How to understand what you worms

For each person, the summer is vacation time, summer season, fishing trips, a period of swimming in the sea and many activity in nature. In the summer you everywhere surrounding fresh and healthy fruit and vegetables. But to have fun and relax, we forget that in each step of us is the danger. The hot weather is the most favorable for the reproduction of many pests, on account of which therefore, increases significantly the incidence of infectious diseases. A leading place in the list occupies an infestation of worms. Therefore, each one should know how to find out if you have worms and what to do in these cases?


Understand what you worms it is not always possible with ease. The disease of every person runs differently. Many times you may not have symptoms. But, more often, the presence of manifestations depends on which of the organs penetrated helminths. And still, how to understand what you helminthes? For example, if a parasite has entered into your lungs, the first manifestation, probably, will cough, if GASTROINTESTINAL that can manifest in any violation of the digestive systems (nausea, vomiting, constipation, diarrhea, flatulence, and Dr). But these manifestations are not specific for helminthiasis, therefore, to make a diagnosis based on your te will be difficult.

That signals one can understand that the person worms?

The manifestations of the disease can be varied. How, then, to understand what you helminthes? There are a number of observed signals, from which one can suspect helminthiasis:

  1. If you change the mass of the body. Can occur as reduction of weight (due to the reduction of appetite) and increased (because helminths have a negative impact on the metabolism);
  2. The defeat of the skin. Can arise acne, blemishes, other skin rashes, which is the manifestation of an allergic reaction. The skin becomes more resistant;
  3. Violation on the part of the nervous system. Occurs lethargy, decreased health, irritability. You disturbed sleep, often due to the fact that during the night (especially in the 2-3 hours of the night) helminths creep out through the anus, due to that cause discomfort in the region of the anus;
  4. The defeat of the gastrointestinal tract. If you complaints appear in the morning, nausea, pain in the region of the navel or right ponDrIberia (if the parasite has penetrated the liver). Constipation can occur due to the fact that many worms (or a large) has blocked the passage of any of the departments of the bowel or bile ducts. Diarrhea you can receive in lesions of the gut wall of the pest and, consequently, disturbed water intake;
  5. The defeat of joints and muscles. Often helminths to penetrate into the joint fluid, on account of which there occurs the inflammation. You have pain in the joints, swelling, increased local temperature, restriction of movements;
  6. Allergic reactions that occur because of improve immunoglobulin G. You can receive an allergy to something that was not there before.

How to understand that a person worms?

How to understand exactly what are the helminthes human is very difficult, as there are more than 300 species of these parasites. Depending on the symptoms and the possible causes of the infection can take on the look of end-to-end.

How to understand that a year of age, the child worms?

Years children are significantly more likely to get sick helmintíaseom. As well as this age increases the interest in the environment, increases the contact with contaminated objects, after the game in a box of sand or with animals, the child pulls the dirty hands in the mouth.

Almost 80% helmintíaseonв are caused by representatives of worms. It is pinworms, and roundworm, at least – trichuris, Trichinella, and Dr.

So how do you know if the child has worms? The symptoms are very little differ from those observed in infants. But this list will be added to the complaints of abdominal pain, frequent headaches, various types of allergies.

How to understand the will worms?

If the child in the dark, strong itching perianal — this may mean that the worms come out.

How to understand what went worms? Such worms as the roundworm and pinworms can detect with the naked eye in the stool of the child. But some, after you die, to disintegrate into fragments, therefore, detect them is not possible. How to understand, in this case, that the worms came out? In such situations, you can help only doctors – infectious diseases.

So, to understand if worms in humans, it is quite difficult, if not stay tuned. If you or your child, arose the suspicions of parasitism in the body of the worms is still best to consult a doctor.

In the initial stages of human infection by worms, as a rule, there is not any signs of their appearance. For if you expressed the first symptoms of worm infestations, the clinical picture of the disease must develop to a certain stage. And this is only possible when the parasites are starting to develop. Even the larvae do not have the ability of a parasite in the human organism and give an excuse for the appearance specific to the infection of the signals.

It should be noted that the itching in the area of the anus and allergic precipitation on the surface of the skin of a person, which periodically occur, it is very difficult to "link" with the emergence of intestinal worms. In this sense, many doctors are often wrong and based on such manifestations are diagnosed otherwise, the disease and the treatment of worms not implemented.

Eggs of worms

How to determine the presence of intestinal worms in the house?

Several types of worms cause the person emergence of a series of signs. Correct your recognition, many times, allows you to determine if you have an infestation, still in the initial phase. And this, in turn, minimizes the risk of making an error diagnosis and permits in a timely manner to carry out treatment.

How to determine the existence of worms in the adult in the house because of an infection:

  • the appearance on the skin-allergic rashes — hives, eczema, papillomas, cloves, and t. p.;
  • bouts of cough, the treatment of which traditional medications don't bring the effect;
  • the disease, the respect of the upper airways: runny nose, pneumonia, and bronchitis (they also appear when withtрonнгилonидonзе and ascariasis);
  • constipation can be the cause of the formation of clots of worms in the cavity of the bowel;
  • diarrhea, abdominal distension, and constipation may occur because of a blockage of allocation pAndreatичеwithкonгon the juice and the bile long worms;
  • by reason of the reduction of immunity frequenttwithя flu disease;
  • nervousness, caused by constant difficulties with the digestion system;
  • during sleep, gnashing of the teeth;
  • depression for a long period of time, which is caused by poisoning of a man of life products of parasites;
  • pain in the joints, caused by damage to the fabric during the process of their movement, intestinal worms.

How to determine if the child has worms in the house?

As for the children, the signs of pest infestation (onpиwithtonрхonз, ascariasis and дифиллonбontриonз) they are quite specific. But the experienced physician can, with more confidence determine if there are of having a child, including babies, parasites, or not in virtue of:

  • the child displays increased activity;
  • in the area of the anus is celebrated itching;
  • in the morning and during sleep can occur excessive salivation;
  • in the mouth the saliva in large numbers;
  • increased traction for sweets;
  • the skin on the eyelids begins to peel;
  • can occur fragility of nails and hair are of a high level of dryness;
  • the child pulls the sleep;
  • the delay in the action;
  • frequent colds disease.

If the child gather three or more feature of this list, just the high probability that your body is infected with parasites.

Among the most common signs to determine that there is глиwithtNaya infestation in the first place are pathology related to the work of the gastrointestinal tract. This is due to the fact that, in the great majority of cases, the parasites, they live exactly in one of the departments of the intestine of man, when this cause damage to your wall and highlighting the products of its life, that present high toxicity, and affect the entire human organism. It should be noted that, depending on the type of helminths eggs, as in the cavity of the digestive tract and liver, and the brain and the lungs.

An analysis of the blood for parasites

How to determine if there are any eggs of intestinal worms in the house?

When the parasites are in the active phase of reproduction, reveal their presence in the human body is not difficult. You need to do an analysis in the eggs of intestinal worms. In children when onpиwithtonрхonзе you can do it yourself at home. Enough in the area of the anus to the skin before the collar of duct tape or adhesive tape. You should do it early in the morning. If the child's body is infected onpиwithtonрхonзonм, the egg, you can detect the side with the glue on the surface.

In terms of the health care institution or laboratory specialized is done the analysis of the feces, the presence of worms, larvae and cyst. The result was the most precise as possible, should pass cal in the analysis of no less than three times during the week.

How to determine what worms does a person have?

Many times the worms cause vomiting and the strong feeling of nausea through the excretion of toxic substances from the products of their life. Also, some types of intestinal worms produce hormones that affect the gut microbiota and are frequent cause of ponнonwithonв. But, in many cases, these signs do not communicate with the worm invasion, as well as in its clinical manifestations is more reminiscent of a food poisoning, and the treatment of helminthiasis not performed:

  1. Дифиллonбontриonз and ascaris manifest neurological withимptonмandtикonй. This is particularly evident in children. Irritable and aggressive, the behavior is the result of the action on the nervous system toxins, that are allocated in the process of life of these intestinal worms. Also, because of the infestation of toxins in the blood, in patients may occur headache and dizziness.
  2. Trichinosis most often becomes the reason for muscle and joint pain. This is caused by parasites, Trichinella, whose habitat skeletal muscle. Causes of infection of man is basically the meat of wild animals, as well as the lack of heat treatment of pork meat.
  3. Giardiasis causes different allergic reactions and affects the functioning of the kidneys and liver. It can also be the cause of the arthritis. This is caused by the fact that this parasite highlights a large number of toxins. The weakening of the immune system that is conducive to the emergence of diseases, such as vaginosis bacterial, ctomatut, sinusitis and others.
  4. When ENtерonбиonзе mainly parasites detected in children, but in the case of infection, one should check the whole family. About the presence of worms shows itching in the area and the anus, and the violation of GI.
Infestation of children

Depending on the symptoms determines the tests to pass for the definition of non-commercial needed. This happens because there is not a single research methodology, on the basis of which it is possible to identify the most common and known types of worms. Therefore, it is assigned initially analysis of the faeces, the eggs of worms and blood test for antibodies (ELISA).

Currently, more accurate and more effective method of determining the existence in the human body of parasites is VRT (VEGAtandtивнon-resonance test). With your help, not only to diagnose, is infected with a man or not, but to define the type of plague it non-commercial.

The symptoms are called worms are common manifestations of diseases. Parasites "masked", so many times people treat well different, which causes a deterioration of the state. Get to know the main signs of intestinal worms in humans, to determine its presence in the body is not so difficult. The main thing – to assess the situation and pay attention to the specifics of the symptoms. To unmistakably distinguish the worm from other diseases, it is necessary to explore in detail its main manifestations, and develop the powers of observation. Information that contains this article, will help with that.

How to determine the purposes of the child

The children suffer from worms more frequently than adults. Young bodies are not capable of withstanding without-purposes, so that the probability of infection is high. The most dangerous period is considered the age of eighteen months until three years of age, when children learn that the environment not only visually, but still tangible. Eggs of helminths penetrate the human body through water, soil, and sand. Infection by worms, can occur in a kindergarten or in a walk in the park. To prevent this disease is very difficult, but it is possible to quickly and is harmless to healing. For this, it is necessary to know the baby symptoms of the presence of intestinal worms.

An analysis of the blood for parasites

Intestinal worms

The safest way of detection of no-purpose is an analysis of the blood. The modern medicine is known three ways to get an accurate answer:

  1. Diagnosis of polymerase chain reaction. The method of PCR is based on detection of DNA and RNA of parasites, or their fragments. A blood sample for analysis is taken from the vein. The advantage of this method is that one hundred percent accuracy. The disadvantage of PCR is considered to be the impossibility of quantitative determination of the composition of intestinal worms.
  2. The serologic tests. The study aims at the detection of antigens – toxins and other waste products of parasites. Wide distribution has received a research method of blood ELISA, enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays). It determines the type of the parasite and its quantitative composition, with an accuracy of up to 90%. A sample of blood for research is taken from the vein.
  3. Hemo-scanning. The innovative technique of acting with the utmost precision to identify the threat of parasites. Hemo-scanning involves the study of a drop of capillary blood in real time when you try to increase. Scale and the image is displayed on the screen. According to him, qualified, and determines the level of cholesterol, amount of crystals of salts, the content of the enzyme components and the availability of data in the form of elements that point to the presence in the human body parasites.

Detect and keep away the worms much more complex than warn them that the appearance, therefore it is recommended to systematically take drugs for the prevention.