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Today the theme – how to treat worms from the child. We'll see drug and popular treatment methods. Parasites, like any disease, it is easier to prevent than cure. Therefore, give special attention to measures of prevention: drug and "common".

The treatment of parasites

The problem, infestations, parasitic diseases is quite common. It is, literally, one in every two people on the planet, sooner or later, confronted with her. Especially susceptible to this disease children, actively study the world. Our main task is to protect, teach, and if found, then heal. Let's get started!

How to treat worms child interactions means

Worms in children: treatment at home is possible? In the majority of cases, yes. In hospital must be treated pork tapeworm (to avoid the transition of teniasis in cysticercosis). Echinococcosis often requires surgical treatment, which, logically, it is impossible to home. The excretion of other parasites, you can perform the outpatient surgery.

Little ones for up to six months anthelmintic treatment did not pass: your body can not adequately respond to this therapy. In this case, look only to the state not deteriorated, in some cases, give chelating agents and vitamins.

The main element of the liberation of the unwanted guest is a medicine against intestinal worms. However, before you apply the usually, are preparing for the body. Within 2-3 days prescribe enterosorbent, as well as the anti-histamines. From the third day, it entered an antiparasitic. Options of how to treat worms of the child, sept.

Infant medicine is available in form of tablets and suspension. Apply from 6 months, the dose should be adjusted by your doctor (sometimes the dosage different from that which is based on the manual instructions).

Preparations of albendazole. This series of drugs has a much stronger action than the previous ones, has a wide range of actions. Active against pork boiled tapeworms, echinococcal, Ascaris, whipworm, hookworm, worms, feline worms, and even some of the more simple. To apply it you can babies after 2 years of age.

There is a syrup against worms for children, it is based on vegetable components, can be applied from 3 years.

Candles put the baby after 2 years of age, there is also the medicine of this company and tablets. The basis of this medicine – albendazole. And she is one of the few south africa (the most popular), which is made on the basis of a chemical compound.


Such as the drugs affect the body

It's not worth worrying about, that these drugs toxic and bring harm to a child: it is not so. In most cases, when it comes to "simple" diseases of the type enterobiasis, just a single dose and repeat application after a week. The medicines are developed according to the characteristics of the organism child, and will not cause damage. Doctor, talking about how to treat worms the child, the flame of healing fast and uncomplicated.

However, the deterioration of health and of the child, inevitably: the parasites die off, highlighting the toxic substances, they fall on the bloodstream and affect the state of the child. This is normal. To remove the intoxication, shall prescribe chelating agents, but strictly on the following day, after taking anthelmintic drugs.

Filming the itching

Another important issue – how to relieve the itching when no-purposes of the child when the enterobiasis? In the first place, it is worth saying that it is necessary not only to rid the child of the discomfort. This enables you to avoid re-infection and spread of worms.

With this purpose, apply the anti-histamines. It is possible to use the syrup or pills, as well as local tools.

A good remedy are topical ointments. Apply should be in the anal region after each act of defecation (and mandatory later cleaning), and also before going to sleep. It is permitted to use a children's cream or a hand cream. This will not only help get rid of the itching, but will not allow the (Enterobius vermicularis to multiply. Eggs to the maturation of oxygen is necessary, and the vaseline it replaces the access to the skin.

Folk remedies

The main treatment for intestinal worms in children drug drug. There is no denying its effectiveness and safety. They exist in different types and shapes, are produced on the basis of vegetable components. And even when there is intolerance to one or the other drug tool, you can easily pick up more. However, if for any reasons the parents don't want to give your baby the pharmacy of medicines, there are folk methods.

Filming the itching

Pumpkin seeds and worms for children advise you to apply in the case of contamination of the pork tapeworm. In the first place, it is worth repeating, that the treatment of teniasis in the home is highly undesirable! However, the well-known portal it is recommended to kill the parasites pumpkin seeds. How much, in reality, they are effective – it is difficult to say. However, in the early stages, when it is not possible, surgical removal of cysticerci, perform the treatment, including the remedy, manufactured on the basis of moments like this of raw materials.

Garlic enema worms children – is not the best option. The irritation of the mucous membrane, and without that there is an attack of worms, will not lead to anything good. It is best to use a candle, that include extract of milk thistle, garlic (strictly defined quantities), the bark of buckthorn and tansy. In fact, tansy for children of the not-for – another recipe, which "walks" on the network.

And here is the milk with the garlic is an excellent choice of how to treat worms from the child. On the one hand, dairy products improves the state of intestinal microflora, which enhance the immunity local. Garlic – known immunomodulator. In addition, these two components in itself unfavorable for worms.

Cooking tool should be like this:

  1. Boil 100 ml of milk (half a cup), let it cool a little.
  2. Mash cloves of garlic, squeeze out their juice. 10-15 drops add the milk.
  3. Wait until the drink would be warm, not to burn the child, give the crumbs to drink 1 tablespoon.

Repeat the procedure needs to 3-4 times a day for a week. Keep the product ready only in the refrigerator. Children above 6 years, can give you a meal from 3 to 6 strictly after. Smiling with less than three years of age and for those who have the disease of the stomach, drink is a popular medicine that is not recommended.

Get rid of the itching folk methods is also possible. This can be lotions from broth chamomile or micro-enema, consisting of ½ teaspoon of soda in 1 glass of boiled water warm.

General recommendations

In addition to the treatment, it is important to note the home mode, to avoid re-infection. Is attributed to diet, in that many of the fermented and highly protein products. Some doctors still recommend, in small amounts baby to give oil, which helps to improve the flow of bile. It is necessary a large amount of fiber to activate peristaltic action and rapid excretion of parasites from the body. Are very important vitamins! And here are quick carbohydrates – wheat bread, cakes and other this pone, cookies, pasta – are excluded!

Unfortunately, the question of how to treat worms the child, not merely tips to eliminate them from the body. Particularly serious is the respect of worms. The fact is that, along with the dirty hands of their eggs, distributed in their clothes, bedding, door knobs, toys, common household items, crockery, towels and t. d. in this respect, it is necessary the most general of all the discourses crops! Has that Peramatü all the toys, which are washed, PereztIratü all that are erased! Wash them enough with powder or detergent. A good option – gel Suzume, which is suitable for the washing of kitchen utensils, gardens things, and of any surface.

PereztIratü need to not only toys, but clothing and bed clothes. Doctor, advising you, how to treat worms the child, who recalls: "you should wash up the same curtains, a shaking out period rugs and carpets". The washing of the impossible, and bring to the sun or the cold – pinworms are unstable to external influences. The temperature of the water during washing should be more than 60°With. After each use of a towel to the body must be washed. Each member of the family should be your towel.

During the treatment will have to carry out daily wet cleaning with detergents. The anal opening you can close the cotton swab. Wash your hands, literally, "every minute". Special anti-septic funds for this hyper-cleaning is not required, it is enough for normal domestic use, hot water, depend ondtion perseverance and effort.

Folk remedies

It's also worth mentioning that, if you are ill a child, the treatment should be absolutely all members of the family, including pets.

Remember that the introduction of helminths immunity is not produced. Therefore, the cure of these parasites today does not guarantee absence of infection tomorrow, or a week. That is why the prevention of parasitic infestation is so important!


How to avoid infection by worms? What steps to take, in order to prevent them from getting in your body?

In the first place, it bears repeating, that, after completion of the therapy after a week of treatment with the same medicine should be repeated. This is done of the reasons is that, in the first place, it could occur re-infestation, and in the second place, the eggs and larvae of the medicines act.

What to give the child to the prevention of the no-purposes, if the infestation was not? The main issue – the need to give any medicine at all?

Actually there is the recommendation that every six months the baby to attend the pre-school institution, preferably, give medicines for the prevention. However, the effectiveness of such a method is very questionable: for that once more to take the pill, if the problem is not? But, in case if the baby was in the garden questionable inside the house or company, ate unwashed fruit or licked the toy, lifting it up off the floor, perhaps, the best is to prevent. In this situation, it is best to apply the medicine in a single dose.

Other preventive measures are:

  1. Careful washing of vegetables, fruit, herbs, and fruits. Even the harvest of Granny's garden need to deal with detergent, aboutdavatü boiling water, or, at least, simply boiled water, dry with paper towel.
  2. Any meat, chicken, fish to cook completely! The preparation of fish, be careful: if You noticed in a cut of white balls, throw them in hot water – they can be "transform" into larvae. Outside the fish and disinfect carefully the cutting board and cutting knife. Cook in a pan, the fish should be at least 30 minutes. The meat is made from 1.5 and 2 hours for chicken, 40 minutes to 1 hour.
  3. Do not cut meat and other foods on the same board and the same knife.
  4. Bringing the kids for a walk, take care that they were not dragged in the mouth, earth, sand, toys.
  5. Keep hygiene is not only the child, but also his: wash hands before each meal and teach to this baby.
  6. Briefly atdwithtRigite marigolds, do not expose them under the mud.
  7. Prevention
  8. Every 3 months, make the prevention of dogs and cats, they walk on the street. Once a year, if Your pets absolutely at home.
  9. Do not allow crumbs caress of homeless animals.
  10. While the child is small, do not choose the pet with the street, or not allowing your child up to the inspection of a veterinarian and maintenance of applications глиwithtokonnyh of drugs.
  11. Do not leave the baby alone to swim in the water, teach them not to swallow the water.
  12. Try not to allow the exchange of toys with other children.
  13. Regularly should be examined in eggs end-to-end, with children and adults.

And remember: helminths – is not an index of anti-sanitation, or the negligence of the parents! Even the most "ambitious" nature, which makes the cleaning service on a daily basis by two times, the baby can be infected by parasites. The most important thing – to observe elementary measures of prevention and early become accustomed to measures of personal hygiene. And so the question of how to treat worms the child, the survey does not need to.