Prevention of parasites

Parasitic diseases are very common among the people. At least once in every person's life, if faced with one way or another type of parasites. According to the World health organization, in the world, an intrusion that has already reached more than 4.5 billion. people, and each year this number increases to 100 million. Dealing with them is difficult, and here getting parasites is not easy.


Resort to the roots of the word "parasite", which in Greek means "parasite" or "freeloader", that fully reflects the essence of these bodies.

The damage that the parasites are capable of causing its owner, varies greatly:

  • Mechanical damage of organs (for example, the intestine or the ducts the gland).
  • Obstruction of lymphatic vessels.
  • Embolism of blood vessels, with consequent to this clearance, the formation of bleeding.
  • Embolism life-supporting arteries by the parasites or larvae, which can lead to even the death of a man.
  • Eat pest tissues of the host (for example, mucous cells of the man feeds the excitation amoebic dysentery).
  • Violation of the normal function of the body, with failures in the system of digestion and rates of processes, with the deficiency of various vitamins and minerals, and t. d.
  • Parasites poison the human body, contributing to the development of toxic-allergic reactions.

This is not a complete list, what kind of damage pests are able to cause the body of your master. It will vary depending on the type of infectious agent, from this, how long ago occurred the infection, the number of parasites, of aggression, of invasion, of the form of reproduction, and t. d.

Parasites, which are capable of harming the human organism, there is a huge variety. The most known of them are worms, which are predominantly inhabit the gut.

However, there are other types of malware parasites of beings that are able to significantly reduce the quality of life of the individual, among them:

  • Worms (pinworms, roundworm, the genus meloidogyne, the rat tapeworm and PR.).
  • Protozoan parasites (intestinal trichomonas, Giardia, chlamydia, tToxoplasma, amoeba, causing depriving and PR.).
  • Ectoparasites, which are the head lice (headache, pubic, PLAtyanaya), bed bugs, CESOtfull-time tick tick kind of "demodekc", the larvae of pork.
  • Other parasites: larvae of gadfly, parasites of the group entomosis, the larvae of sand flea PR.

They all cause a variety of disorders in the human organism, so it is important not to leave - ParisitArnage of infection.

Prevention of parasites
  • Through the digestive tract. More often than those with larvae of parasites end up poorly washed vegetables, fruits, not heat-treated meat or fish, and t. d. Dangerous non-compliance with sanitation-the rules of the workers of the restoration, among the sellers and among the population itself. Often, the source of infection are animals. It was found that in 1 g of feces of cats, it can include up to 20 million. tonкwithonPLAзм and 1 bread street tents will be, simultaneously, several species of helminths.
  • Through the respiratory tract, following inhalation of eggs or a cyst of the parasite.
  • Through the general characteristics and the mucous membranes. For example, the larvae of Schistosoma penetrate through the skin of the man, when bathing in natural pools of fresh water.
  • Through insect bites (mosquitoes, flies, ovods and PR.).
  • From one man to another contact plyfit-domestic, through, for example, whether it is CESOtke, ENtarabize, intestinal tonкwithonPLAзмonзе and PR.
  • VNUtRiotdetailed through the mother to the baby during pregnancy.

Some parasitic diseases occur with the brilliant SIMPtOhmtIR, and some do not manifest themselves. Many times people for a long time without success, being treated for allergy, and she goes after a course of antigelmanttion of drugs. This is why it is very important to observe the prevention measures to avoid the disease.

Measures of prevention of parasitic infestation

Prevention of parasites is the observance of a complex of activities aimed at preventing its penetration into the body. It is possible that some of the recommendations, such as, for example, the washing of the hands, may seem trite. However, it is the non-compliance of the rules of personal hygiene often leads to the development of a disease parasitic.

The food processing and water:

  • For the disinfection of fruit, vegetables, vegetables of worms it is necessary to pre-soaking in water for a period of 20 to 30 minutes, with the consequent PRonмывanием of products under a jet of running water for 5 minutes.
  • All vegetation should be carefully cleaned from the ground, pulled on the leaves, feathers and withteblem. Can be washed with green soap solution followed by rinsing with water.
  • As for the fruit, with the construction irregular (strawberries, raspberries, strawberries), your should be washed in withondovoм solution 1.0% of the-oh concentration, and then onпonлаwithкиваtü clean water.
  • An additional method of disinfection of vegetables is your treatment is weak, with a solution of iodine (0.2 percent).
  • For cleaning and disinfection of drinking water from parasites in the water-filters in the stations there are special units. It is assumed that, in the house, the water should flow clean. However, if there are doubts as to its quality, the safest method of water treatment is boiling.
  • Meticulous thermal treatment of meat and fish. Thus, parts of the carcass krupnogotwow the cattle or the pig of mascara should be divided into small pieces, of a thickness not exceeding 8 cm and PRsариваtü over 2.5-3 hours. The fish should prepare at least 20 minutes, in the case of shredded tears, and not least 30 to 40 minutes, if the fish is manufactured in an integral way.
  • To rid the fish of the larvae lentецs (some varieties of fish contaminated by them in 80-100% of cases), it may well be freezing at a temperature of not lower than -12 degrees. To the river fish (ruff, pike, ling, perch, and t. d.) time of freezing is not less than 72 hours. For salmon, grayling, Cisco, char, the time of freezing must be at least 60 hours. For obszarzetü ketu, timena and other large marine fish, their need for support with a temperature of -15 degrees for at least 50 hours.
  • For the destruction of larvae of opisthorchid and other tpematod the fish needs to withstand temperatures of minus 28 degrees, at a minimum, 32 hours. Helps in combating some pests salting fish. The same happens with caviar.
  • The purchase of any type of food should be held in places of assignment of the trade. Only there, the sellers that have all the quality certificates (it is obliged to provide them upon request of the buyer), and only in this way, it is possible to reduce the risks of acquiring infected products.
  • Should not be consumed in raw foods, dairy products, as well as may contain dangerous parasites and bacteria.
  • You can't drink the water from the public sources. It is highly undesirable to consume drinks sold on the street, in the traffic jam.
The prevention of the transmission of parasites from pets

Compliance with the rules of personal hygiene:

  • It is important from childhood to teach children to wash their hands after the ride, after using the restroom, after contact with animals, before each meal. Of course, about the washing of hands must not be forgotten and adults.
  • If the possibility of washing the hands after visiting public places is missing, so you can take advantage of special anti-septic and anti-bacterial gels and provided. They allow you to eliminate parasites on your hands, with a probability of 98% to 100%. However, it should not be a lot to engage with these mediums and apply them, many times, not to compromise the own microbiota.
  • It is important to comply with cleanliness in a home, conduct daily wet cleaning with floor scrubbing and the removal of pets, household objects of an accumulation of dust. Is good for treating carpets and upholstery do not use broom and vacuum cleaner.
  • All the toys of the child should be kept clean. So, soft toys are processed using a vacuum cleaner or erased in the washing machine at high temperatures. Other toys, made of wood, plastic, metal, rubber, and t. d., it should PRthe outlets forwardtüwithя in the pelvis with a soap solution. Procedure of objects with which it interacts to the child, it is necessary to perform, at least once every 30 days.
  • Should ontteachingtü children of the bad habit of biting nails, licking fingers, take to the mouth of any foreign objects. The statistics indicate that the habit of nail-biting is present in 25% of men and 45% of the adolescents. Therefore, this issue is urgent, not only for the children.
  • Nails in the hands, the kids need to cut it short, so that they do not accumulated dirt. Women with manicure needs at least closely monitor the purity of your nails.
  • Baby underwear it is strongly recommend you pass, it doesn't matter if - Parisitарнonе an infection, or not.

The prevention of the transmission of parasites from pets to man:

  • All animals must pass by grace, deworm special drugs. They can be purchased in pharmacies and veterinary shops. The course must be repeated 1 time every 3 months.
  • It is important not to let the animal in bed, on the table, in the location in which is stored the kitchen and food.
  • After the house cleaning of the toilet the animal (which should always be kept clean), you should wash your hands thoroughly with the use of soap.
  • A bowl of pet should be strictly designated for this purpose place. The important thing is to observe the purity of the dishes, from which eats the animal.
Compliance with the rules of personal hygiene

General recommendations:

  • The house should not be of insects (flies, mosquitoes, bedbugs, and t. d.), as well as they are often carriers of parasites. The nature should be possible to use repellent.
  • In time of vacation need to bathe exclusively reserved for that purpose local. Especially is this rule important for tropical countries.
  • Desirable walking barefoot on the beach, not worth going to bed in the sand or in the earth, without the use of burlap.
  • Should not contact with street vendors, animals, as this can lead to infection.
  • It is not possible to contact with people who have symptoms of an infection (for example, scabies).
  • Should not be used for personal hygiene wrong personal.
  • It is important to maintain the normal immune system, for it is she who is responsible for the human health in general.

Although the prevention of parasites, and includes an impressive list of recommendations, almost all of them are known to every man, since childhood. Perform them is not difficult, much more difficult it will be to get rid of parasites in the body, if the infection will still happen.