The parasites in the human body: symptoms and treatment

Worms in modern society have a wide distribution. The parasites penetrate quickly in the body, it is worth only once not to think about the hygiene of the hands or enjoy-if not properly treated products. Therefore, virtually all of the people at least once in their life to face the problem of the occurrence of parasites in the body.

the penetration of parasites in the body

Options penetration of parasites in the body

Parasites in the body can arise for several reasons.

The most common forms of penetration of protozoa in the human organism the following:

  1. Through the soil or to the water. More simple that dwell in the sand, dirt, or contaminates the water, where it quickly enters the body through carefully washed, food, or in the absence of normal hygiene of the hands. It is the most common form of infection helminthiasis, that usually suffer from small children.
  2. Direct contact. Some types of worms can be transmitted through direct contact of a sick person helminthiasis. Normal tightening of the hands, sometimes, leads to the appearance of parasites in the body. Direct contact becomes the cause of the spread of non-commercial pet animals. To monitor the health of the friars minor is so important.
  3. The use of products of animal origin. These relate to meat and fish. If these products are not properly treated and not treated, the worms of them quickly penetrate the human body. Consumption of meat and fish can also be the cause of the accession of an intestinal infection disease of pests, which is a very complicated situation.
  4. Insect bites an infection today, many times, is not found. But the probability of worm propagation, of intrusion this way, there is.

Signs of parasites in the body

Signs of parasites in humans can be explicit, or hidden. Obvious signs help us to recognize the problem in the initial phase and rapidly so consider your suitable solution.

Such characteristics are considered:

the symptoms of parasites
  • chronic fatigue;
  • the decline of the strength;
  • pallor of the skin covering;
  • the reduction of weight without cause.
  • suppression of appetite;
  • itching in the anal region of the passage.

When such symptoms need to urgently consult with a doctor and make diagnostic tests to determine the type of worms that are trapped in the body. Depending on the simplest type of the doctor assigns medications to resolve the problem.

Worm infestation can be the cause of the aggravation of the disease, which, until then, not to disturb the patient. Eventually, the person begins the treatment of other diseases, which does not bring result. This is the invisible during helminthiasis.

Examples of wave flow are numerous, but more often than worms can cause symptoms of disease:

  1. Frequent infectious diseases. They are the result of a weakening of the immunity, as well as parasites that pull the nutrients from the patient's body and release of toxins. Because of this, the body difficult to cope with the infections, may worsen chronic diseases, develop inflammatory disease. To make a correct diagnosis is very important to do a thorough examination, including examination for worms. Otherwise, any treatment that does not provide for the elimination of most simple from the body, will not bring the expected results.
  2. The general malaise in the midst of a strong intoxication. This leads to a strong infestation of worms, which poison the body. Well-being visibly worsens, the patient lives in migraine, weakness, nausea and vomiting. Many people in this case, develops irritability and apathy.
  3. Allergy or pathology of the dermis of the integument. These manifestations occur on the grounds that the waste products, worms body uses as allergens. This can be a rash, itching, severe rashes on the skin.
  4. Fragility and dryness of the hair, the nails, the nails begin to exfoliate, crack the skin of the heels. It is also the result of intoxication of the organism and the scarcity of nutrients, that consume helminth worms.
  5. Problems of the gastrointestinal tract. The manifestations of infection can be strongly expressed or manifest easy the nausea in the morning and vomiting. In any case, the emergence of such diseases occasion to consult with your doctor.

Parasites in the human body: the organs, which helminths common

parasites in the body

Modern doctors include two types of worms, and that topics in categories according to the location of the body of the patient are:

  • Abdominal parasites — they live mainly in the digestive tract. All this type has more than one hundred varieties. Different types infect different departments of intestine. For example, the roundworm and the broad tapeworm normally inhabit the small intestine. A dwarf tapeworm is sent to the large intestine. In addition, there are cases in which the patient is infected with several types of protozoa, inhabit different bodies.
  • Tissue worms — they can live in the body, the tissues and until the same are detected in the blood. To diagnose cases of infection by worms, lung, liver, brain, lymphatic vessels. The larvae of certain types circulate freely through the circulatory system and, at some point, if you connect to a particular organ. Treat these types of worms more difficult, but modern medicine deals with many types of infection helminthiasis.

The symptoms of helminthiasis depending on the type of parasites

For each type of worms include specific symptoms, based on which the doctor can not assume that the diagnosis.

To verify the diagnosis of need analysis and other types of tests that help to determine the presence in the body of a certain type of intestinal worms.

  • Enterobiasis — infection can determine when there is a strong short-term and pain in the region of the umbilicus, presence of parasites in the stool and strong itching around the anus during the night.
  • Trihozefalez causes diarrhea, bouts of appendicitis, nausea and vomiting. But such symptoms are characteristic already for the period of strong infestation.
  • Difillobotrioz — are diagnosed when ingested with a wide têniaa. It manifests the development of allergic reactions, dysbiosis, beriberi and mechanical defeat of the intestine.
  • The hookworm morbo — roundworms surprise the bronchi and the lungs, therefore, the result of its appearance in the body may be cough, phlegm, headaches and weakness. Women, many times, can occur disorders of the menstrual cycle. Another characteristic symptom of this disease — the swelling and the itchy legs and feet, if the parasites enter in the body after walking barefoot on infested earth.
  • Ascariasis is a very common helminthiasis, which manifests with gastro-intestinal problems, pneumonia, bronchitis.
  • Trichinosis — for this disease suffers from constant bouts of nausea and vomiting, diarrhea.
  • Fascioliasis causes failure plaice. When you do this, you can occur lack of appetite, stomach pain, starts the fever and the dry cough.

The treatment of parasites in the human body

the treatment of parasites

Despite the fact that in a pharmacy in a wide range of products presented antihelmintíases drugs that sell without a prescription, self-medicate with the development of this disease is not desirable. For a quick and effective resolution of problems, necessarily, need to understand what exactly is the simplest type of beat in the body and caused the problem.

Modern medicine, in the practice, use about 10-remedies against intestinal worms. But the specific medicine prescribed after the delivery of all the tests. After all, some types of medication are valid only for adults, and others contribute to the destruction of larvae of helminths.

Infection with worms has a lot of problems of children and adults. And, despite the fact that this disease in advantageous the majority of cases, quickly and easily treated, better warn helminthiasis, let's leave it for after you treat it. To alert the operator that it is necessary to make prevention worm infestations, observe hygiene and do not consume products of dubious quality. Simple rules to help never find the problem under the name of helminthiasis.