The treatment of parasites in children of pharmaceutical products

Almost everyone at least once in their life if faced with losing invasion (infection of parasites). It no one is immune, especially the children. Boxes of sand, public transportation, insects, and pets is a potential disease-causing. And not to interact with them is not possible. It is important to choose the tool of the parasites to the children, avoiding complications that can cause helminths.

The infection by parasites

The treatment of parasites in children of pharmaceutical products

Despite the fact that the tablets of worms, are often universal, and are suitable for the elimination of all kinds of worms, even so, every medicine has the characteristics of an impact.

However, just bringing the worms from the body is not enough. Will be required also some medicines that avoid the side effect of de-worming tablets and effects own parasites. So, if for:

  • Probiotics. They restore the microflora in the intestine;
  • Stimulating the immunity medicines help to improve possibilities for the protection of the body;
  • Sorbents. They emit toxins that remain after the intestinal worms.

Correctly, the product tool is able to remove the worms from the body and neutralize the impact of your stay on all organ systems.

How to get rid of for children from parasites folk media

Not all are willing to drink, drug tools, and are supporters of the treatment of infestations, the parasitic products of natural origin.

So, the popular way is to a glass of warm milk with the garlic. For this, you need to grind the porridge three garlic, add the milk and water two to three times a day.The following media are pumpkin seeds. To use them you need in the form of cheese, 1 tablespoon on an empty stomach. They have the property of liberating the body of tapeworms, Giardia, circulars, and the worms.


In the diet, you can also enter the celery and spinach. They help in the recovery of the gastrointestinal tract after intoxication by worms and help remove the worms. Herbs parasites to the children does not affect the state of the microflora of the stomach. However, there are contraindications, such as stomach ulcers and intolerance of the individual product. The celery can be applied to both in its raw form, as an additive in a salad, and in the form of infusions. The spinach is also consumed mainly in raw form. Highlighting the large number of gastric juice, it creates aggressive Wednesday for the worms. Because of this, they simply die.

Three year old son is available for the application tansy parasites. Pour 1 St. tablespoon of the mixture a pint of boiling water and allow to infuse. Will take 2 times a day a tablespoon. You should not start a treatment without consulting the doctor. After all, the child may come to be a food intolerance or allergy.

The prevention of infection and feeding characteristics, when helminthiasis

Prevention of parasites in children is a complex of correct habits and timely medical examination. Rules that we must follow for the prevention of infection by worms:

wash hands before eating, after the street, the games with the animals and stays in public places;

  1. weekly replacement of bed linen;
  2. change daily underwear;
  3. kits home treatment should be 2 times a day;
  4. Lemon and honey
  5. ironing service for bed linen and underwear;
  6. the thorough washing of vegetables and fruits;
  7. long-lasting and heat treatment of meat and fish;
  8. and of course you need to be examined in the clinic, in the presence of worms, a couple of times per year.

If even the fact of having the worms confirmed, it is necessary to modify the diet. Let your child more:

  • fruit juices and fruits;
  • the more we eat pomegranates, pineapple, and carrot;
  • add the lemon tea.

These products contribute to the rapid curing reaction of the disease, and help maintain a normal level of content in the body of vitamins and minerals.