Worms in children: photo

Several helminthiasis often called some of the most common diseases in young children. The main problem with the diagnosis – no evidence of symptoms that are often attributed to a variety of eating disorders. In addition, few parents know how worms can look and be. Photo intestinal worms in children, description of symptoms and signs of infection can help identify the disease in its initial stage and quickly start the treatment.

Worms in children

The children are at risk of infection with multiple types of parasites for a number of reasons. The disease always begins with the acute phase, which begins after some time after infection and lasts from a few days to several weeks, depending on the type of parasite. Then, she gradually becomes chronic, with periodic aggravations, dependent on the life cycle of the worms.

It is worth noting that, without the treatment of parasitic diseases can be extremely dangerous to humans, especially to small children. They cause the development of other diseases due to infestations, much less immunity, some worms, with migration through the body will damage the internal organs. Many times, parasites are discovering exactly with the beginning of the treatment of the disease of complications, when the time is unable to reveal his true reason.

What are the helminths are the children

In children more commonly found roundworms – pinworms cause enterobiasis, and roundworm, cause ascariasis. Both variations refer to the nematode, round worm. Other types of intestinal worms in children are much less common.

Pinworms are small worms, rarely reaching more than one inch long, white-yellow. Live in the small intestine and the intestine blind person, the complete life cycle takes a few weeks. At the end, the females lay their eggs, after which the cycle begins again.

The roundworm greater ancilostomídeos white: they can reach forty inches in length. Parasitic in the small intestine, may rarely enter other organs of the gastrointestinal tract. The roundworm and can do more damage than the pinworms.


How are worms in the stool of the child

Many times parents are interested, it is possible to detect worms in the stool of the child. In fact, only some species of parasites will actually be visible. The most common helminths, pinworms are usually very small, therefore, to note that worms and products of its life is extremely difficult.

Ascaris because of their size find out much more easy. It is also worth noting that many times the parasites are going to blood clots in some individuals. In any case, the detection of foreign material inclusions in calais should contact your doctor. There is a great probability that this is one of the species of parasites.

Important! When there is a suspicion of parasitic disease, it is necessary to use the gastroenterologist.


Rincipal reason for the infection by a worm – dirty hands or food products, lack of personal hygiene. Children who make a lot of time on the street, playing in the sand box and outdoor, each time more patients parasitic diseases.

Worms-ancilostomídeos often fall in the body is not well washed fresh fruits and vegetables. It is not sufficient to the treaty on the heat to cook the meat or fish can be even more dangerous: the flesh, often present much more, and more dangerous and heavy in the treatment of parasites.

High probability of becoming infected is also present in children, conducting a lot of time in a large group, school or kindergarten, if the house live any animal, someone's family that has recently had parasites to the disease.

However, only the infection is not enough, to the disease itself if developed. The probability that the parasites showed above, if the immunity of a person reduced due to another disease or for another reason.

Thus, the children are in the risk group, and get sick more often than adults. Children often do not respect the rules of hygiene, constantly in contact with other children in schools and day care centers. The immunity of the child is not as resistant as that of an adult and a person, he is in the process of training. Therefore, for children are so important rules of prevention of parasitic diseases and analysis of the no-purposes, at least once per year.

The roundworm

The symptoms

How are worms in children, and its manifestations? Many times, it is extremely difficult to determine the presence of a disease exclusively by symptoms, as well as they can talk about various diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. It happens that the cause of the evil to be seeking over the years, and worms are detected almost by accident.

The main manifestations of parasitic diseases in the acute form include the following signs:

  1. Digestive disorders, the appearance of nausea, rarely vomiting. Often have abdominal distention, constipation or, vice-versa, diarrhea. In some cases, increases the temperature 37 – 38 degrees, appear the symptoms of poisoning.
  2. Allergic reactions on the skin. When worms are most often present in small eruptions on the shoulders, the neck, the face, they can spread throughout the body. The appearance of the rash may be accompanied by itching.
  3. Headaches, dizziness, chills, symptoms of common diseases.

Sharp the symptoms disappear after a few weeks, and then the disease becomes chronic. Occurs chronic fatigue syndrome, the child begins a little more tired, arise digestive disorders. Allergic reactions remain, however, they lose intensity. The child begins to hurt more colds will.

Worms you have to breastfeed your baby, are more active than in older children. Among infants temperature during the acute phase, almost always present, they become nervous, constantly vanity, many weep. Allergic quite pronounced.

The worms there is still a differential itching in the anal region, usually during the night. This symptom is related to the fact that parasitic eggs: they do this in the skin, leaving directly from the intestine.

Important! If all of the symptoms of parasitic infestation weakened, this does not mean that the parasites are gone. Such diseases do not go by yourself.


What to do

When the detection of parasites in the stool or, in the case of suspected because of the symptoms, you should consult a pediatrician or directly to the gastroenterologist. After the consultation, the doctor should send a series of analyses: it is made the general examination of blood, faeces, is held the scraping on enterobiasis. Check recommend-if you perform several times in a row for a more accurate result.

Then, if the detected worms, begins the treatment. How to treat the disease parasite? Typically, the therapy is carried out in a comprehensive way, it is important to get rid of worms, cure complications, if they are having, get rid of the main symptoms of allergy.

When the defeat ascaride or pinworm is allowed the treatment at home. Hospitalization is required when extensive injuries infectious and, in the case of particularly hazardous for the health of pests.

Of that treat of their own invasion? There are several different tools on tablets are acceptable for use in children. Usually, it is required a technique of medications, and then through a couple of weeks do the analysis. If the worms are still present, the intake of medicines repeated.

Important! Medicines against intestinal worms can be very toxic, therefore, you should not take them on their own, without the prescription of a doctor.

In addition to the remedies against parasites can be applied, anti-histamines to relieve the symptoms of allergy, vitamin complexes to enhance immunity, a variety of tools that enhance the experience of the gastrointestinal tract.

The treatment folk means

With the help of remedies it is possible to get rid of pests, however, you can speed up the process of treatment and increase the immunity. There are some recipes that are extremely useful when worms.

  1. Pumpkin seeds. Pumpkin seeds have a negative impact on the no-purposes, and promote their output, while simultaneously improving digestion. A few hours before breakfast with an empty stomach need to eat a small handful of seeds, you must do it every day until complete healing.
  2. Garlic. The presence of parasites harmful work the essential oils of garlic, so they are advised to eat when worm invasions. Enough before breakfast to eat several teeth, to eat the bread black, to notice a positive effect.

The best effect you can achieve, through a combination of folk remedies and medicines. It is also important to abide by all rules of personal hygiene, otherwise the disease returns. In general, when the pinworm and ascaride forecast favorable: when a correct treatment of these worms disappear quickly.