How to get rid of worms in house

Helminthiasis is a disease that occurs in the body of a person (or animal) resulting from infestation of worms. There is a plethora of species – more than 250, and, starting the parasite in the body, that can cause other diseases, purulent processes, suppression of the immune system). In addition to colonization of the intestine worms can be found in muscles, brain, eyes. The disease responds well to treatment, you can even get rid of intestinal worms in the house, if you use proven techniques to.

worms in the body

Infection: the symptoms and the types of worms

Be infected by worms can be in various ways. The most common form is considered to be oral:

  • through the hands, pet hair;
  • through badly treated in a thermal way of food (meat, fish).

Less common:

  • sexual;
  • the drip;
  • through the blood.

In the human body, which was infected by worms begin to occur changes in characteristics due to the toxins of helminths. The disease can manifest more of the following symptoms:

  • gastrointestinal disturbances (abdominal pain, distension, irregular chair);
  • eruption on the skin, itching;
  • inflammatory processes in the joints;
  • rapid fatigue due to a decrease in the level of hemoglobin;
  • anxiety or depressed condition, disturbances of sleep, gnashing of the teeth during the night;
  • the reaction to allergens.

Elimination of worms from the body – the process is slow. The patient must have patience and tune in to a positive outcome.

But the treatment popular tools, you can get only after you have defined with precision the species accessory of helminths.

In the first place, to remove the worms of a man in the house, you have to set your location, as well as all of the parasites are divided into intestinal and extraintestinal. Do this with the help of ultra-sound, endoscopy or computed tomography. In the second place, it is necessary to identify its type:

  • Tape;
  • Round;
  • The worms.

To do this, perform an analysis of the feces, eggs, urine and, if necessary, the muscle tissue, the bile.
There are many methods of how to write non-commercial home. They are tested all the time and the correct use of give a positive result.

What are the consequences if worms are not treated?

The majority of the worms have a negative effect on the human body. For example, some of the more common worms — roundworm — are able to migrate to the inside of a person's body, damaging tissues and organs, causing chronic diseases, gastrointestinal, lung, liver and heart. Make a list of these parasites is not so easy, but it is necessary. Other helminths, trichuris, perforating, cling to the wall of the bowel and poison the body with their life products.

The most common are worms in the middle lane is pinworms, causing a disease called enterobiasis. They do not live so long, as the roundworm, only a month, but that is very easy to be infected: from any surface touched by an infected. These helminths generally do not cause serious consequences, so it is enough, sometimes, to carry out preventive measures, such as, the reception of anthelmintic drugs, and the enforcement of rules of personal hygiene.

folk remedies worms

Infusions and decoctions


Dried and chopped peel of pomegranate in the amount of 5 g (1 h. l.) pour in water (0.5 liters). Put on fire and evaporate up to 250 gr. Received the broth must strain and drink on an empty stomach. After a few hours you can take two tablespoons of castor oil or a laxative tool.


For the broth you will need only immature nuts (green). 50 to 60 g nuts, chopped pour a glass of very heated vegetable oil. Leave for half an hour, then drain. The broth should be done during a day, along with the selection and laxative.


Finely chopped leaves of artemisia bitter in quantities of 1 h. l. need to pour hot water (litre). Let stand, then cool it and drain it. Decoction take three times a day for half an hour of meal 2 tbsp. The tool works very well for the removal of worms.


Tansy usually the fermentation together with the bark of buckthorn lby omka, the same quantity by mixing them. Two tablespoons of grinding, rip.lhere tansy and buckthorn pour a glass of boiling water. After half an hour, cool and filter paper. Take the broth (1 cup) two times a day – morning and evening.