Symptoms, signs and treatment of intestinal worms in humans

Worms in the human body develop as the result of the penetration infest multi-celled microorganisms. There are a variety of types, each of which calls that some of your symptoms. When the detection of parasites, you must start the treatment. How to get rid of the worms with the help of drug therapy and popular methods of say infectious diseases.

worms in the human body

The type of parasites

Worms – what is it? It is a parasite are worms which inhabit the body of a man and of some animals. They are different in shape and size. Bind to the surface of the mucosa with suction cups, hooks, and flagella. Can penetrate inside the muscle tissue.

There are three types of parasites:

  • Roundworms. In a scientific way worms are called nematodes. The person worms in the body attack in the majority of cases, the intestine.
  • Flat worms (cestodes).
  • Flukes (trematodes). In man, are located in the majority of cases, in liver and biliary ways.

There is yet another classification, that helps to answer the question, from which appear worms.

  • Contact worms (pinworms and a dwarf tapeworm). Worm infestation occurs in contact with the patient helminthiasis man. Helminths in the human body to fall, along with the dust, through everyday objects, items of personal hygiene.
  • Bio helminths (hookworm, cestodes, trematodes, and pork tapeworm). Appear worms in humans, along with the dirty, poorly washed food products, as well as with the meat, which is poorly heat treated. Contracting can be through a raw, non-filtered water.
  • Geo-helminths (roundworm, trichuris). Worms fall to the ground along with the feces of the animals. The likelihood of infection with worms increases when you are on the ground or in moments of leisure in nature. If it is not complied with the hygienic requirements, the larvae fall into the mouth of man, and may appear unpleasant symptoms.

Each type of worms is located in a particular internal organ of a person, causing symptoms corresponding. To answer the question of how to get rid of the worms, you need to go for a screening. Symptoms and treatment in adult worms depend on the group, referred to the discovered of the parasite.

Frequent inhabitants of the human body

Are often detected the following diseases, that cause worms in humans:

  • The roundworm causes ascariasis. Helminths in humans enters the body along with the dirty fruit, vegetables, and fruits.
  • Difillobotrioz develops in the context of their appearance in the body of a wide lentetsa. The source of infection is a little salty, poorly prepared, is not well-treated fish.
  • Pinworms cause the disease enterobiasis. More often than worm infestation occurs the contact plyfit-only way.

The incubation period lasts 1-2 months. If you chose an inappropriate treatment, then after 2 months helminthiasis entering in chronic phase.

Signs of colonization of an organism by worms

Each type of worms are there specific symptoms. More often in the body of the man to penetrate the following parasites.

  • Signs of intestinal worms in humans when ascaris: it appears as a rash in various areas of the skin, abdominal pain, nausea, sometimes vomiting, decreases appetite. In the blood increases the level of eosinophils. The symptoms of worm invasion in severe cases appear in the form of peritonitis, appendicitis, intestinal obstruction, and diseases of the liver. The first signs of the presence of worms are beginning to appear after 3 days after infection.
  • When diphyllobothriasis include the following symptoms of intestinal worms in humans: the first signs of the emergence of worms can appear in the form of weakness, constant feeling of fatigue; they participate dizziness, nausea, broken the chair, the diarrhea is alternating with constipation. Helminthiasis symptoms in adults are manifested in the reduction of body mass, pain in different parts of the stomach. Signs of an infestation of worms are complemented by a decrease in hemoglobin, one develops anemia. They appear the first signs of intestinal worms through 6 months after infection.
  • enterobiasis. Signs of intestinal worms in adults – anal itching that intensifies during the night. The symptoms in adults are accompanied by pains in the region of the belly. The incubation period can last from 2 to 3 weeks.
signs of intestinal worms in humans

How to understand what the person worms? The most common symptoms of intestinal worms in adults:

  • the symptoms of infection such as skin rashes, itching skin complexion, dry cough;
  • when worms develop edema of the individual sections of the body;
  • intestinal worms in adults can cause symptoms such as: fever, chills, muscle cramps;
  • infestation lead to the increase of the lymph nodes;
  • helminths adults lead to pale skin complexion, weakness;
  • the symptoms of the person for pain, manifested not only in the belly, but and in the joints, in the muscles;
  • the common symptoms helminthiasis relate meteorism, increased flatulence, constipation or diarrhea.

Worm infestation leads to the defeat not only of the internal organs, but also whole systems. What are the symptoms occur? Failure in the functioning of the cardiac, vascular, and nervous.

Laboratory methods of detection

The man has worms – how to know, if not the external manifestations? The diagnosis is carried out on the basis of the delivery in the laboratory of various matters.

  • Calories of the eggs of intestinal worms.
  • Scraping with the anus will help you understand if there is any infection.
  • To determine the presence of intestinal worms may help immune tests. They identify a specific type of antibody M or G.
  • The analysis of the stool, goiter. In most cases, occurs a decrease in the level of escherichia coli and bacteria.
  • Abdominal ultrasound is carried out with the purpose of detection of pathological processes in the organs of the digestive system.
  • How to determine the total blood test? Increases the level of leukocytes, eosinophils, lymphocytes, ESR.

Based on the survey data of prescribed medicines that help to expel parasites from the body.

Medical therapies

How to view the intestinal worms in humans? Before taking medicines against intestinal worms, it is necessary to clear the intoxication of the body, which cause waste products of parasites. With this purpose, may be allocated to the following groups of drugs.

  • Hepatoprotectors help restore the functioning of the liver and gallbladder.
  • Antihistamines help get rid of the itching, swelling, coughing.
  • Enzymes help the digestive tract to break to eat and digest it until the end.
  • Choleretic medicines help to free up the ducts and relieve the pain.
  • The treatment of helminthiasis begins with the ingestion of adsorbents to clean the blood and bowels of toxins, reduce the manifestations of allergy.

Preparation phase can last from 7 to 10 days. And only after that start the reception rate anthelmintic drug. They may, in their composition have synthetic or vegetable components. Not gets away from popular medicine.

If there are worms, such as bring the person to them with the help of drugs? Medicines against intestinal worms can have broad or narrow spectrum of action.

How to treat worms after the main course of receiving de-worming drugs? After the course, which lasts 3 to 5 days, comes the recovery period. This time to be treated should be anti-inflammatory drugs, medicines, vitamins and mineral complex, immunomodulators.

The treatment of worms includes all types of soups, enemas and ointments based on the recipes of traditional medicine. How to cure worms? In the compositions the best known and most effective of recipes includes pumpkin seeds, garlic, onion, pepper, as well as components of herbs – tansy, clove, wormwood.

prevention activities

Prevention activities

How to deal with the by worms, in addition to the drug therapy? Preventive measures can help prevent the infection and during treatment to accelerate the recovery process and reduce symptoms.

  • If the home has pets, you should monitor your health and the time to carry out prevention of worms and fleas. Must maintain clean tray pet, and a bowl for food. After contact with the pet, wash your hands with soap and water.
  • Prior to use for washing food, preferably rinse fruits and vegetables with boiling water.
  • Meat and fish should be well to boiling or frying.
  • Clean, wash your hands after a walk in the bathroom, after working with the land.
  • The water filter or boil.

To avoid infection of other family members and not to cause serious complications, it is necessary to observe hygiene and begin to time the appropriate treatment. The examination will determine the degree of infestation and the type of parasite, it has penetrated in the body.