The symptoms and signs of parasites in the human body

Infection from parasitic worms is a very common problem, especially in the summer, when we want to capture fresh vegetable or berry directly with the garden. More likely to infection are affected by small children. Game in the sand box, the communication with the animals, washing hands may be the cause of an infestation of worms. The main task in this case, is to observe the child and your state of health and to explore the symptoms of parasites in the body.

Important knowledge is, also, how to identify the presence of parasites in the human body. To do this, you need to understand what are the symptoms can cause these little pests and that it is full of infection.

signs of parasites in the human body

Signs of injury

Signs of parasites in the body can be varied and, at first glance not be associated with worms. For example, these demonstrations, like the beginning of wrinkles, cracks on the heels, alopecia, or the first few strands of white hair, can talk about the infection of worms. The spots on the skin, roughness, problems with the nails, everything points to enter in a person's body of worms harmful.

Helminths provoke the development of infections, which can lead to an unexpected sore throat. Inflammation of the breasts, the sudden appearance of snoring. In men the symptoms of infection by parasites may manifest in disorders of the urinary system (prostatitis, adenoma of the prostate).

Women can also have signs of the presence of parasites in the body, in particular on the part of the urinary system. Worry about cystitis, menstrual cycle disorders, problems with the kidneys and the bladder. In general, signs of the presence of rodents cause allergic reactions, beriberi, a feeling of discomfort in the stomach or intestines, appendicitis, the total of malaise and feeling of constant fatigue. After infection, the person feels overwhelmed, and muscles and joints hurt, can occur the syndrome of chronic fatigue. Diagnosing the problem is usually very difficult, as well as the manifestations of infestations, extremely similar to many other diseases. It detects the infection by worms-only a doctor, the carrying out of specific analyses and research.

The primary signs of pest infestation should become a sufficient reason for the immediate suspension of the medical visit of the cabinet. The doctor will say, as checked, which pass the tests and prescribe the proper treatment for the removal of worms harmful to out and recover the body.

The most common symptoms of infection

Signs of the presence of parasites in the human body are very diverse and often go unnoticed, or not to do so to urgently take the measures to healing. When the dryness and cracks in the skin or nails are weak, the patient hardly immediately seek help from a doctor. However, this can be a symptom establish inside of intestinal worms. Timely diagnosis and proven treatment means you quickly and deal with the pest.

Highlight the main signs of the presence of parasites in the human body, to consider them in more detail.


Parasitic worms, reaching large dimensions, able to overlap the bowel and the bile ducts, preventing the passage of normal fecal and bile. This causes a long constipation, which can cause a serious poisoning. The treatment of these manifestations may require drastic measures, including the application of a surgical method and effects on the body.


Some types of worms are harmful cause dilution of the stool, leading to diarrhea. People are often assigned is the poisoning, or stomach pain, but this can be a sign of intruders in the body. Treat this condition need immediately, without waiting for the unpleasant consequences.

health problems

Increased flatulence and bloating

Settling in a slim design and the intestines, parasitic worms cause an inflammatory process, and increased discharge of gases. Long abdominal distention may be a symptom of colonization of micro-organisms harmful. Checked out immediately, as have been seen signs.

The irritable bowel syndrome

The parasites cause poor absorption of fat, it released in the intestine, leading to constipation, diarrhoea or bowel spasms.

Joint and muscle pain

The species of parasites prefer the more populated areas of the muscle and joint fluid, causing a vessel spasm, which is specific for arthritis. The worms cause inflammation and activate the defenses of the immune system. The diagnosis of such an invasion is quite complex.

The manifestations of allergy

Waste products of malware germs cause inflammation within the human body, which causes the allergic reaction of the body. Skin rash, redness, itching of the skin, and other manifestations of allergy are characteristic and for infection of the body by worms.

Skin rashes and tumors in the skin

The parasites cause the development of skin cancer or are characterized by eruptions. Eczema, papilloma, ulcers, rashes can signal the presence of parasites inside the body. To know an accurate diagnosis and to eliminate the infection dangerous pests, the need to deliver the corresponding exams at the medical clinic.


On entering the body, the worms attach to the body and they are feeding through nutrients and blood media. This can lead to significant loss of blood and anemia. The feeling of malaise, apathy, and constant fatigue say about the signs of the colonization of the pests.

The drastic change of weight

In this case, can be observed, such as the lack of body mass, and the excess of it. Excess weight and loss of appetite, may indicate intoxication waste products harmful micro-organisms, and a lack of weight, says about the disorders of the metabolism. This sign should warn the patient and be the reason for the doctor's visit to find out how the identification of parasites in the human body.

Irritability and excitability increased

Vital functions without purposes does not go unnoticed. Produced of the products are a real poison to the man. The produced substances cause a strong intoxication and exert a lot of pressure on the nervous system. The patient expressed constant worry, irritability, nervousness, tends to depression, and excitable. Many times, these symptoms are not for the people on the occasion of a visit to the doctor, and this is categorically wrong.

Sleep disorders

If the patient wakes up in the middle of the night, this should be alarm bells. The liver of the night, try to clear the internal organs of toxins, produced pests, living in the body. In addition, worms can sticking out, irritating the skin and preventing their normal rest. If the wake up happens a couple of times in a row, and on several nights, consult a doctor.

problems with sleep

Gnashing of the teeth during sleep

This symptom manifests itself in small children. Teeth ranger during the dream may indicate by parasitic worms. However, this symptom can show, and the presence of neurological diseases. You will need a consultation of a qualified doctor.

Chronic fatigue

That human beings do not desire to perform any action, the symptoms are similar to manifestations of the flu. It worsens the work of the memory, which talks about the lack of nutrients. Immunity reduced and the health is attacked by various infections, which also does not contribute to good wellness.

The violation of the immunity

When you hit the parasite within the body diminish protective functions of immunity, which leads to allergic reactions, inflammation and other infections, that can now easily enter a person's body. There are cases in which the immunity to deal with the parasite, expelling it from the body. But such cases are very rare, most of the infestations of pests wins.


The long-term subsistence of the worms within the body of a person leads to the destruction of organs, tissue damage, and severe intoxication. In the context of the fall of immunity and permanent exacerbations may develop the disease. To avoid serious consequences, consult a doctor.

The inflammation of the larynx and airways

Worms can travel through the body. After you reach the airways, they cause a bad cough, angina, and increased body temperature. As a result, your life can develop even asthma or pneumonia.

It's not worth ignoring all of the types of symptoms that indicate the malfunctioning of the body. When the first manifestations of the signals of any of the diseases, you should immediately contact your doctor, treatments, to test for the presence of parasites. This will begin to make timely treatment and does not yield to the ravages of toxins harm your camp. The long-lasting presence of worms in the body of a man can lead to the development of serious diseases, including cancer or chronic forms of existing diseases.

Specific signs of infection

In addition to the total of the symptoms, there are still, and characteristic symptoms, inherent to men as to women. Thus, men a symptom of infection by a worm can become a sexual dysfunction, urolitíase, adenoma of the prostate, violations.

In women in the presence of a body of parasites can indicate a disorder of the menstrual cycle, disbiose vaginal, athlete's foot, inflammation of the urinary system, infertility. You should visit your doctor to find out if there are parasites in the body and how to deal with them.

Semiology infestations by parasites location

Parasitic worms are able to do not only with the enjoyment of life and bring harm to the human body, but also travel for it. Habitat very extensive, its devastating action can occur in any of the organs of the human body, and even muscle and joint. There are known cases of injury by worms in the brain. The manifestations of infestations that are so different, because the location of the worms can be arbitrary.

For children infection by worms typical of lack of appetite, pale skin of the integument, the sharp decline in the weight. In addition, the presence of parasitic worms in the body of a child can cause the delay of your mental and physical development, as well as disturbances of memory.

The decreased immunity and frequent illnesses may indicate the presence of parasites in the body of the child. In this case, it is necessary as soon as possible to pass tests to get rid of the parasites who feed on account of the weakness of the body. Gnashing of the teeth during sleep is almost the most common has a son from a symptom of the infestation. By observing this signal, the parent must immediately bring children to the doctor.

parasites in the body

In the heart

The disease is characterized by the formation of a seal on the patient's skin. When the pressure on it, the parasite begins to move.

The result of a life of parasites in the heart is the disease of myocarditis. In the absence of immediate treatment, the symptoms of the disease will be transferred to the chronic form.

In the eyes

Some types of worms inhabit the muscles of the human eye. Many times the patient feels the movement.

The entry of larvae in the eyes can cause serious inflammations, ulcers and tumors malignant intra-ocular damage that bothers the man. Larva or parasite can only be removed through surgery.

In the stomach and in the intestine

In the body, you can find more than 400 species of parasitic worms, with success, the ambi it the products of its life. Helminths can easily reach up to the muscle of the heart and the comfort of there resolve. The symptoms in this case will manifest itself about a week, at most 4 months after infestation.

In the blood

Coming in first in the stomach, helminths can easily reach the boats and be staggered along the body or even stay in the circulatory system. There are several types of worms that can be detected in the plasma of the blood cells, white blood cells organs or erythrocytes.

The symptoms, which speak about parasites in the human body, are, often times, are similar, with a number of other diseases, or simply to disturbances in the functioning of the body. It's not worth to leave them without attention. Best once again to do a test and see if there are worms inside the body.

In the brain

It is a rare condition, but it still has a place to be when the parasites reach the brain, which strikes causing massive negative changes in the body. Sometimes, the infection becomes asymptomatic and is detected only when the patient no longer can help.

Difficult the escape of the infection manifests peculiar symptoms of a tumor. To needling show yellowish liquid, characteristic of parasites, but the traits themselves of the pest is not detected.

the temperature as a symptom of parasites

The symptoms of location end-to-end in the brain are considered to be:

  • pain in the head, do it with the patient before vomiting;
  • the mental disorders, depressive state;
  • meningitis, chronic
  • high temperature of the body;
  • mental degradation;
  • seizures.

The diagnosis of this infection is a very complex process that requires a certain experience of the doctor and knowledge. Discover the path of helminths can only be a good x-ray instrument. First make total snapshot, in which are visible paths of movement of worms from the body. If it does not give results, the patient is sent to the x-ray of the cerebral cortex, in which, clearly visible from the seal of parasites, if it is really there.

An infestation of worms is a very complex disease, dealing irreparable damage the body. The assistance must be qualified and operational, while the pests have not had the opportunity to cause damage reasonable to the body. Therefore, if the first manifestations of the symptoms of the disease, you should consult a doctor, who may, with the aid of tests and research to establish the cause of a disease and assign the appropriate treatment.