarily have to tell your babies about the importance of prevention.

The main measures to prevent infection include the following:

  • wash your hands before eating and after going to the toilet;
  • a thorough washing of berries, fruits, nuts and vegetables first with water and then with hot water);
  • the banning of the play of children, with street vendors, animals;
  • The prevention of infestation by vermin
  • the ban is taken into the mouth, fingers, pencils, color pencils, and pens;
  • the preparation of meat and fish for 40 to 60 minutes (no less), and
  • regularly washing your ass before you sleep and after you wake up.

Also, for the prevention of maggots in a child's parents is worth a ban you need to boil the water with the water from the tap, from wells and springs. It is not possible to provide for the entrance of the ice in the winter, biting your nails, pencils, and fountain pens.

Another very important preventive measure, the receipt of certain aboutтивоglistih of medicinal drugs, in order to prevent contamination. The world health organization advises that parents give to their babies to less than 1.5 at 7 years of age for the prevention of medication twice a year (fall and spring). Thanks to them, you can prevent the infection.

Therefore, the symptoms and treatment for the child, it is very relevant to the topic. Of the parasites, and you need as quickly as possible to get rid of, because they can absorb the nutrients, and what we might be able to use the scraps. The sooner you get rid of the worms, the faster you "normalize" the status of the child, and to participate in the unpleasant symptoms.