Worms in children, the symptoms. Signs of intestinal worms in children. The prevention of intestinal worms in children

More than 80% of the world's population is a carrier of the parasites, in particular worms. Helminthiasis (as they are called in the diseases related to the presence of a human is a very unpleasant phenomenon, and the serious consequences it could have for the kids. This is why, in today's article we will see how to show the worms in children, symptoms of an infection, and also, ways to get rid of the parasites, which do not allow the children to have a healthy lifestyle and grow and develop normally.


What are helminthes

The scientists point out, " the more than 12,000 species of worms that live inside the body of the animal. And the man is the "master" of the roughly 200 types. Generally, the helminths parasitic in the intestine, but which can be people, and the other authorities are: the muscles, the heart, the liver, and the kidneys and even the brain, eyes, and circulatory system of human. They will feed off of your cloth, the juice, the blood and absorb nutrients in the intestines when you do that, especially if the anti-enzymes to protect itself from your digestion. All of this disrupts the digestive process and can cause toxic-allergic reactions, costs, and thereafter, urticaria, atopic dermatitis and bronchial asthma.

If there are any barriers, to protect against, intestinal worms in humans?

No, you do not each end-to-end, ensnared in, for example, a person in its mouth, it receives a "permanent residence" in your body. In the oral cavity, and the parasite may die from the action of special enzymes contained in your saliva. And to break through this barrier, you will encounter the aggressive environment of the stomach. And if it does not become an obstacle, so that the human body comes to the aid of the local immunity in the gut (with the help of the antibodies that are produced by the alien, the antigens are capable of destroying even the most brave of them). But, if the body is relaxed, especially as a result of a serious illness or long-term drug therapy, all of these barriers have become permeable, and non-guests, even if you fall on the intestines, or other organs, where they develop until the individuals are sexually mature, effectively forcing the owners to urgently find a remedy for worms, for both children and adults.

By the way, are particularly prone to the parasite in children. This is due to the fact that the protective barriers in the body of the child is not yet fully formed, and the degree of acidity of the stomach, it is less than that of the adult, and, at the same itsy, learn about the world around you, you try everything that is of interest to you, "to the tooth". It is for this reason that the children are more and more adults are exposed to worm infestation, and then will become the source of infection to adult members of the family.


As the infection

Adult worms, as well as intestinal worms in children (symptoms of the disease, which will be discussed in the following) transmitted by the oral-fecal, by.

  • Most often, through the soil, the excreta is, in the case of non-compliance with the basic standards of hygiene (washing your hands, the dirt under their finger nails, eat well-roasted, or baked meat, fish or unwashed vegetables and fruits).
  • Flies and other insects also play an important role in the contamination of the worms: they move the legs and eggs of the worms in the food.
  • The accidental ingestion of water to swim in open water also increases the risk of a worm intrusion.
  • And you have been infected with worms, in animals or in people - that is the source of the disease.

By the way, you should know that it is very common in children, helminthiasis may occur again, and if the living rooms are separated, with the feces the eggs of worms are falling down on the food of the child, the mandatory washing of hands, visiting the toilet).

Worms in children are aware of the prevalence of the disease is often not perceived by parents as a serious matter. At the same helminthiasis, as a rule, have weak, is expressed in the clinical picture. But the adult must keep in mind that the parasites over time, leading to the overall depletion of the body in childhood, the urge to give in to the development of allergic diseases, can lead to a delay in growth, mental retardation, and mental development, and, in addition, they are often the cause of serious injury to the internal organs of the child. So, helmintíases takes a long time to diagnose and treat!

Worms in children-symptoms

The signs of the presence of worms in the bowel of the child becomes pale, dark circles under the eyes, a violation of appetite, increased salivation, nausea, vomiting, disturbances in the functioning of the bowel, shall accompany the diarrhea, the constipation, wandering, pain in the stomach, general weakness, nausea, dizziness, and sleep disturbance. Signs of intestinal worms in children from a very young age, and increased crying, irritability, and loss of appetite. And for the kids, and the older child worried about itching around the anal opening (if the child is infected by the worms, and the surface of the skin around the anus and between the buttock cheeks. In france children are infected by the times, it is a small motile parasites.


Pinworms - the most common type of intestinal worms in children

The roundworm and pinworms in children are likely to be the among the most common parasites. Pinworms - the worms, the microbes in the large intestine, and only a half an inch in length, and is capable of causing serious disease - Enterobius vermicularis. As only the microscopic eggs of the worms are falling down in your baby's mouth, and from there to the intestines, and they start carrying it out, and after a couple of weeks ago, the female worm is ready to wait for new eggs. It takes place in the evening, as a young boy, from under the blanket and just relax. Then, the parasites are selected from the outside through the anus and lay around the egg, resulting in a strong itch. During sleep, the child scratches, the eggs will fall out from under her marigolds, and then, as you have noted, the bed-clothes, furniture, toys, and clothes, and a lot of times, in the mouth, which can cause a re-infestation.

What is the roundworm

Further, a mentioned above, the parasite is a roundworm, round, translucent worm with a length of up to 15 cm in height. They live on the opposite of the worms in the small intestine, does not attach to the wall, and they are constantly moving in a direction opposite to the movement of the food. It is for this reason that it is so difficult to detect, and in france, these worms, in children: - treatment of the worms that pass by and only after confirmation of their availability). Under the microscope the eggs of Ascaris are also found in your stool the day and make it difficult to diagnose. Without treatment, the guinea-worm may be in the body of a child for a few years, seriously affecting their health and, in particular, is causing a strong allergic reaction.

By the way, the parents need to know that only one out of three is infected with worms in young patients and are manifested in the explicit and the symptoms of its presence. The above have now been listed on the signs of intestinal worms in children, the symptoms of nausea, aversion to food (especially if you wake up in the morning, and often, the appetite of the child is enhanced, but he is not gaining weight and is weakened. The children's who are suffering from helmintíaseom, often find it difficult to fall asleep, too much sleep worrying if I shall begin, "the ranger" of the teeth, and a lot of times you wake up during the night.

So, if it's simple to detect the eggs of the worms in the stool of a child?

The doctors claim that it confirms the infection of the child by the worms, it is very difficult for you. For this reason it is not sufficient to turn on a six-month examination of the egg-end-to-end (to be honest, this is the only study that, in principle, it didn't make much sense)! In order to detect parasites, and to the search you want while it is still hot lime, and that it will be running for three days, or about seven times that in a month's time. In addition to the specified in the analysis command to request to the doctors that the baby was infected with the worms, and the hemoglobin below normal, an increase in the ESR, as well as a high number of eosinophils in the blood. And the eggs from the worms are seen it helps to detect, just a scrape on the Enterobius vermicularis, as soon as they are placed only in the folds of the skin near the anus, and in the cal, almost did not fall.

The characteristics of the current helminths in the children of

Scumbags know all too well if you hide it!

Yes, it is difficult to detect the worms in children. The symptoms of the presence of these parasites are similar to the symptoms of other diseases as well. For example, in the high state, if the worm infestation is much similar with the a person becomes infected with the virus, and the boy's loose hair, a temper, and so on, so forth (all of the symptoms you've listed above), in addition to this, a child is allowed to rise to room temperature, and begin to cough. And acute abdominal pain are also forced to consider a lot of other diseases as well. All of this means that the worm will continue its dangerous to get into a child's body for a long time, but doctors sometimes, have difficulty in establishing the diagnosis.

How to detect the worms?

If you are a parent that is attentive and you suspect worms in your baby or older child, don't draw hasty conclusions based on only one or two of the symptoms. The important thing is that you should be alert of it, what is needed is a drastic change in appetite (or your child doesn't want to have nothing, so jump into all that is available). If they get together constant problems with a chair (constipation is replaced by diarrhea, and pain in the region of the navel, " I was wrong, you can see the child in the presence of the worms.

  • Invite the children to lie down on your back.
  • Fold up the legs on his lap.
  • Part of the relaxation of the muscles of the stomach.
  • Be careful with a gentle massage on the tummy (but don't forget that your hands should not be cold).

If the child has worms, then the child is going to feel uncomfortable. It's possible that you'll find a place where they are accumulated in a larger quantity. Itching around the anus. it is also important, and often the main one) is a sign that it's time for you to make the management of a child from intestinal worms.

Worms in children: treatment

Medical therapies when helmintíaseax depends on the severity of the infection, the localization of the parasite, the duration of the disease, and is caused by it, complications. And it is not always the treatment must be carried out with the aid of chemicals, which often are highly toxic. The treatment takes place in several stages:

  • your body is gearing up to develop a worm with the help of vegetable oil to the carving of the pumpkin, or flax seed), as well as medication;
  • apply a de-worming means that it is used as a standard for doctors is gentle and effective herbal preparations);
  • to restore the function of the organs of the digestive system, liver, kidneys, and lungs, and boosts immunity.

How to increase the effectiveness of the treatment of children above the age of helmintíasea

Ascariasis, which is caused by Enterobius vermicularis, which causes pinworms in the kids (and the symptoms of the presence of these parasites, we have examined the above), and as a general rule, lend themselves well to the treatment. But, after a course of disposal of the child of one of these illnesses, you may not have to be absolutely sure that the house is more of helminthes. The microscopy of the eggs are easily shipped to the dust, from furniture, toys, furniture, and carpets-in short, of the whole of the room. It means to treat helmintíasea simultaneously to all of the members of the family. It is necessary to develop a hard-disinfection of premises, cleaning of carpets and furniture, as well as doing the washing at a high temperature.

Medication for worm infestations

There is a wide range of medicinal products for the treatment of helmintíasea. The handling of these means, as a rule, is performed in cycles, with a two-week time frame to get rid of the little patient, the parasite, and in the case of re-infection. But then again, how exactly does the healing, and what are the medicines for which it will be used, it should remain only in the competence of the doctor.

What are the different types of treatment that are applicable to the helmintíasea

The Extra-territorial tactics in the fight against worms depends on the type and location of the target in the parasite. As an effective remedy against the worms in children if:

  • in the chemotherapy.
  • products, products;
  • herbal medicine make sure;
  • therapy from abroad.

And the most common one of the people on how to deal with the "freeloaders" are related to raw pumpkin seeds, carrot juice, juice-from the sauerkraut to the cabbage, the garlic and the juice of the flowers of tansy. If your child is infected with worms, you help, and watch, cmocena in vegetable oil. Its provided by the child on the ass as he left empty for over 40 days. But all that is listed above, you will win only in the case of the exact definition of the type of strategy, as well as the severity of the disease caused by them. It is not to be treated independently! Please contact a specialist!


What is the cure of the child of the helmintíasea

All-natural for parents to try to find the "magic" of the tool, that is, in a very short space of time and without any effects, to help you solve the problem with all the parasites. But here, it is important to remember that the sleep pill for children or adults, can take only your doctor. In addition to about medicines, your doctor will prescribe other medicines to help restore the immune system of the child, and to clean up the consequences of the stay of the parasites in the body.

How can I prevent the re-infestation of worms

We have already discussed how to detect the worms in children, than to deal with that nasty disease, and right now you should stop, and how to prevent an infestation of worms. For this reason, there are a number prescribed by regulations hygienic, the exact implementation of what you will be able to assist in caring for the parents as much as to protect your child from unwanted visitors.

  • Not necessarily, wash your hands with soap and water, and from the street, or in the bathroom!
  • Marigolds in the hands of the child is required to be clean.
  • After emptying, wash the children of the people. Don't forget to grease in the petroleum jelly or oils from sunflower seeds.
  • The population, in which the child spent the night, and his bedclothes in the morning, wipe the hot iron on the two sides. The same as you do, in the evening, with the linen in which the child was to-day.
  • Bed linen, you can go out in the sun or in winter cold, in order to destroy the eggs of the worms.
  • Every day, wash a toy for the child.
  • On the inside, where the child will encounter each and every day, take a damp cloth to clean.
  • Don't let your child eat fruits and vegetables, if they are not washed away, and pulling his mouth with his hands.

The prevention of intestinal worms in children, it is not only for them but also for the adults as well. After all, you, probably, have you ever noticed that everyone in the family can't be the only one sick of helmintíaseom. So, to all of the amenities and treatments of a cure, it should be a law for each and every member of the family. God bless you!