How are worms

I would like to believe that each of you understands how afraid of worms, no matter the man that dwell in or on the animal. At first glance, these little parasites, not having as impressive a view, it does not seem very dangerous. However, it is not so, they need to get rid of. Today we will explain how to appear worms.

how are worms

How are worms in humans

In fact, worms is worms, only live, they do not in water bodies or in the soil, and in the human body. In it, they fall out, in the form of eggs. The larvae, placing itself in the digestive tract, begin to develop, may even migrate to multiple systems and organs, choosing for the development and reproduction of the favorable habitat. Eggs of worms to see without a microscope is almost impossible, but the larva or adult of an individual can be easily considered in calais, or even in the gag mass. The human aspect of worms?

  • Worms that are round are the most common, the your name, they received thanks to the pipe round to the cross-section cut of the body, the elongated shape and at both ends of a. The most common worms are round, for example, ascaris. The length of the first is about one centimeter, dwells in a design thin and thick departments of intestines. Pinworms lay their eggs on the rear panel of the passage, in consequence of this, this place appears to itching. The length may vary according to 40 inches, are living in the small intestine. The roundworm is harmful to the human body of their toxins, which stand out in the process of life.
  • The body of tape worms has the flat shape, that resemble a roll of language. Its length may reach 1.5 metres in height. These worms can dwell in different places – this can be a bag conjunctival, eustachian tube, or the wall of hatchers of the ducts. Contract these parasites person can eat underdone or raw fish.
  • The ribbon worms have a kind of division of the body into segments. An adult worm of this type can have a length up to several meters. They cling to the intestinal wall with the help of four suction cups, which are placed on the head. The measure which form the segments of your cervix. To identify the eggs of these worms in the stool complicated, it is best to perform a comprehensive study.

How are worms in dogs

If you suspect that your cat has worms, so you should consult your doctor or try to install your own appearance independently. You need to choose the medicine to combat the parasite.

  • You need to look for a cluster of migration of the eggs of worms. Look for her kitten under the tail of the horse, this accumulation may leave the anal region, after getting stuck in the middle of the wool. Externally, they are like grains of sesame cucumber and rice, have a creamy-white.
  • Check the stool of your cat, the worms can be seen on its surface. Confidence wears medical gloves and use some unnecessary a tool with which you will be able to see the internal content of the stool. These worms have a creamy-white, a flat shape, its length may reach 70 centimeters.
  • Identify roundworms, they are more than anything, look like noodles or spaghetti. Its length can reach a maximum of 10 centimeters.

How are worms in dogs

Unfortunately, the dog can not approach his master and say: "I feel bad, it seems to me the worms. But you, as is caring and loving is the boss of your pet, you should know the symptoms, indicating the presence of intestinal worms, this will help in time to do the treatment.

worms in dogs

Risk factors associated with the emergence of a non-purposes:

  • Worms can get dogs and then, when she ate a dead animal infected with the virus these for worms. Such worms may also migrate from fleas. Therefore, worms tape more often of what became the hunting dogs and the animals that are infected with fleas. These worms have a very particular way, which is one of the segments. The length is different, all depends on the type, but she can reach in the worst-case of 250 cm. If what you saw in the vomit or stool without the end-of this species, it is likely that this is only a part of it.
  • Roundworms can pass from mother to the dog of your puppy because he is still in the womb infected with larvae through the placenta. These worms are similar to cooked pasta, can reach 18 cm. Have the smooth surface of the body.
  • Trichuris, breed in moist soil, so dogs, shifty in the rough grass, have high chances of marriage. These worms in smaller size of the two previous types, in length reach up to two inches, similar to small rope or hair.

Useful tips:

  • Roundworms dogs can pass to its owner, therefore, clear best friend needs correctly.
  • Heart worms, if they do not get rid of the time, will make sure your dog has a heart attack.
  • If you do not fight for the worms of the dog, the animal may die.

Now you know how to look for worms and you can easily determine which type they belong to. We do not advise you to deal with them independently, to get rid of these parasites need, with the help of a specialist.