What are the folk remedies of the worms are applied in adults

Home remedies against the adult worms, it is recommended to take prevention purposes. Infestations of pests sometimes carry serious consequences, accompanied by the defeat of the internal organs. Lack of treatment can lead to even fatal. It is necessary to remember that the worms are easier to prevent than after you practice your treatment.


The danger of invasions worm

The statistic takes a terrible number: every year for worms in the whole world is infected with approximately 1 billion people. Despite the advancement of medicine, infectious diseases fair to believe helminthiasis one of the most serious health problems of mankind. Is impressive and the number of deaths from worm infestations: their number is calculated million. The vast majority of the dead it is recorded in developing countries.

When the parasites enter in the body, they violate the integrity and availability:

  • multiply actively;
  • consume the nutrients (at the same time, the person begins to lose weight, as well as the cells and tissues of these substances is not sufficient);
  • due to the lack of nutrients they begin to suffer all the organs and systems of organs;
  • helminths are able to cause a man as serious pathology, such as bronchial asthma, the accumulation of stones in the gall bladder, atopic dermatitis;
  • according to some experts, a worm infestation can increase the risk of the person to insulin according to diabetes;
  • occur serious violations in the functioning of the immune system.

To start the therapy helmintíases must, as soon as possible. Sometimes the parasites can enter the brain, the lungs, the heart, and cause those organs change irreversible. If you experience the problem, it is easier to deal with the worms and not to allow the emergence of serious health complications.

The use of folk medicine

There is a huge amount of medicines against worms. Some have side effects, due to which their use can be limited. But, after all, effective treatment of helminthes, can't wait. The treatment folk means helmintíases is a great alternative for the acquisition of potent chemical drugs.

The lemon and the ginger

The benefits of the herbs against worms, the following:

  • they have almost no side effects, act on the body soft;
  • the grass of the worms contain a large amount of anti-parasitic, components, as well as biologically active components, with pronounced anti-inflammatory and anti-allergenic actions;
  • drugs based on herbs, they restore the normal functioning of liver, kidneys, heart, immune system.

The treatment of the no-purpose people of the means that the adult has another great advantage: the herbs in most are available for virtually every. Patients should not spend a lot of money for the liberation of the helmintíasea. And with the correct application of the people with the remedies for worms the effect comes fast enough.

Treatment of tape worms

These worms respond well to therapy. In the composition of revenue for the people of treatment include pumpkin seeds and male fern. The tools for worms are easy-to-use and are available.

In order to strengthen the effectiveness of the means of worms is shown to combine the use of pumpkin seeds and deep male fern. And seeds, you should consume 2 times.

Some of the recipes for the preparation of drugs for worms:

  1. The oil of pumpkin seeds should take in the quantity, recommended by the doctor, after a meal.
  2. Rub a small amount of pumpkin seed and mix with honey. Should be a homogeneous mass. This medicine should be taken on an empty stomach. After an hour, you should take a laxative (to completely expel parasites).
  3. Dried, the seeds is recommended to grind (preferably with the help of a coffee grinder) and mix of raw material received with the juice of lingon. After an hour, it is necessary to employ a laxative.

Well expel the worms from the bark of the pomegranate, chamomile and fennel. Before taking these tools, you should consult your doctor, to eliminate possible side effects.


Remember that agents enemas are needed in the economy the treatment of intestinal worms. Without them, the expulsion of parasites, it will not be possible.

The expulsion of worms round body

Such parasites, such as hookworm or roundworm, represent a great danger to the human body. If you do not treat them, the body may develop irreversible. Effectively act against parasites by cleaning the base of the onion with vodka or brandy. There are recipes of the worms, allowing to effectively get rid of pests.

After the use of medicines against worms, you must perform a cleansing enema. It is a mandatory condition for the occurrence of a pronounced therapeutic effect. It is very important to remove from the bowels the dead species of helminths. Their decomposition causes the intoxication of the organism of decay.

Mandatory for the exile of these parasites is and the reception of laxative. It allows the viewing of the body the toxic substances, formed as the life of parasites and decay. And use of laxatives should be timely, that is, when the toxins have not yet had the opportunity to get into the bloodstream.

On the day in which the patient is assigned the treatment of worms, it should adhere to a diet. Necessarily need to delete them from the menu of milk, dairy products, fatty foods. The diet should include potatoes, cereals, mashed vegetables, and bread. In order to completely expel the worms from the body, it can take several days. Re-use of cleaning the colon is recommended to do at least 3 days after ingestion of one of the treatment remedies.

Medicinal herbs against helmintíasea

What are the methods of preparation of medicines based on the most common herbs are applied?

  1. Tansy. Has expressed an antiparasitic action, detects activity against Giardia. In the etheric oil of this plant contains biologically active substance thujone. It paralyzes the intestinal worms. It is proven that tansy fatally affects of worms, and Ascaris. The infusion is prepared in such a way to pour the raw material cut up in boiling water and rest for 1 hour. Drink your need for small quantities of about half an hour before a meal.

  2. Wormwood has been used for the treatment of helmintíases. This herb is effective against Ascaris, worms. More is good at dealing with helmintíaseom liquor bitter wormwood in alcohol. Before eating, it is important to consult a doctor, who will select the best dose of medicine.

  3. The use of folk medicine

    Pomegranate as well expelled from the body of the worms. Typically, it applies to crushed, and well dried, the rind of a pomegranate. Its fermentation in the water, to insist, cool and drink some of the techniques every 1.5 hours. All this time, it is forbidden to eat. When will take place 4 hours after the last ingestion of infusion, you should drink a laxative for the complete expulsion of the parasites.

  4. Walnut is considered to be an effective medication against parasites. Make an infusion of pericarp. They contain a large quantity of biologically active components help to restore the normal functioning of all organs and systems of the human body.

  5. An infusion of luke is preparing for it. It is recommended to bring a small onion, peel and slice, then pour in the warm water. Insist, has the whole night. On the morning of composition, you should strain it and drink before ingestion of food.

  6. The mixture of flax seed and cloves (in the ratio of 1:10) to grind (for this, use a coffee grinder) and add a bit of food. You can take in small quantities, washed down with boiled water. Drinking is the 3 days, after making a pause. The duration of therapy — 1 month. The practice shows that the treatment specified through expelled almost all types of intestinal worms.

  7. The mixture of the pulp of the coconut and the milk is used in small quantities before the intake of food during the week. Then, you need to do two weeks of break, and then again to resume taking the medicine.

  8. Tincture of garlic for intestinal worms. This plant, with an aroma and taste for a long time is used for the expulsion of parasites from the body. Properly prepared tincture has excellent antiseptic properties. It pervades the body vitamins and trace elements. To prepare a tincture of garlic boiled in milk for 10 minutes (the fire must be small, otherwise, the mixture can entranhar). After that, the tool infused during 2 hours. This juice applies strictly to dosage (you should contact your doctor, because only he can prescribe the correct dose of the intensive drug). It should be remembered that some patients do not know how to get rid of a non-commercial folk media, therefore, and begin to consume medicines prepared at home, without consulting the doctor. This treatment may cause the body of a man of great damage. If it is to be treated garlic correctly, the "attack" to these vegetable will not give parasites the slightest chance. It is important to take a tincture of garlic during the week.


Before taking any anthelmintic folk remedy, no harm is going to consult a doctor.

As the parasites will exit the body

Patients it is important to know exactly how it will leave the worms during the course of anti-worm therapy. The need to pay more attention to patients who are suffering from worm invasion:

  1. Parasites (live and dead), stand in the external environment with the feces. However, in some cases, they can be detected in the sputum or in the vomit.

  2. Pinworms and roundworm are presented from the bowel the following day, after the beginning of treatment. Tape even the worms can remain in the body after you start taking medicine for worms more a week. No need to interrupt the treatment before the time.

  3. Worms in the majority of cases, come out of the body is already paralyzed. It is important, for they went out completely, as well as their decomposition products will be added in the blood and poisoning it.

  4. The tape of the parasites out of the body in parts. If in calais has been identified the head of the parasite, this is good, means worm in the intestine will not grow again.

If you take laxatives, pest out from the body much faster. After receiving antiworm of medications in humans is possible allergy. This is normal, as the parasites die, and their decay products enter the blood. Many times you can raise the temperature of the body, appear a rash, or vomiting.

Virtually all helmintíases can be cured with the help of remedies. If parasites, has not left the human body, it is necessary to consult a doctor — possible, was the treatment chosen correctly. Do this as soon as possible, to not having dangerous complications.