How to get rid of the worms with the help of remedies?

Diseases caused by parasitic worms (worms) are called helminthiasis. They cause serious disorders in the intestine, the liver, the children lag behind the physical and mental development. Such parasites is very large, and they fall in a person's body in different ways.

To avoid infection, follow the following tips.

More often than eggs of worms enter the digestive system through water, dirty hands and eating contaminated food. For example, the fat or poorly cooked kabobs can cause trichinellosis, as parasites, as the tapeworm wide and feline flounder, typically "reside" in a bad veal or bad salted fish. The eggs of some species of worms (for example, the roundworm) can be transferred by flies. Then, follow the rules of personal hygiene and cleaning for the kitchen.

You can also become infected from pets. The wool of domestic animals is a carrier of the eggs of parasites: Cryptosporidium, toxocariasis, Ascaris and worms. The eggs fall into the furniture, clothes, toys. Do not allow children to hand-feeding the dogs and cats. And regularly a pet courses of deworming.


And now list the most common symptoms of the presence in a human body of parasitic worms: itching in the anal region, periodic cramps and abdominal pain, nausea, diarrhea, constipation, skin diseases, allergic reactions, decreased appetite, the problem with the weight (as a great and a small weight). If you or your children have appeared symptoms, see your doctor and make the stool for analysis.

Worms in the process of their life, they release toxic substances that are the strongest of allergens to human beings. Prolonged stay of parasites in the body of developing many chronic diseases, suffers from the immune system. Worms constantly absorb nutrients, which leads to polyavitaminosis.

For the release of the no-purposes, the following home remedies.

To get rid of Ascaris, take 30 g of seeds from pumpkin, clean it well, for it remained untouched green inner bark, and rub well. Then, add 2 tablespoons of honey and 70 ml of water, shake very well. This mixture should be taken on an empty stomach lying on the bed, each time a spoon, 3 hours and drink a laxative, and even after an hour of putting the enema. There is normal food, can, after arrival, cleaning of the colon after laxative and enemas. As a prevention of no-purpose needs of fasting every morning to eat a handful of refined up to the green film of pumpkin seeds.


You have to mix equal parts of ground wormwood, tansy, and clove. During the month daily, in the morning fasting take one teaspoon of this blend dry, washed down with water, because it is bitter.

The juice of celandine of Giardia: 1 teaspoon of herbs celandine, a great pour a glass of boiling water, cover the lid on pan and heat 15 minutes in the water bath. After cool, drain, squeeze and complemented with the previous volume of boiled water. This broth of the examination within a period of 3 days, 70 ml, three times a day for 15 minutes before a meal. And the most important in the treatment of giardiasis — do not eat sweets and food to acidify.

In Oriental medicine for to get rid of the parasites that use such folk remedies, such as ginger. Rubbed on a grater whole fresh root ginger, pour 500 ml of vodka and insist 15 days in a warm place. Take an infusion within a period of 14 days, and 1 teaspoon half an hour before meal, three times a day. During the course you should do an enema to wash out the intestinal worms.

Remedies for the release of the worms so much that the whole article is not enough. Here proposed, the most simple and effective recipes. We hope that they help clean the body of worms, and, in the future, you should take all the necessary measures to prevent your body of parasites.