Worms: the first signs and symptoms

Worms is the title of an extensive group of lower worms, which are parasites in the human body. They cause the disease called helminthiasis. Distinguish three classes of worms: flatworms, roundworms and worms. Known by science of 300 species of helminths, that are able to live in a human body, however, in the territory of the Russian Federation is not found in more than 70 helminths. The amplitude distribution worm invasions depends on the climatic conditions of the country, the level of economic development. Therefore, helminthiasis to a greater extent common in tropical and subtropical countries, as well as in developing countries.

The signs and symptoms of intestinal worms in humans

Modern scientists importance worm infestations to the health of a person considerably underestimated, although many of the more advanced of the doctors and research staff around the world there is a lot of time to sound the alarm about the subject. In Russia alone, each year it is registered about 500,000 new cases of infection. Most of these patients are children. They represent up to 80% of all helminths. And 500 000 is quite this number, on average, as well as offers data on the annual infestations of 15 million. people. Established, which usually infect people who live outside of the city, as well as the contamination of the soil and the possibility of contact with the eggs of worms there is that much greater.

Worms can be transmitted to man in three ways:

  • From animals to man (Bioelements);
  • From person to person (contagious helminthiasis);
  • Geohelminths (worms occurs in the soil).

The symptoms of intestinal worms depends on how big the infestation, how the worm has penetrated the body, as it has adapted in the body of a man, and t. d.

Of particular danger to human health are the larvae of worms and those in the form of worms, which are in the process of growth and development. If the adult worm occupies a certain place in the patient's body, the larvae are most often in the migration phase. They can damage various organs, to accumulate in one of them, hurt their bark, disrupting their functioning. Most of the worms are intestinal worms. Depending on your type, will vary the actual location of the worm. For example, pinworms prefer the lower division of the small intestine and the departments of the large intestine, the roundworm parasitic in the upper part of the small intestine, the genus meloidogyne stops at the beginning of the large intestine.

Depending on where exactly the worm, the experts distinguish tissue and PRltnye helminthiasis. In the first case, the worms stop in the column of the tissues, and, in the second case, they live in the lumen of the organ. And this does not necessarily should be the intestine.

The roundworm

The signs and symptoms of intestinal worms in humans

Different types of worms cause a variety of signs and symptoms, however, they will always be present in different degrees of manifestation. In the first place, all the worms and release toxins that have a negative affect the functioning of the body. In the second place, the infected always occurs an allergic reaction invasion. In the third place, it worsens the functioning of that body, who suffered an attack of intestinal worms.

The first time, people don't feel the presence of worms in the body. But with time the symptoms and signs of intestinal worms in humans grow up and begin to annoy her even more strong. With clinical GliesetNoah infestations always progressing. Many times the symptoms of a certain type of helmintoz does not directly indicate exactly the presence of worms in the body. However, the doctor may even by signs and indicators of suspect that the person GliesetNaya infestation.

What are the first signs of worms?

The first symptoms of worms can be considered:

  • Along a temporary cut you a person is saved increase in body temperature up to the mark of 38 degrees. When it is not possible to find another apparent reason vigorous subfebriletethave.
  • ABdominally the syndrome, which first manifests itself by pain in the region of the navel, in part atdрeбeрьe.
  • Sometimes, a person may occur vomiting, often concerned with nausea.
  • The chair becomes unstable, and constipation are replaced with diarrhea.
  • Is broken appetite. Frequently, it is first enhanced, and then disappears.
  • The person begins to lose weight.
  • General features become pale, under the eyes appear bruised.
  • The patient is worried about itching in the skin, the body appears a rash. Allergic reactions occur by type of urticaria, both by the type of atopic dermatitis.
  • The sick faster tired, he begins to feel the weakness of the same in the morning, worsens the health.
  • Has emotional lability.
  • Often, the person begins to chase dry cough, shortness of breath, you may receive the breathing noisy.
  • Disturbed night's sleep.
  • Bruxism is an indirect symptom of parasitic infestation.

The symptoms of a long period of encounter, intestinal worms in humans

The symptoms long worm invasions (human chronic helminthiasis):

  • The deterioration of the immune system, leaving the man becomes, to a greater extent susceptible to bacterial and viral infections.
  • A lot of weakness.
  • Expressed by signs of beriberi, among which: the increase of the fragility feetteвых plaques of alopecia, pallor and dryness of the skin, the destruction of the enamel of the teeth, bleeding gums.
  • From the mouth of the patient always leaves an unpleasant smell, from which it is impossible to get rid of.
  • The patient's weight continues to fall.
  • Increases the risk of development of disorders of the nervous system, among which: the apathy, the depression, and the PR.
The first signs of a not-for

Complications and consequences of the presence of worms in the human body

Complications and consequences of the presence of worms in the human body can be very serious. Worms are capable of causing a breach on the part of all the systems of the human body. And this can and the sick adult and the child.

How worms affect the human body:

  • A worm eats the same food, which meant for the needs of the body of their host. Finally the man suffers with the lack of nutrients, he develops sickle cell anemia, vitamin deficiency, hypokalemia, and other scarce in the state.
  • For surprise the tissues and organs of a human, when you bind to it. Different types of worms, objectives, have a variety of electrical devices (suction cup, pythons and PR.). In addition, the mass of a cluster of worms, or the presence in the body of the worms large (beef tapeworm) can cause intestinal obstruction. It is very dangerous extraintestinal invasion. Such location without the end-violate the work of the organs and is able to lead to the death of the patient.
  • Worms and release toxins, which consistently poison the human body.
  • An allergic reaction on the part of the body of a person is a natural response of the immune system in the presence of pathogenic agents. Therefore, the body tries to get rid of them. However, only one of an immune attack is not sufficient for the expulsion of the worm, therefore, the allergy occurs again and again.
  • Drops immunity.
  • Worms cause psychological and nervous disorders. Often the patients appear not only to depression, but persistent and neuroses, and psychoses. Some people are not able to even accept the idea that in your body reside worms. Aggravates the constant voltage with the presence of parasites in the stool and its toxic effect on the CNS.
  • The latest data allow us to say that the invasion contribute to the onset of cancer.
  • People with GliesetNoah invasion represents a danger to the other. From it can be infected children, relatives and close people. In addition, worms are often the cause of the death of your pet and domestic animals of cattle and birds.

Therefore, you should always be aware of the dangers that have a purpose and when it occurs, even indirect symptoms of parasitic infestation, seek medical advice.

The diagnosis worms

The diagnosis of worms is aimed at the detection of the own parasite or its eggs and larvae in the stool, survey of antibodies to it or blood or other biological substances.

Examination of feces and scraping the eggs end-to-end

Worms are predominantly intestinal worms. It is through the intestine, highlighting the eggs. Therefore, to diagnose the problems take stool for analysis. On a pharmacy for the collection of feces, you can purchase a special container, although you can also take advantage of the match box or jar.

The symptoms of a long period of find a purposes

So, to put the analysis will have the capacity to collect the material, and the spatula-shaped. If a man sees fragments of worms, or of the whole of the helminths, then you also need to send to the lab.

Not necessarily take the stool to the laboratory immediately after collection. He needs to deliver a study during the day. Up to the time mounted a biomaterial should be stored in the refrigerator. The exception is the collection of feces for conducting analysis of giardiasis. He needs to donate warm, because when the cooling of cysts, the parasites are destroyed. At the time of delivery of stool to the laboratory, the container needs to wrap up in a cloth hot.

For the diagnosis of ENteрonбиoz lead to scraping by with perianal folds, as well as worm females lay their eggs in this area. Before you start the analysis should not be atdMivatSya about 12 hours or go to the toilet. Therefore, the ideal time to perform the analysis – part of the morning.

Scraping carry out with a cotton swab, which is placed in a clean container and delivered to the laboratory. You can also use sticky tape, that ontсonedinayt glass, at the time fixed for the anal region, and then to tear and again return the adhesive side to the glass.

Delivered in the laboratory, the biological material, studying with the help of a microscope. If the person is infected, the lab will see the eggs of the worms, their larvae or segments. Each parasite lays eggs, which are specific for your type. Therefore, by examining the construction of eggs, you can determine which is the worm infests the body of a man.

In stool there is an end-to-end, most of the time it appears as a white band of light of different lengths. Worms can maintain mobility. Identify the type end-to-end can, in the laboratory.

However, through the analysis of the cala is not always possible to detect intestinal worms. For example, the analysis will be нeинфonрмаtvenue, if in the body of a human parasitic diseases only males ackapud, that may not allocate the eggs.

A blood test for worms

To identify the blood flukes apply cromogénea study, identifying therein the antibodies for the major types of worms. The validity and the accuracy of ELISA is the equivalent of 95%. With it, it is possible to detect extraintestinal form helminths.

Biochemical parameters

Test the presence of worms in the body

To determine the worms in the body needs to answer the following questions and count the number of positive responses:

  • In the anal passage from time to time, temporarily or permanently, is present itching.
  • In the skin of a rash.
  • Headaches and dizziness frequent.
  • Periodically, the sensation of nausea that can be accompanied by vomiting.
  • Is no violation of side functioning of the intestine: distention, flatulence, unstable chair.
  • Sleep restless, many times, you can experience insomnia, night cries.
  • There is edema of lower limbs.
  • There is a type of allergic reactions of urticaria, rhinitis, cough, allergic nature. Diagnosed with bronchial asthma.
  • The lymph nodes increased in size.
  • Abdominal occur pain, regardless of spend.
  • In the mouth has a bitter taste.
  • Is present the excess of tiredness and fatigue.
  • The work is related to institutions for children. The family has a child in pre-school age.
  • The mucous membranes and skin, the curtains have yellow color.
  • The body temperature can rise without any reason.
  • Periodically appear joint or muscle pain.
  • On the menu happens to cod, fat, with the inclusion of meat dash, sushi, meat with the blood.
  • The weight drops, appetite, or promoted or demoted.
  • Vegetables and fruits are used in raw form, without quality of pre-processing.

If the positive responses of seven, then, there is the possibility of the presence of worms in the body. If the positive answers more than 15, then the probability of infestations of a high level. This is the value the only reason to seek professional help and realization of diagnostic quality.

Methods of treatment

Treatment for worms is based on the reception antиhelminttion of drugs. They must get a doctor, just like many medications act only in relation to certain types of worms. Even though the doctor may not prescribe this or that medicine, until you receive the laboratory tests that prove the invasion.

Self-assign yourself medicines against worms should not be, because they have toxicity and are capable of causing side effects.


During treatment you must obey certain rules. In the first place you need to qualitatively carry out personal hygiene and wash your hands before each meal. In addition, some drugs are able to kill worms, but not to act on their eggs, then after 2-3 weeks you may need a repeat course of drugs.

What can and what not if you have worms?

  • You can get rid of the worms without specific treatment? In theory it is possible, for example, when ENteрonбиonзe. However, the majority of worms require the treatment vermifuge drugs, as well as the damage of their presence in the body of a person is huge.
  • What are the main symptoms can be suspected of no-purpose? Vomiting, nausea, abdominal pain, fatigue, and irritability, disease of the organs of the gastrointestinal, bruxism, sleep disturbances, allergic reactions, anal itching. Girls and women, often occurs vulvovaginitis. Children delay in physical development. In the blood for a long time, there has been an increased level of eosinophils.
  • Can I apply the anti-histamines for prevention? This is a subject that is quite controversial. If the decision was taken early warning of problems of reception, you should carefully study all possible side effects. In addition, it is necessary to relate adequately the damage and benefits of this type of treatment.
  • It is believe that the fact that the worms help you lose weight, remedies for worms have a rejuvenating effect? Definitely not. If the human body is to learn to live together with either a worm, without harm to your health, then this will call is not a disease, and symbiosis. Up to the present time, people are able to live with only a few bacteria.