Few people think about the fact that several kinds of diseases that are caused by worms, distributed between the different categories of people. For example, in children it is most common infection pinworms. People who work with animals — trihinelles, working on fishing matters — difillobotrios.

the worms that is

Modern medicine has proved that many diseases that, at first glance, may not be related by the worms, were proceeding by reason of the presence of worms in the human body. The danger is that it is not always in the presence of parasites, to manifest the characteristic symptoms. Often, it is perceived as the symptoms of diseases of different bodies. A person can much more useless suffering from the disease non-existent, but after going through the course of remedies against parasites, the curing speed.

Methods of infection of parasites

Worms can penetrate the body in several ways, and here are some of the main ones:

  1. Geo-helminthiasis — enter the body of the media through the soil that contains the eggs of worms, and falling to the earth, together with the faeces of people or animals, also because even a slight contact with the animals and, through hits ' eggs edible products, control vectors are insects.
  2. Contact — parasites pass from one people to another, here it is pinworms, the most common form of worms.
  3. Bio helminthiasis — they can be infected if it is poorly nutrition, that is, the abuse of food, raw or not until the end treated meat or fish products.

More often than a person is infected by worms via the oral-fecal way, t. e. when the eggs of the parasites enter in the body along with food or water.

Through the soil

After each interaction with the sand or soil needs careful handling with the hands, and remove the dirt under the nails. It is safer to use very short nails, this is especially true for children. Before the consumption of foods that grow in the soil, their need is not only for washing, but desirable abdavetü boiling water.

The children in the grade are more vulnerable to infection by parasites, due to the interaction with street vendors, animals, or animals of little darlings, who walk in the street. An animal can get any kind of intestinal worms.

From person to person

Pinworms infect you easily with your contacts. Adult an individual is able to postpone, per night up to several thousand eggs. They are deposited in the anus, and this is a source of very strong itching. The man during sleep combs, and the eggs to fall into their hands, bed linen, clothes and other household objects, to which he plays.

Thus, a large part of the eggs remains on all surfaces, and if a healthy person does not nomoet hands with soap before eating, they fall into your body through the esophagus.

Through the water

A set of eggs of parasites enters the reservoirs from the open water. This is why, people living in towns and villages highly vulnerable to infection by worms. It is important to boil the water withdrawn from wells or springs. Open water swimming is very dangerous due to the high probability of involuntary to hit this water in the stomach.

In the greater degree of infection of worms are affected by children. This is mainly related to their receptivity to the development of parasites, due to the enhanced protective barrier of the body, and also due to the low level of acidity of the stomach unlike an adult. Many times, the children take to the mouth of several items, not remembering about the need to observe hygiene, therefore, the risk of infestations of the health of the family, in which there are children, is very large.

None of the types of parasites may not be in the body of the media up to the infinite. Each type there is a life cycle, after completion of which, the individuals die.

the manifestations of parasites in the body
  1. Pinworms are not going to live the same month, the roundworm can remain in the body for a whole year.
  2. The eggs, which were postponed, leaving the body or along with the stool, or if you fall on the skin, in the anal region.
  3. Entering in the environment, they mature, and again penetrate in the organism of the carrier, continuing the parasite there.

The increase in the number of parasitic adults in the gut, more likely, when re-infection, when the eggs again arrive through the esophagus into the body. When it comes to infection of pinworms to avoid re-infestation may be the compliance with strict rules of personal hygiene.

In general, the manifestations of the presence of parasites in person

The main symptom is the sharp decrease of weight for no objective reason, pale skin, tired the view and the sensation of itching in the perineal region. These are the first symptoms that may identify an infestation of worms. But these numbers can be very subjective and do not correspond with the reality.

There are also many other signals, that are interpreted as signals about the diseases of the kidneys, liver, gastrointestinal. Often the treatment turns out to be inconclusive, and the man remains in the dark about the real reason of such manifestations.

A malfunction, the digestive tract

There are types of worms that multiply in the intestine, and not in the organs or tissues. In the case of a defeat, among the main signs you must highlight the alternation of diarrhea and constipation, systematic feeling-mild nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain in the region of the navel, on the right side, flatulence or abdominal distension. All of these symptoms may express themselves very little, and the person often simply does not see, sometimes, they can be more long and strong. It all depends on the degree of infestation.

Malfunction of the nervous system and the feeling of weakness

Helminths in the process of creating stand out poisons, and the higher the degree of infestation, the more intense will go through a process of intoxication of the organism, which has had a serious impact on the nervous system. Between the signs, you can select a headache, systematic vertigo, accompanied by vomiting. Such symptoms are very similar to the signs of migraine, and the person begins to take drugs for the solution of headache.

  1. The poisoning causes joint pain, chills and increased body temperature up to very high degrees.
  2. The presence of intestinal worms leads to the fact that in the body occurs deficiencies of micronutrients and vitamins.
  3. All this, coupled with ENTetenotüю of the nervous system causes the chronic fatigue, the person constantly feels not to sleep, angry.
  4. The children often begin to act, they have disturbed the sleep mode, they sleep restlessly, you see nightmares, which frequently occurs insomnia.


Worms in the body and harmful to act on the skin. Waste products, worms act as allergens, a consequence of what has been the reaction of the skin.

  1. The allergy manifests itself in multiple rashes, itching in skin coverage, dry cough, chronic cold, and, in some cases, you may even develop bronchial asthma.
  2. Infected by worms people often observe other symptoms, such as, for example, the sharp deterioration of the hair and the nails, the mouth, the feet and the palms of the hands.
  3. Due to the lack of useful trace elements and vitamins decreases the immunity and, consequently, may receive the aggravation of existing chronic diseases, and also to start inflammatory processes in the have noogletparae.
  4. Women often occurs the inflammation in the organs of the urinary system.

Where are located the parasites

Parasites are divided into two groups — bandstHNe and fabric depending on the area of concentration.

  1. BandstHNe helminths afflict all departments of the intestine. There is a huge variety of types of worms that concentrate on the intestine, the main of them: dolls, a wide lenteTS, pinworms, a dwarf TSepenü.
  2. Fabric — for example, tрихиnellы, are concentrated in the tissues of organs such as the brain, the liver, pancreas, lungs, and muscles, and lymph nodes.
diagnosis and treatment of parasites

Diagnosis and treatment

The slightest suspicion of infestation of worms, you should immediately contact your doctor, t. to. self-medication may not bring the expected result.

The main method of diagnosis — analysis of the faeces, the eggs of parasites. If the first analysis does not reveal the presence of eggs, need to do it again, t. to. they may exit together with the stool not every time. This type of diagnostics allows to identify the existence of the most common types of helminths.

Drug treatment

Today's medicine offers a very large selection of medicines against worms, each of which has an impact on a certain type of helminthes. There are also tools to narrow and a wide range of impact. Some types of parasites that need to removed with the help of an application only to certain glисtоgоnHNх of funds. Just after you pass the examination and make the diagnosis, pаразиtоlоg assigns treatment.

When different infestations of worms during the treatment will be assigned different courses, the scheme of the use of medicines, will be considered and the characteristics of the patient.

Due to the fact that some medications do not have an impact on the larvae and eggs of parasites, and also because of the high probability of re-infestation by the worms, the cure rate can be walked on again after a few weeks after the start of therapy.

Worms in children

Gelüмиntoz is very common among children. This is related to the physiological characteristics of the organism of children, disrespect for the rules of hygiene, and the constant interaction with peers. Children are infected by worms no matter the social level of the family, in which they grow. Each child runs the risk of being infected gelüмиntozом, however, there are factors that increase the level of risk of infection.

Among them, we highlight the following:

  1. The child does not wash their hands after the street, after using the restroom, before eating.
  2. The clothes of the child does not change often. It is best to do the change of clothes in the morning and at night.
  3. The child likes to take to the mouth foreign objects, nail-biting.
  4. The house has pets, are particularly dangerous are those cases in which the animals walking in the street.
  5. If the family is not made a thorough washout of vegetables, fruits, and vegetables before cooking.
  6. If the parents do not take care of the state of the nails of the child.
  7. If in the house are present, the flies, npycaparau and other insects, and also are not created the normal conditions of accommodation.

General presentation gelüмиntozа in children

Sometimes, the symptoms can manifest themselves quite exprennо, although there are cases in which the parasites for a long time are in the body, without any manifestation, by acting on the organs, and causing all kinds of diseases.

You can highlight the most common symptoms of gelüмиntozа in children:

signs of intestinal worms in children
  • increased appetite, or vice-versa, their absence, with visible oscillations in the weight.
  • nausea, dizziness;
  • the state of deterioration of hair and nails;
  • pain in the abdominal area, especially under the right to burn the clothes;
  • frequent constipation, stomach pain or a disease of the nasopharynx;
  • irritability, moodiness, lack of attention, insomnia or uneasy sleep, aggression, due ENTetennой of the nervous system.

Child gelüмиntoz wanted the fact that, due to the progression of the disease, the child is experiencing a delay in physical development, t. e. he is growing slowly. Many times, after the preventive vaccination of worms, the child has an allergic reaction.


It is important to perform preventive measures to avoid relapse gelüмиntozа, and also for parents to prevent the infestation of pests.

  1. Wash very well the vegetables, fruits, herbs, and fruits before eating, the better it is each time abdavetü products with the boiling water. It is very important to remember that fish meat and products must not be raw, for this, you need to use your cooking at least an hour.
  2. Eliminate all the insects in the apartment, this includes even the mosquitoes, which also can be carriers of helminths. Systematically the output of worms in the pets, even if there is the suspicion of the presence of parasites.
  3. Teach the child to wash the hands each time after interacting with the animals. If a small child, it is necessary to ensure that all the equipment and toys were cleaned and treated. Strictly control, wash the child's hands after using the restroom, after arriving from the street and before eating, do not chew if he nails.
  4. To avoid re-infestations need, before you sleep, child wear thick panties, will be reduced the risk of contamination of eggs of worms in bedding.
  5. Pure pосtираnnоe lingerie necessarily need to go and change two times per day.

Parents must, necessarily, take for a rule to systematically survey the baby to the doctor.

The treatment folk means

Since time immemorial, the infection by worms is very effective are considered folk remedies.

Burning pepper

Helps a lot to deal with for worms, if you use it on fresh food or a hammer. This version is for adults only. Children need to give large amounts of carrots and carrot juice.

popular methods of treatment

Enema with garlic

It is a help tool to deal with for worms. Need crushed some cloves of garlic in warm water and drain, this use of water for washing.

The milk and the garlic

Along with the milk of welding heсnоhnую the head, so that it became soft, then strain the milk. When cool, do the enema. Such a procedure is very effective, if you do during the week.

A dye-based nuts

Crushed young greens, nuts, to get 4 ct. a spoon, and then cook them in salted water. After the broth nасtOItXia for hours, he needs to strain. Drink a tincture of the whole day. Actually is going to switch is a tool of laxative medicines.

If you follow all of the recommendations and preventative measures, you significantly reduce the risk of infection by worms. When the first suspicious symptoms, see your doctor for a check-up.